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Tucker taken off the ice on a backboard


Tucker was hit into the boards by Tuomo Ruutu, brother of noted douchebag Jarkko. Hope the little fella is ok, despite his victimizing the Leafs earlier in the season.

Sakic to announce retirement Thursday


Perhaps one of the classiest guys playing the game is going to retire this week. Great run, Joe!

Whups, Roger Millions!


Whups, Roger Millions!

Found in the Wangster's mailbox..


Found in the Wangster's mailbox..

Celine Dion eyeing bid for Montreal Canadiens


Oh man, that would be like Christmas and 20 birthdays all rolled into one, right there. COMEDY GOLD.

Bruins make a play for Kaberle - Report


Being a westcoaster has its advantages, like being able to get the early (late-nite) scoops! According to New England Sports Network and the Boston Herald, the Bruins have offered their first- and third-round picks in the draft, as well as six-foot-five forward Joe Colborne, the team's top pick from last season.

Vote on the bigger "homer" announcer!


Alright let's settle this. Bob Cole vs Jim Hughson. Loser will be mocked until the winner's throat is sore!


Who is the bigger "homer" announcer?

As a Leaf Fan in Vancouver (cough), I'm forever defending all things Leaf related from my Toronto-hating coworkers, friends, family, pastor, rabbi and social worker(s). Imagine my surprise when I...

Islanders agree to preseason game in.. Kansas City??


Wow. How much would that suck if the Isles draft Tavares then get moved to KC? Answer: Lots.


Loveable NonLeafs - Volume 2

Hot on the heels of the last installment, we have Volume 2 of a compendeum of those players that Leaf fans (hopefully) just can't help but love. Oh sure, there might be the occasional GWG or...


Loveable NonLeafs - Volume 1

In order to add a note of positivity after a bit of a brutal week for Leaf Fans, I thought I'd start a series profiling players who have never worn the blue and white. These are players who could...


5 Easy Steps for Reducing Fan Rage

Editor's Note: I strongly suggest that if you wish to avoid any jail time that you read this handy guide prior to every Leafs game until they are good again. Fan Rage. We've all been there. After...

Sundin's first PR Stumble


The always entertainingly idiotic Vancouver media getting revved up already with this "opinion" piece in The Province (local tabloid rag for the mentally challenged). Oh noez, mats did not stop to say hi to us after his flight in from sweden! Wah! This is a very auspicious start to the media coverage here..

Sundin non-committal on Canucks debut


I lol'd. What does it take for this guy to make a mufuggin decision?! Imagine what going to dinner with him must be like!

Canucks-Blues Game Goes Into Extra-Puck-Time Or Something


Love it when The Onion does a hockey joke.. Must be their Canadian writers at play.


Christmas Contest - NHL as the Solar System

In today's guest post, the allusion to the Leafs as the "Centre" (Queen's English FTW!) and the Isles out in the Kuiper belt got me to thinking.. How would the NHL Teams line up if this idea was...


Christmas Contest - Holiday Gift Guide - Leaf Jersey Edition

Hey everybody! Stumped on what to get your favourite Leaf Fan? Want to make their lives better and hopefully forget about the crushing horror that is Leaf Fandom? Get them this jersey!

Avery baits Phaneuf


The soap opera that is Avery continues! Hilarious stuff. Phaneuf didn't seem too perturbed, but will hopefully crush him regardless.


Drivel: Vancouver 24 Hours

I was reading the pdf version of the local 24 hours mag (hey, it's municipal election time and I thought I'd get informed) and they have some more gems on the leafs and how bad they "suck" Read...

Amazing Turnaround of Kyle Wellwood


6 goals so far this season and he's their top scorer? Methinks the Canucks have some problems..


Coach's Corner - Fire it?

Watching the Leafs game on Saturday, I came to the realization that the first intermission of the first game on saturday is essentially a wash. Should it just get scrapped altogether?

Wendel? Is that you raiding the fridge?


Wendel? Is that you raiding the fridge?

Nobody is out to screw Mathieu Schneider


Nobody is out to screw Mathieu Schneider

~ Pat Morris, Schneider's agent Except, of course, Mrs Schneider..

Xbox Live Friends!

Hey all, After seeing a couple other people in the Barilkosphere have Xbox live accounts, I thought I'd start a fanpost with gamertags for those who want to get more xbox live buddies..

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