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Pens prospect Scott Harrington shines for Canada


In hopes of rinsing some of the bad taste out of our mouths that last nights Pens/Flyers game left, here is some good news concerning the Pens (future) blueliner.

No Crosby VS the Av's on Tuesday (11/15)


As per, Sid won't be in action tomorrow night, unfortunately. Told ya so, eh Hooks, lol.

Sidney Crosby's Health Questions Continue


Amid yet more reports that Sid has had to shut down his off season training and is still suffering from concussion related symptoms, Crosby's agent speaks. After experiencing rising optimism all summer, the last week or two has been tough for us Crosby and Pens fans. Can't wait until October when we can hopefully get some answers either way.


Happy 24th, Sid Crosby!!!

Can't belive it has gone unposted so far, so here it is!


NHL Salary Cap to increase by $5 Million!

The NHL has announced that the cap is going up BIG TIME, well past the expected $3M to the tune of $5M! The new cap floor will be a very high $48 Million, and the ceiling will be $64 Million. Last...

Jagr's agent reaching out to NHL teams


Interesting news, and for me personally it would be a dream come true to see him in the Black and Gold again. Anyways, Jagr is always saying crazy stuff, but this seems to be the first time I can remember him actually talking to NHL teams through his agent, however informally. It is Jags though, so I will believe it when I see it.... Though Jagr-Crosby-Malkin on the 1st PP would break the NHL! A boy can dream...

Crosby's family rumored to be urging him to retire


Can't believe no one has posted this yet, so I thought I would throw it up. Myself, I have a tough time believing it, and don't consider McCown a rock solid source. If it were Bob McKenzie or Darren Dreger, then I might be very worried. Pat Brisson, Sid's agent has denied it and stated that Sid is getting better. Hopefully just a ploy for press, if this somehow came true then it would be one of the most tragic examples of a career cut short that hockey has ever seen, surpassing the likes of Cam Neely, Eric Lindros and even Bobby Orr.


Decisions, Decisions...

Word on the street is that God-like Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero may still have moves to make before Monday's NHL Trade Deadline. Rumor has it that Shero could be in the market for another...



Saw this coming... As per TSN:   Penguins acquire Kovalev   No details yet, but I suspect it is for a 5th rounder or higher. We shall see. I thought the Sens may wait to see if they could push the...


Niclas Bergfors

Notorious Pens killer Niclas Bergfors is reportedly on the block, as reported on Hockey Night in Canada this past weekend. Bergfors has fallen out of favor with management, and has been a healthy...

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