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i love the giants.
the knicks
the yankees
the rangers
and rutgers

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  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA New York Knicks
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  • NCAAB Rutgers Scarlet Knights
  • NHL New York Rangers
  • Boxing Tyson And Rocky Balboa
  • Soccer soccer is gay
  • Wrestling fake
User Blog

off-topic off-season debate #1: NBA 2K13 or NBA live 13

okay so their is so much going on in knick-land right now. re-signings, sign and trades, signings, landry fields, dolan is still president, and other stuff... but its still the offseason, so this...

Another Serious(ly accurate) mock

so, some of you didnt like my last mock? some of you didnt like my grammer? some of you think you can do better? well you were wrong on the 3rd, and i dont care about your opinion on the other 2. ...

A serious Mock

I dont do mocks wit serious in them. but this time i will. maybe i'll explain the picks, or maybe i wont. we'll see. if i do explain it. dont ask the questions that are answered already, that will...

Mohamed Sanu: Can you atleast admit he's better than you?

My Boi M0SAnu Seems to never get respect by anyone here, not even a little. some guy put nick toon b4 him in the draft. that is so disrespectful... i've even heard suggestions that ryan tannenhil...


why The knicks should bring back Isaiah

now hold up for a bit here. I didnt want to complete his name in the title for fear of being banned. but i will do it here so if your eyes are not ready, well then turn off your omputer now. I...

The Mock. (Mocka Flocka)

now no, im not a fan of the rapper. but it sounded pretty cool. so here is probably the most plausible mock you ever seen ever: *****Warning: the following is based on actual events that you will...

My NYG ultimate mock (If you're not prepared for this. do not read)

Okay, ive kinda been sick this week and am off school. and got pretty bored. so i decided to do probably the best mock draft ever made in the history of mock drafts (that were ever made) First i'll...


defLinitely not a jeremy Lin post

Okay so much of what the title tells you is a huge lie. Their must be 35 Lin-posts in the recent fanpost... well make this 36. i've seen a lot of posts involving Lin this, or why lin is here...


Be Calm. Be Brave. Man up, And take it. Take it for what it is... The 2012 (BB) Knicks

The 2012 BB Knciks, Whats that? What can u possobly mean by BB??? Well i'll tell u what it is i mean sir. I'll tell YOU. Before i do that, u all need to Calm Down. Honestley, Calm the fuck...


Dear P&T newcomers, or people who just don't get it...

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. (that's 3 Please's if u aren't a mathmatician) STOP (Drop, Shut Em Down, Open Up Shop) really stop. just Stop. and dont ask me what it is you're stopping. You know Damn...


P. Ewing Talks return to knicks (yes that one, the future HOF'er! no not to play)

This article from ESPN came across me through an email. and ewing speaks of how he would love to be on the knicks bench in the future. Could we see Ewing on the Knicks' bench one day? "I hope...


do i drop hughes to pick back up weeks or another batter?

hughes has been bad since his return. so should i drop him to bick up weeks or another good rookie. what should i do. keep hughes. and ope he can regain what he had. drop hughes. pick up Jemile...



I would like to pick up Alex Presley the young pittsburg OF. and was wondering which of my 2 worst outfielders i should drop. Matt Joyce Or Tori Hunter? or if i should keep both and not pick up...


need help real quick.

okay. so i need to make a decision by 7:30 today. my team i stacked at hitting. and the pitching is pretty above average. im in a standard H2H espn fantasy league. and i want to pick up phil...


Twitter WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just copied from my Post at BBV, so lets not get in a fight if there is some homerism or eagles jokes That's right guy's. it all started when osi was bitchin about his contract, as a...


Inter-Blog Fantasy Football

Not gonna explain what it is, if you wanna know that. go to the post about it. here is where you can sign up. First 4 Gmen Fans get the 4 Spots in BBV Division. First 5 Eagle fans get there 5....

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