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Grantland: Can the Indiana Pacers Really Contend for the Title?


I post this here for two reasons. There are several interesting tidbits regarding the Spurs and a great story involving Indiana George. The second are these two games: Nov. 5 - IND 79 SAS 101 Nov. 23 - SAS 104 IND 97 The first we can dismiss since the Pacers were struggling at the begginning of the season. I was at the second game and if it was not for Pop fooling around with lineups, the Spurs would have scored 120 points. I have been down lately on the team due to the perception that the offense does not flow against big, athletic defensive teams. The two games against the Pacers give me hope that they have it in them.


Bonner's post-season question

This is more of a question than providing any new information. It seems like consensus has finally formed that Mr. BonBon struggles in the post season. We have all seen the numbers, and more...

The Great DeJuan Blair Debate of 2012

This is an adaptation of a comment I made in the The DeJuan Blair Situation editorial by Big50. My initial goal was to compute these statistics for a few lineups, but one thing led to another, we...


Did we get hacked?

I am breaking my hiatus at PTR to point out that Jason "The Jet" Terry has replaced the PTR logo. Such an offense should not go unpunished. I vote to start a task force that would look into the...


Photos from the Rodeo: New Jersey

Photos of the Spurs' throwback Chaparral jerseys, and Manu's return to the lineup in the New Jersey game.

Why the Spurs were wrong to trade George Hill


Dont know if this was posted back in the day but it is a well reasoned article on the George/Kawhi trade.

Radiolab: Games


A wonderful podcast on fandom. A good game--whether it's a pro football playoff, or a family showdown on the kitchen table--can make you feel, at least for a little while, like your whole life hangs in the balance. This hour of Radiolab, Jad and Robert wonder why we get so invested in something so trivial. What is it about games that make them feel so pivotal?


Hanga playing against Portugal

Spurs recent draft and stash draft pick Adam Hanga's team is facing Portugal in what is the beginning of a pre-qualifying round for the Eurobasket 2011 tournament. I believe three teams are playing...

Spurs Nation: Interview with Manu


Dont know if it has been posted before, but here it is.


Draft Beat

I was thinking it would be nice to have a centralized location to discuss the upcoming draft and the transactions around the league prior to it. If it takes off I will try to update it daily with...

Purdue ICONS #14: JaJuan Johnson


Some mocks have JaJuan Johnson going to the Spurs in next week's draft. Now we all know that the Spurs will do whatever hasnt been suggested in any of the mock drafts but still. This is a nice profile on Johnson from sbnation's Purdue blog. Besides JaJuan and DeJuan could dominate the league for decades!

SB Nation Power Rankings (before Monday's action)


"It was an interesting week in the NBA. Not really, but it helps to say things like that when you want people to read your stuff. The reality is, no one reads these introductory paragraphs. We all just glance through the lists and nod knowingly and occasionally shake our fists with impunity at the computer screen..."

Shamsports: Creative Financing in the NBA, Xavier Henry (Time drain alert)


TIME DRAIN ALERT: Long articles! A fairly long article regarding finances in the NBA posted about 2 months ago in Sham. About a month later he posted this addendum: Addendum to the Xavier Henry thing where you can find this: "As the initial post stated, Memphis were not being entirely pioneering here. There was a small amount of precedent, both from Ty Lawson's situation above and from the San Antonio Spurs: A fifth player joined the less-than-120% club this year; Spurs draft pick and England frontline seamer James Anderson. After about a month of negotiations, San Antonio eventually signed Anderson to a contract that pays a maximum of 120% of the scale in the first year, but only 115% in the second year, and 117% in the third (fourth year salaries are calculated as a percentage of the third), all years of which contained more significant performance incentives than usual. This is the kind of thing Memphis are accused of being doing, if not an even more extreme example. Furthermore, this now means that three of the five players to have received less than the full 120% have been Spurs picks. They've actually gone through with the deed Memphis stand accused of trying, and they've done so on an annual basis. In the cases of [Ian] Mahinmi and [George] Hill, San Antonio could invoke the "no one else was drafting you that high, so live with it" excuse. Not so with Anderson. San Antonio have better leverage, given their strength as a franchise and the fact they aren't doing it with lottery picks, yet it is the same practice." Just thought it is interesting how Memphis got scorned for attempting this while San Antonio were doing it for the past few years without drawing much attention. The original articles have all the details.

Raptors to release Dwayne Jones


Maybe he can be the extra big man that some of the people in PTR want?

Best Players Against Top and Bottom Defenses


Manu dominates the top 5 defenses and the bottom 5 defenses.

"My whole body hurts, he plays hard. He plays physical. I felt every second of it." Bonner said...


"My whole body hurts, he plays hard. He plays physical. I felt every second of it." Bonner said of banging against Randolph


Fin to sign with Celts

Veteran free agent swingman Michael Finley has decided to join the Boston Celtics and will sign over the next few days, an NBA source told Yahoo! Sports. Finley is expected to sign the prorated veteran minimum in "the next day or so," the source said. That didn't take long.

Blanchard Analyses Hairston's and Mahinmi's play


Very interesting analysis of the play by play of Hairston and Mahinmi in the Houston game. What I find most surprising is Mahinmi's ability to defend the p&r. Its a clear weakness so far for us. Im starting to think the Spurs are hesitant to play him more because they dont want to increase his value for this year's free agency.

Parker returns to practice


I would feel more comfortable if he gives it an extended rest.

Woj via Twitter -> Mason requests trade


Spurs working to help accommodate Roger Mason with a trade, agent Mark Bartelstein tells Y! Minutes down, wants to play. Spurs cool with it.


The Case for More Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner has been much maligned this season for his poor rebounding and defense.  He has been the target of serious scapegoating and blame.  Poor Bonner just does what he is told and although he...

Nowhere to go but up!


The Spurs have been the second worst team for the last two weeks according to Dean Oliver's four factors second only to Sacramento.


The Surprising Speeds of Bogans, Hill and Jefferson

This FanPost is inspired by my suggestion that Hill increases the pace of the game and BlaseE's encouragement to look into the numbers to see if my perception is correct. My observation was that...


Fantasy Basketball Trade Deadline Thread

Given the recent lackluster play of our beloved Spurs, I think its optimal time that we take a look at the fantasy world.  I do not know how many people remain active in the PASPN league but wanted...

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