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ESPN: JaMarcus Russell, Waking Up


One of the best short documentaries I've seen in a while. This helps bring perspective and the realization that athletes are not supernatural entities, they are simply humans, dealing with personal trials and tribulations that fans are not privy to. Rooting for this guy big time!

Twitter Report: Chiefs to offer Bowe 5-years, 55 million


@PFCentral: Breaking!! Chiefs prepared to offer WR Dwayne Bowe five-year, $55.55 million contract. Almost identical to what Bucs gave Vincent Jackson.

Geno Smith Scouting Report (Video)


This might be the best argument for Geno. The part that stood out to me was his athleticism and running ability. He is such a smooth runner with a long stride. Hopefully he stops being stubborn about running and uses his legs more (to get first downs). He really reminds me of Aaron Rogers out of Cal.

The chasm between Reid's stats and the Chiefs stats between 99-2012 is ridiculous...


The chasm between Reid's stats and the Chiefs stats between 99-2012 is ridiculous...

Fansided: The Darkside of Bill Polian


"I couldn’t get out of my head the unbelievable culture of fear that the insecure, violently paranoid Polians used to keep control of the organization. And I won’t lie. I’m glad Polian and his equally odious son were fired." 'The IndyStar, which documents some of Polian’s dictator habits including arrogance, openly ignoring employees, a God-complex, and overall douchebaggery. And yes, I know what you’re thinking: that sounds like Scott Pioli." This sounds way too familiar. Despite him being a proven winner, I think I might be off this bandwagon...

Pioli & Crennel Already Informed of their Firing?


@getnickwright: From a more than reliable source: Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel have officially been told they will NOT be back next year. #Chiefs

ESPN: NFL Draft Prospects & their NFL Counterparts


1. Geno Smith = Christian Ponder: Smith is a good leader who's hungry to win and driven to succeed. He's tough as nails, and exactly the kind of guy you want in a leadership position. Smith's mechanics are solid and he can be accurate when he knows where he wants to go with the ball, but he's still a work in progress. Like Ponder, he's a bright player but sometimes doesn't process his reads quickly enough. 2. Matt Barkley = Mark Sanchez: Sanchez and Barkley both lack elite arm strength, but Sanchez is a little bit better of an athlete. on the flip side, the mental aspect in terms of reading coverage, handling the blitz, and getting the ball out on time comes more naturally to Barkley. And like the Jets with Sanchez, the team that drafts Barkley will have to be smart about how it uses him, given his lack of top-shelf physical tools. 3. Mike Glennon = Joe Flaaco: Flaaco is a better athlete than Glennon, but both are towering quarterbacks who can see the entire field. Each has the arm strength to dissect a defense if given time and receivers who can get open down the field. Flaaco isn't a fiery leader, and scouts are trying to get a read on Glennon's seemingly laid-back leadership style. 4. Manti Te'o = Brian Urlacher: Te'o is doing everything faster this season against both the run and the pass. He's strong at the point of attack against the run, shows instincts and awareness in underneath coverage and has great body control in space. and as is the case with Urlacher, his leadership should not be overlooked. Teammates believe in Te'o and follow his examples, both on and off the field. He can charge a defense up emotionally, and his unit is the main reason Notre Dame is on the doorstep of a BCS title. 5. Robert Woods = Victor Cruz: Woods hasn't had as much production this season as in 2011, but he is a savvy route-runner who knows how to get open and makes some jaw-dropping catches. Woods doesn't have exceptional vertical speed, but like Cruz, he has the overall skill set to work outside as a secondary receiver or produce from the slot. For other comparisons, visit the link.

Mike Mayock Endorses Manti Te'o as the 2012 Heisman Frontrunner


After today, I am finally through with the "1st round" QB prospects. Geno has looked real average in his past 5 games. Barkley is not very good and is a product of his WRs. Wilson isn't overly impressive and makes poor decisions, and Glennon I don't know enough about even though he had an excellent game today. I think I am all for the Chiefs drafting Manti Te'o in the first round, but not with the first pick. I'm gonna need them to win a couple more games or trade back and grab him in the 5-7 range. Hopefully they'll be able to jump back into the first with or use their 2nd to get a Glennon or Wilson. I think this is the best route unfortunately...sucks that we suck in a year where the QBs suck...

