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Downtown Breakdown from Yahoo Sports


Interesting charts on NBA teams with most efficient on offensive. See where your Blazers are. Includes breakdown of PNR, fastbreak, iso, etc.

Dame tops Horry Scale


Dame scores five Horrys for The Shot!


Blazers Five Starters in Top 25 Individual +/-

One of the big questions this NBA season is whether the Trail Blazers' record is an aberration or whether it's sustainable. Thinking it might help to look at individual +/- , I went to...


#6 AND #11? CRAZY!!! (with poll)

#6 AND #11??? If you're like me, you're left a slathering, demonically possessed webhound hanging onto the knife's edge of sanity. TRob dropping to 6? Count me in! Take Lillard or Marshall, or snap...


Paul Allen To Consider Starting Bickerstaff Over McMillan

Portland -- After a series of late game meltdowns, including an unexplained failure to get the ball to a red hot LaMarcus Aldridge with the game on the line again in Dallas, owner Paul Allen is...


A Running Team should Know How to Finish the Fast Break

I was lucky enough to take "Advanced Basketball" at Chemeketa Community College when Rick Adelman still coached those pre-eminent Chieftan teams. When we weren't playing full court, five-on-five on...


So Who Do You Blame? (w/Poll)

ESPN reports: "Owners dismayed by players asking for 51% BRI 2nite." Dismayed? The players have come down 6% from the last agreement which had them at 57% and they've agreed to real concessions on...


Three Nate Things that Bother Me about Losing to the Mavs

I don't know whether others are bothered by these same things, or not. Anyway, for discussion, here are three things Nate did that bothered me, and may bother you, in losing to the Mavs. 1. Nate...


Strategery for Game 2

Putting Game 1 behind us is one option. First let's look at few things the Blazers might look to do differently in Game 2. Offensive Rebounding The Mavs are a poor offensive rebounding team. Hard...


Dirk's Back at the Line Again! (Aerosmith edition)

(Chorus)Dirk's back!Dirk's back at the line, again.Dirk's back!Dirk's back at the line, again.Travelin' down the lane aloneUntil the limelight of June.Dirk's looking for ol' Kenny Mauer Who's crazy...

Exceeding expectations: LMA MIP?


LMA gets some run. We$ gets a vote, also.


How Many Games will the Blazers Win? w/Poll

How many wins can the Blazers win to finish out the regular season? To help you in your deliberations, here's the schedule for the 13 games remaining: Portland Trailblazers: Games Remaining in...


One-on-One with Nate: Start Gerald Wallace!

Nate, there have been recent reports that you feel one-year removed NBA All-Star Gerald Wallace would work better for us off the bench. Is that a fair assessment? "Yes, I feel that he would work...


LMA: 2011 All-Star?

Amar'e Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer joined Garnett out East. So with two spots open it seems like it should be that much easier for LaMarcus Aldridge to make his first Western Conference All-Star...


Local Wiccans Raise Maypole to Entice LeBron to Portland

(Portland) -- Portland area Wiccan covens joined together in raising a massive black maypole in Forest Park last night. They say it was all in an effort to bring LeBron James to the City of...

Martell gets props for Big Game in Detroit


Yahoo Sports singles out Marty's play in tough gritty Blazer win in Detroit.


Injuries, Referees, Real Bad D, and Tired Threes

Injuries It would be easy to chalk this one up to injuries: knees, shoulders, backs, ankles, a hamstring. But these Blazers have been winning, anyway. No, the Blazers lost this one to a part of the...


Zombie Blazers Eat K*be's Brain!

  No team with such injuries stood any chance. Against the World Champs? Not worth a glance. The Blazers were DOA, a team dead on its feet! Except Zombie Blazers cannot learn defeat.   K*be had...


Do Mike&Mike (&Rebecca) Hate Andre Miller? (with Poll)

One of the ugliest things about watching a Blazer broadcast is the not so subtle way that Mike&Mike diminish Andre Miller's contributions. I could let it go if it wasn't every quarter. In this last...

Blazers Shoot up to #5 in Hollinger Rankings


Look at the next 5 teams down the list. In the last game they played, the depleted Blazers beat 4 of them. (We could have beat Orlando too.) I was worried that we played too many patsies early on and that it would catch up to us. But somehow we are doing even better now against contenders. Go Blazers!


Teh Blazerz R St00pid

The boob tube told me the internet (series of tubes that it is) will hammer n00bs down with web-speak. Blogosphere hell BE is not. Blogosphere 0, literate Portland 1. But I guess there's a time and...


POLL: Do the readers of BlazersEdge want The Oregonian and 95.5 to fire John Canzano?

Canzano's yellow journalism has hit a new low in fostering hatred for the Blazers' star player Brandon Roy. Is it time to call for an end to Canzano's tenure as a paid sports writer and radio...


How the Blazers Get LeBron James!

Everybody knows that we have NO chance to get King James in the Free Agent Sweepstakes of 2010. Or do they? KP is stocking up on expensive talent. People are saying that KP has this team loaded...


5-0: Andre Miller is Magical!

The PTBs were a struggling mess.  They lost home games and had not showed any ability to contain the opponent. Then Nate started Andre.  Voila! The Blazers went on a five game win streak and are...


"Get Rid of Outlaw": Are You Crazy?

AP (Allen, Paul "Do I own that?") -- Travis Outlaw's unconscious shooting off the bench gave the Portland Trail Blazers the big push they needed tonight to win their home opener 96-87 against the H...


Batum's Shoulder: Death of the "Units" Theory, in come the Twin Towers

Batum is out.  Half the season or more out. There goes the whole two units theory.  Nate will be scrabbling to find groups he has confidence in. Travis will play behind Martell at SF. This leaves...

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