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James Anderson won't be a Spur

In fact, I don't think he is on the current roster, didn't his contract expire? I don't know if this has been addressed in other posts. Here is my 2 cents...Anderson was drafted while he was hurt....


I have a bone to pick with the PtR ‘faithful’!

At least the ones that were posting last night.  You cry babies!  This is pre-season; give Pop and his boys some credit for knowing what they were doing at the end of the 4th quarter last night. ...


Questions for last nights game

I was puzzled by the minutes that Pop played the starters.  Except for Manu, all the starters played over 20 minutes, Tim played over 28.  Hill and Bonner also played over 20 minutes.  For an...


Who or What surprised you last night???

Who /what did you see last night that surprised you?  The Spurs played everyone on the bench except McDyess and Gee; Splitter was injured (?). 


Half way through the Summer League, what have we seen??

  Gee, Neal, Wilkerson, Watkins, and Jerrells are being able to showcase their skills with Blair, Temple, and Gist out.  They have played the majority of minutes in all three games.  They will...


Review of the Spurs first Summer League game

  Let me open this review by saying I was not able to watch the game, I didn't find the normal superb review out here.  So...this is what I gleaned from the ‘Net.  The Spurs announced going into...


The Draft is tomorrow and here is what the talking heads are saying...

  This is the night before the Draft, and I thought I would put together a list of what the talking heads of the sports world ‘think’ the Spurs will do.  I reviewed 16 the mock drafts from...


One stat I keep noticing that seems to be overlooked is Blair!

 I am definitely a Blair fan, maybe that is why I notice these little things.  Looking at the preseason stats on the team page, Blair has 13 steals!!  The next closest total is Manu with 5.  Blair...


Open Practice and my thoughts

These are my recollections of yesterday’s open practice for the Spurs.  Not being a season ticket holder, I stood outside with the masses.  And It was ‘the masses’.  I figure 6000-8000.  It was...


Training Camp

Is there any way to watch any of the Training Camp?  I think this year is going to be one for the ages.   I would like to be there at the beginning.   Is there any way to get in to watch any of the...


Pounding the Rock is Awesome!

I don't know how I found PtR, but I have bookmarked it.  As a Spurs fan, I feel it is essential reading.  The blogs are insightful, and the different authors, all loving the Spurs are...

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