ESPN Insider: Lack of quality quarterbacks atop the board


"The debut installment of the 2013 buzz looks at a once-promising quarterback class that is quickly becoming a dissatisfying group. That's bad news for teams in need of an upgrade at the position, beginning with the Kansas City Chiefs." There's no question he has the size (6-foot-3, 208 pounds), accuracy, arm strength, pocket mobility and drive to succeed as an NFL starter. However, as West Virginia has struggled in recent weeks, some red flags have been raised about his game. Geno Smith (Grade: 94) A bad habit of locking on to his primary receiver has resurfaced, and when defenses take away his first and second reads, Smith isn't processing the information quickly enough and is becoming noticeably anxious in the pocket. Matt Barkley (90) Barkley has the tools to be a solid starter in a West Coast system that emphasizes tempo, quick decisions, throwing in rhythm and short accuracy. However, he simply lacks the elite qualities -- mobility, arm strength, deep accuracy -- to be considered an elite prospect for schemes that require the quarterback to consistently drive the ball downfield with precision. While Barkley has good pocket awareness, gets the ball out quickly and is good handling the blitz, he is just a decent athlete and will not extend many plays with his feet.He has struggled under duress this season. Mike Glennon (86) Glennon has great size (6-7¼, 225), a strong arm, good mechanics and exceptional intangibles. He shows the same work ethic, football character, mental toughness and overall makeup that good NFL quarterbacks have. His lack of mobility is a concern, something that often plagues quarterbacks with such tall frames. I spoke to one scout who doesn't think he could stomach spending a first-round pick in today's lightning-fast NFL on a quarterback who can't buy time with his feet. Despite his solid intangibles, I've spoken to two scouts who shared concerns about Glennon having "too much nice guy" in him. He is not a fiery, in-your-face leader, which is bothersome to some.

ESPN: Sean Payton deal with New Orleans Saints voided


Schefter: Within the past year, the multiyear contract extension the Saints announced for Sean Payton in September 2011 was voided by the NFL, making the suspended head coach a free agent after this season and casting questions on how long he will remain in New Orleans, according to league sources. Payton is expected to become the NFL's most sought-after head coach after this season. I don't know about anyone else, but I would LOVE to have him in KC. Our offense would be spectacular, and I'd trust him with picking and developing whatever QB we take in the draft.

Things are getting real. Tons of Chiefs fans are planning a college style blackout on Nov. 18th to...


Things are getting real. Tons of Chiefs fans are planning a college style blackout on Nov. 18th to show their discontent. I think its pretty awesome that fans are gathering and exercising their power in this way. Hopefully it catches wind on the varying media outlets and all of arrowhead is black. I think the blackout apparel can be purchased at Sports Nutz at (816) 923-7529 9101 E US Highway 40, Independence, MO 64055. They are the ONLY location selling the merchandise. I also believe that any proceeds generated will go to the Boys & Girls Club. Follow @SaveOurChiefs on Twitter and like the Save Our Chiefs facebook page.

Interesting Data on the Chiefs Under Pioli


1. Chiefs record under Scott Pioli against winning teams (9-7 or better): 3-15 2. Chiefs have lost by 14 or more points under Scott Pioli 18 times in 55 games. (nearly 33%) 3. Chiefs record under Scott Pioli: 22-33 (includes playoff loss).

Yahoo & Fescoe: Bowe Wants Out KC + Bowe a Coach Killer?


So the rumor about the Dolphins and Chiefs talking a trade for Bowe proved to be a misunderstanding by a reporter, but in the midst of it, Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports dropped a verified tidbit via twitter: "@JasonColeYahoo: I can report this: Bowe wants out of KC very badly. Not exactly a revelation, but true." Then Bob Fescoe dives in and offers a tidbit: "@BobFescoe: Someone in the #chiefs organization told me this wk that Bowe is a "coach killer." They want him gone." I guess theres a high probability that Bowe won't be a Chief next year. The organization could tag him again, but I don't see that happening. The tag may need to be used on Albert if a deal isn't reached this season.

