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Burke blames Lowe for spiralling NHL salaries: report


Bam! Another broadside into Lowe by the next Leafs GM, Brian Burke.


Leaf Deathwatch

Who will be the next body over the side, a victim of Uncle Cliff? Now with Poll goodness!


2008 Offseason UFA Pursuit

So, in the spirit of moving into the youth movement, not a lot has been made of UFAs the Leafs should be looking at. However, there may be a few opportunities to pickup some experience to help...

But wait! My apologies, I left out a bona-fide howler, a guaranteed side-splitter. Yep, I damn near...


But wait! My apologies, I left out a bona-fide howler, a guaranteed side-splitter. Yep, I damn near busted a gut when, from high in the play-by-play booth at the ACC, came this absurd and hilarious assertion: "The Toronto Maple Leafs have won the Stanley Cup." No doubt about it, The Love Guru is definitely a comedy.

Globe and Mail Love Guru Review, giving us a sample of the further mockery to be applied to long suffering Leaf fans

Ron Wilson - Leafs Head Coach


According to the CBC a report has surfaced that Wilson has signed on the dotted line. Good news!

NHL's response to Tiger Woods


Somewhat amusing fake letter response to Tigers asinine "nobody watches hockey" comment

Mirtle - Balsillie Business


Balsillie's name lends itself so well to great headlines. It would be so great to see him land a team though, just to stick a thumb in the eye of goofballs like Bettman.. He could be the Mark Cuban of the NHL! Well, perhaps not *that* obnoxious..

Top 5 NHL Teams that should be axed/moved

  1. Nashville Predators
  2. Florida Panthers
  3. Tampa Bay Lightning
  4. Phoenix Coyotes
  5. Carolina Hurricanes

5 things I'd rather do than watch the Finals

  1. Speculate endlessly on MLSE management choices
  2. Watch the Boston Celtics implode on the road
  3. Go for a drive while gas is still below 3bucks a litre
  4. Cheer on Kobe "Five Hole" Bryant to destroy the Spurs
  5. Head outside to stare at this strange bright glowing orb in the sky

Waiting For Stanley: Canucks wives


My other fav hockey blog posts a pic of the wives of the Canucks players + staff. Bieksa is a lucky bastard, that is all.

CBS Draft Tracker


I like cbs' website, and they have this nice draft tracker, so we can see exactly who the Leafs will miss out on in the first round! Good times!


Post Conference final predictions here!

How about a thread with the playoff predictions? Here we go!


LFIV's Western Playoff Perspective - Sharks vs Flames

Some thoughts on the playoffs from out west, where some games might have passed unnoticed by fans out east who can't stay up too late. Tonight, the fantastic series that the Sharks/Flames one is...


Leaf Fan's Playoff Guide - Part 5 - Other Sports

Ed.'s Note: LFIV is back with his fifth installment of his Leaf Fans' Playoff Guide. Today he looks at other sports. He misses the best one to follow: soccer. Between Euro 2008 and Toronto FC this...


Leaf Fans' Playoff Guide Part 4 - Boys on the Bubble

Ed.'s Note: LFIV is back with his fourth installment of the Leaf Fans' Playoff Guides. This one looks at the teams that are struggling for the last playoff spots and looks at some plausible...


Leaf Fan's Playoff Guide - Part 3 - The Sunny Side

Ed.'s Note: LFIV is making a tough Monday much easier on me. In this installment he looks at teams that Leaf fans can get behind during the playoffs rather than fellow Canadian teams that we'd love...


Leafs' Fan Playoff Guide - Part 2 - Lez Handi-taunts

Ed.'s Note: I am back from Columbus in body if not in mind (read: definitely not in mind. I need about 4 more days of sleep) and found LFIV's second installment in the Leafs' Fan Playoff Guide....


Leafs' Fan Playoff guide - Part 1 - The Senaturds

Ed.'s Note: I am loving the creativity in defeat. Who says that nothing good comes out of losing? Anyway, here is what is hopefully LFIV's first in a series of posts on the state of Leaf fandom...


Kilger Suspended by Panthers

Apparently Chad Kilger is having a bit of a rough go of it with his personal issues, since he hasn't shown up to play for the Panthers since being acquired. The full story is available here. I...

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