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OFD Films: Iso Cam- The Subtleties of Man Coverage


In this edition of Iso Cam, we take a closer look at Matthias Farley in man coverage.

OFD Films: Brian VanGorder Sets the Trap


Brian VanGorder likes aggressive defense.

OFD Films: Iso Cam- Jaylon Smith Inside


In this edition of Iso Cam we take a look at Jaylon Smith as an inside linebacker

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Zaire vs. Golson


In this session of Iso Cam we compare Everett Golson and Malik Zaire throwing the ball.

OFD Films: Is Brent the Answer at Slot Receiver?


Justin Brent might just have the right combination of skills to unleash the full potential of the slot position in the Notre Dame offense.

OFD Films: Will Nyles Morgan Start for Notre Dame?


In this session of OFD films we take a closer look at incoming freshman linebacker Nyles Morgan

Fixing the Notre Dame Defense


An open letter to new defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder

OFD Films: Irish Offense - Running in the Red Zone


Red zone formations lead to success for the Notre Dame running game against Rutgers

OFD Films: Breaking Tendencies


In this edition of OFD films we take a look at how both Notre Dame and Stanford broke some of their offensive tendencies to put points on the board.

OFD Films: The Evolution of the Irish Run Game


A subtle adjustment to the Notre Dame run scheme has led to some promising results

OFD Films: What is wrong with Notre Dame's defense


OFD Films: What is wrong with Notre Dame's defense?

OFD Films: Iso Cam McDaniel


Cam McDaniel pretty face, plucky grinder or very good running back?

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Irish Defensive Line


The Notre Dame defense added a highly effective wrinkle to their pass rushing repertoire against Arizona State.

OFD Films: The Devil in the Details - ASU Preview


This week we take a look at the high powered Arizona State offense.

OFD Films: Game Planning for the Irish


This week we take a look at how a rival team might game plan for the Fighting Irish

OFD Films: Irish Defense Exposed in the Big House


This week we take a look at one of the key problems that has plagued the Irish defense early in the 2013 season

OFD Films: Beating Temple with Balance

This week we take a look at how Notre Dame used a balanced passing attack to torch the Temple secondary

George Atkinson III Finding an Identity

What does George Atkinson need to do to fulfill his potential as a running back?

OFD Films: Tommy Rees - Searching for Mobility

In a football world that covets mobile quarterbacks, can Tommy Rees become more effective on the run?

Brian Kelly's 2013 Fall Camp Press Conference


After a tumultuous off-season Notre Dame turns the page to the 2013 football season.

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Zack Martin - Pass Blocking

Part two of our look at Zack Martin.

Zack Martin Iso Cam

Zack Martin is one of the best players in the country. He's that good.

Game Within the Game - Rushing the Passer

OFD Films Presents: Game Within the Game. In this session of game within the game we look at how the 2012 Notre Dame defense used line stunts to generate pressure on the quarterback

The Game Within the Game - Jamming the Receiver

Synchronicity and simplicity wrapped in complexity

OFD Films: Iso Cam - George Atkinson III

Getting decleated. A lesson in lowering your pads.

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Andrew Hendrix

Voodoo, rainbows, lollipops and speaking in tongues. The OFD film crew takes a closer look at Andrew Hendrix

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Open Field Tackling


Anatomy of an open field tackle

OFD Films: Iso Cam - The Blue and Gold Touchdown

In this session of Iso Cam we take a look at the play that paved the way for Wild Chocolate.

5WF: OFD Goes International


Five Questions. Three are Canadian. I'm Canadian, I didn't want to be impolite and monopolize all the questions.

OFD Films: Tide Attacks Te'o

This week we take a look at how the Crimson Tide took advantage of Manti Te'o's aggressive nature against the run

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