UPDATE: Dolphins Making a Move on Bowe Before Deadline?

Came across this tweet a few minutes ago: "Wow. Per @JasonColeYahoo on @560WQAM, #Dolphins are potentially negotiating a deal for #Chiefs stud WR Dwayne Bowe." Chiefs fans, how would this make you feel? I actually said during the offseason that Bowe will be traded to Miami or he'll sign there in the offseason. This would be crazy if it happens... @JasonColeYahoo: I can report this: Bowe wants out of KC very badly. Not exactly a revelation, but true.

Reasons Why I Want Pioli Fired


1. Poor drafting. Tyson Jackson, Arenas, and Dex come to mind. Much better talent on the board when they were picked. 2. It seems he has stuck with Cassel when others didnt want too. What we've heard to date is that Haley wanted Hasselback, Weis didn't want Cassel, and Romeo wanted Orton. 3. Hasn't gotten a suitable backup, possibly to try to avoid QB controversy. 4. Has hired poor to average Head Coaches. 5. Terrible reputation around the league. Peyton refused to visit, and Fisher didn't give the Chiefs the time of day because of power issues. 6. Seems to have created a culture of fear within the organization and is very controlling with the media. We the fans rely on the media for our Chiefs news. 7. Bad publicity with the bug and Haley scandal. The organization has become a joke. 8. He let Carr go, and theres a GOOD chance Bowe won't resign. Yes it takes two to tangle, but these are our primetime players and we must figure out a way to keep both. 9. Tried to hard to make this Patriots West instead of its own thing. 10. The Chiefs suck and are on their way to another losing season. We deserve better, and things are not better than they were prior to him. We are on the brink of 3-12/4-12. What are everyone elses reason for wanting him gone?

Chiefs Should Need to Pursue Geno Smith in 2013 Draft


As it stands, we pretty much all can agree that Matt Cassel is not the quarterback of the Chiefs future. Im sure we also all can agree that the Chiefs have top 5 offensive talent. The only thing remaining is a solid young gun. Geno Smith is our guy! Hopefully we are in position to draft him, and if not, Pioli NEEDS to make a Redskins or Falcons type of move to secure him. Im sold on his ability as a spread and conventional QB. Today's Stats for Geno: 45/51 comp. 656 yards, 8 TD's...the guy had more TD's than incompletitions. Just wow!

Not Much Competition for Drafting 1st-Round QB's in 2013


I was taking a look at all the teams in the league and assessing their QB situations. It looks like 2013 may be the perfect year for the Chiefs to break their streak and draft a first round QB. There more than likely won't be much competition at the top of the draft. As I see it, only the Chiefs, Raiders, Bills, and Cards are in need of a franchise guy. Every other team has a solid veteran to build around or a recently drafted young gun, thus not needing to draft a guy early or trade the house in order to secure one. The Cards and Bills may end up with decent records (especially the Cards). Hopefully this aides the Chiefs in being able to pick up Geno Smith.

Female Patriot Fan Mocks Torrey Smith's Deceased Brother after Loss


Note Chiefs related...Please excuse the unprofessionalism in the article, but please pay attention to how sick his individual is. A sport should never trump humanity!@KatieBrady12: "Hey, Smith, how about you call your bro and tell him about your wi-- ohhh. Wait. #TooSoon?" @KatieBrady12: "The pats may have lose but at least none of them lost a family member. I'd say that's a win."

Jackie battle just said on NFL Network that the difference between KC and San Diego is the Chargers...


Jackie battle just said on NFL Network that the difference between KC and San Diego is the Chargers want to win.

NFL.com: Jason Laconfora Reports the Chiefs Love Michael Floyd


"Very quietly, the Kansas City Chiefs have done a lot of work on receivers, and I hear they love Michael Floyd. I don't see Floyd getting beyond the 11th or 12th spot in this draft." 2 of the 3 first round picks for Pioli as the GM for the Chiefs have been total shockers (Tyson Jackson and Jon Baldwin). Is Michael Floyd the next? Does Dwayne Bowe really have something to worry about?

