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The Onion Is on the Case


You know they love us.

F*** the High Road--Sometimes You Just Have To Feed the Trolls


I read this a few days ago and loved it. I figure there will be quite the influx of trolls now that we're in the Finals, so I wanted to post a defense of why, juuuust every now and then, it's worth feeding them (besides the fact that it's cathartic and makes me laugh). Simply substitute "Spurs fans" for "feminists" and voila! You are now empowered with the hammer of righteousness. Strike true on the anvil of ignorance!

Pops Mensah-Bonsu wins EuroChallenge Final Four MVP, the championship, and awesome nickname


Aw, POPS! His team, Beşiktaş Milangaz, went on to win the championship game as well. It's very cool to see what former Spurs have been doing lately even as the parent team appears to be poised for success I dare not mention in detail lest I jinx it. What with T. J. Ford volunteer coaching the D-League champion Austin Toros and George Hill playing a big role on the plucky Indiana Pacers and Pops burning up the FIBA circuit, it's a good time.

All Eyes on the Ball


I love the photo they chose for the "cover" of today's Basketball Jones video. I haven't even watched the show yet--probably won't get to until tonight. But that picture is awesome, yeah?

This new strategy that the Lakers are implementing and practicing in the final quarter of the NBA...


This new strategy that the Lakers are implementing and practicing in the final quarter of the NBA season is in preparation for the playoffs, specifically a series with the San Antonio Spurs.

Sebastian Pruiti explains how the Lakers have adjusted with a particular goal in mind: to beat the Spurs. (Lots more video and analysis here.

Winners Prosper: The Case for Manu


Joey Whelan at Hardwood Paroxysm analyzes Ginobili's chances for Hall of Fame induction. A very good read.

b/r: Ranking the Top 10 NBA Players in Winning Percentage


HMOG. Look at your top three players. That's just gaudy. (Apologies if this has already been posted--I looked and didn't see it, but I could well have missed it.)


Timmy Is in the Details

   So there's this new book coming out on January 25 that looks like it will be a fun read -- Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won. Explored in the...



@DeJuan45 THIS TAT HURT LOL MY STOMACH IZ ON SWOLL LITERALLY!! CTFU I LOVE IT THO!! 1 minute ago via Echofon A tat on his stomach?

DeJuan Blair

NBA Playbook: A Beautiful Play by Popovich


Sebastian Pruiti breaks down the set play that finally seared the deer.

Nobody likes to be dunked on. It’s emasculation on permanent video loop. And Amare seems to know...


Nobody likes to be dunked on. It’s emasculation on permanent video loop. And Amare seems to know that. Look at the first clip in the Heat-Knicks recap package. When James drives down the lane, Stoudemire scampers to safety like a wise hermit crab. He wants no part of this highlight, even if it means possibly preventing it. When we think of incentives that work against team play, scoring is our fixation. For the greater good, players must subvert ego by taking fewer shots. Youtube has given us a new kind of ego sacrifice: The dunk thwart attempt. So, put yourself in Amare’s shoes. What would you choose? You can go for the block and receive public shaming, or you can duck the risk, assured that a mustache will catch D’Antoni’s anger spittle. I’m reminded of a Spurs-Cavs game from some years back. LeBron James drove towards Tim Duncan, as Timmy tried to establish position. Too late. James scaled Duncan like a mountain, unleashing a cram that made TD crumble. I jumped off my couch, yelled, pointed at the TV. The greatest power forward of all time looked feeble, pathetic and totally at the mercy of an ascendant star. It was a thrilling, sad, dunk to behold. A wise friend sitting next to me calmly asserted, "Timmy don’t care." Later that year, the Spurs scraped the Cavs for an easy title. To be a defensive stalwart is to absorb moments of complete and total humiliation.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss makes a great point using the GOATPUFF on TrueHoop.

Lakers and Spurs -- Crossroads


Another game preview -- this one from my Laker pal. Tell him I sent you.

"Those guys are serious"


After a mournful look at the recent goring LA endured at the hands antlers of the Bucks, my friend the Laker fan says the Spurs are "of even more concern" than Miami.

TP interview on his website


At the top of his website a banner reads, "After a month of silence, TP is back on the net. . ." Something about that breaks my heart. Maybe it's the ellipses. . . The interview is purely about basketball with one quick mention of a "difficult" November. After hearing Manu's heartfelt words of support for Tony yesterday on the Jim Rome show and after witnessing Tony's brilliant on-court performance in game after game, I'm hoping that the japes and the speculation will continue to fade. Dude really just wants to play, you know?


Transcript: Interview with a Vampire Manu Ginobili

I just had time to get Manu's words. Figured you wouldn't really care what Romes had to say. Question topics are in parens. (On the "difference" this year): We are feeling confident now and our...

Ginobili on Jim Rome Today (Like, Now)


You can find a radio station at the link. According to Rome he will be on "in the second half of the show, depending on when he gets out of practice." (Practice!)

Remember my friend the Lakers fan?


Well, he has a blog, Searching for Slava, and it's a damn good read. But y'all will especially like this entry, because he respects the Spurs. Read the other entries if you like his style--rewarding stuff.

Austin Toros Will Be Coached by Brad Jones


An interesting tidbit you won't find in the press release: Jones is Jerry Sloan's nephew (by marriage). Folks were rather surprised when the Utah Flash let him go this summer, not just because of his ties to Sloan, but because he's considered an excellent coach for developing players. This is a good move by Holt and Co.

Shaq to Boston


It almost seems inevitable now that I think about it.

Dan Gilbert's Open Letter to Cavs Fans is Made of Win


Maybe win isn't the word I was looking for. Maybe the word is schadenfreude. P.S. Mr. Gilbert, maybe I shouldn't kick you while you're down, but take it "easy" on the scare quotes. You're "not" "doing" it "right."

Caja Laboral to play the Spurs on October 16


Read into that what you will . . . (and you will).

Our old friend the JV.


Aw, it's the JV! WELCOME BACK: Former Spurs point guard Jacque Vaughn is expected to serve as an assistant coach for the team's summer league squad next month in Las Vegas, an endeavor he might hope to parlay into a full-time gig next season. The Spurs are in search of a replacement for long-time assistant coach/head video coordinator James Borrego, who left after seven seasons to join Monty Williams' new staff in New Orleans. Vaughn, who spent the final three of his 12 seasons with the Spurs, retired after the 2008-09 campaign. He has long been held in high esteem by coach Gregg Popovich, who has called Vaughn prime coaching material. "Welcome back . . . your dreams were your ticket out. . . . Welcome back . . . to that same old place that you laughed about. . . ."

Preview: Game 4, Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs--maybe we'll talk about the Gipper

I don't know what to say. I considered going all Gregg Popovich on you, you know, telling you that you're grown men and women and you don't need me reminding you that no one's ever come from being...

Parker Skips MRI, Will Play Game 4


Tony's not ready to give up. Are you?

Game 3, Part 2, Number 1 in our hearts

Get in here and keep it going.

Dwayne Jones, Undercover Agent for the Suns


"Jones said the Suns coaches have asked him about a couple plays San Antonio runs but that they get paid to do those kind of things and do them well. "Still, the Toros and the Spurs run the same system, a system Jones has played in the past two years. He knows it like the back of his hand, and he won’t be surprised by anything San Antonio does if he’s called upon for some spot time, a nice trait to have in a deep reserve. And who knows, maybe he could help the coaching staff decode some intricate wrinkle that the Spurs run." Hmph.

Game 6 Preview: Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs

Will the Series end tonight or will it head back to Dallas?

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