NFL.com: Mike Mayock Releases Only 2012 Mock Draft


11. Kansas City Chiefs - Alabama S, Mark Barron Thoughts? Mock Draft with Barron: Round 1: S, Mark Barron Round 2: DT, Alameda Ta’amu Round 3: CB, Jayron Hosley

Film Expert, Greg Cosell of NFL Films Releases Mock Draft


11. Kansas City: The Chiefs under Romeo Crennel are quietly building an excellent defense. Focus on linebacker: It’s a very good group that features Tamba Hali and Justin Houston on the outside, and Derrick Johnson inside. You add Luke Kuechly to the mix, and you may well have the best 3-4 linebacking unit in the NFL. I’m tired of hearing about Kuechly’s average athleticism. I watched game after game after game and he played fast with urgent reaction speed. He played with his eyes better than any linebacker I can remember evaluating. His so-called inability to play physically? Watch the NFL as extensively as I do, and you’ll know that very few linebackers take on blocks. That’s a time-worn cliché that really has little practical application. My Take: School has taken over my life, so I've been absent most of the offseason. That being said, I have done my research on a few guys, and I've finally set my heart on Kuechly. KC needs. Guard, but I think that can be had in RD2. Kuechly is a much needed piece for a Defense that will face 3 pass heavy teams, twice a year. Adding one more speed playmaker would go a long way to getting the defense from top 15 to top 5.

I'm very displeased with the loss of Carr and Orton, and the missing out on Peyton. If Pioli puts...


I'm very displeased with the loss of Carr and Orton, and the missing out on Peyton. If Pioli puts this offense out on the field, my happiness will return: Cassel, Charles, Hillis, McCluster, Bowe, Breaston, Baldwin, Moeaki, Boss*, Albert, Asamoah, Hudson, DeCastro*, Winston*

PFF Top 101 players of 2010: #59 Aubrayo Franklin

59. Aubrayo Franklin, NT, San Francisco 49ers "He’s one of those prototypical nose tackles that teams search for but never seem to find. If he hits the open market then he’s a guy who really should get a big deal as possibly the best zero technique in the league at the moment. Yeah I said it. Not just a guy who eats up blocks, Franklin showed a real ability to make plays on the ball carrier with 42 tackles. Best Performance: Week 2 versus New Orleans (+5.4) Key Stat: Had the fourth highest amount of tackles of all nose tackles / defensive tackles. The three above him played over three hundred more snaps to do so." This is why Chiefs fans want this guy in red and gold for the next 4-5 years.

Greg Cosell on Jon Baldwin Prior to the Draft

via Twitter: @gregcosell "Baldwin my #3 WR. Most effective in run based offense that'll see 8 in box/single high S in normal down + distance. Similar to V. Jackson." "Don't know anything re: Baldwin's character. Not with him every day. Film shows deceptively fast vertical WR w/ wide catching radius."

I hate this guy, but this is EXACTLY who I compare Jon Baldwin to. Both are 6'4"+, 230lbs, and can...


I hate this guy, but this is EXACTLY who I compare Jon Baldwin to. Both are 6'4"+, 230lbs, and can separate vertically. If you watch both videos, you'll see almost identical catches, separation, and ball skills between the two. Very excited to have him on the team (especially at the price). Once Baldwin learns to run routes, this offense will be so dangerous! (video here)

Mel Kiper: 2011 NFL draft grades I'm not a fan of Mel Kiper. For him not to see the value in our...

Mel Kiper: 2011 NFL draft grades I'm not a fan of Mel Kiper. For him not to see the value in our picks is quite ridiculous. Can't wait until these picks prove him wrong!

Jon Baldwin will wear #88 for the Chiefs


per Twitter: @jonbaldwin82 I'm number 88 by the way every1 Tony Gonzalez's number

(Gonna need to turn the volume up)

(Gonna need to turn the volume up)
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