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Tyler battles Daryl Morey


Tyler Lashbrook played Daryl Morey in his ping-pong tournament and found out Morey is pretty pretty good.

Hornets signs Stephenson for less money than Frye


He will get 27 M in 3 years compared to Frye's 32 in 4. While the money per year Stephenson gets is more, the contract as a whole is smaller and easier to trade/wave if things go bad. It must also be noted that Stephenson has good upside and eventually we could use his bird rights to re sign him to be part of our contending core. When Orlando is ready to contendt Frye will likely be too old for it.

ESPN doesn't understand Gordon signing.


3. What's been the biggest surprise of this offseason thus far? Pelton: Ben Gordon getting more than the minimum. Granted, Gordon was released too late to be eligible for a playoff roster, but nobody even bothered picking him up when Charlotte waived him in March. For him to get nearly mid-level money, even if not fully guaranteed and entirely non-guaranteed beyond this season, was shocking. Strauss: The big surprise is Gordon getting a contract with the Magic. He could theoretically make sense as a piece on a stable, veteran team. But on a rebuilding squad? Why bother?

GORTAT GOT 60M!!!! Is Vuc worth that much?


Marcin Gortat got paid. He got 12M a year for 5 years with the Wizards, and some analysts say it's a fair price to pay, just complaint about the years cause Gortat is too old. So Vuc will likely demand a similar amount, do you think Orlando should pay it?

Report: Magic looking to trade up


"The Magic have offered Nos. 4, 12 and Afflalo to the Cavs and Bucks, but so far, no takers."

Owner: Bucks will NOT draft Embiid.


"Our decision got a lot easier, mainly because Embiid got hurt."


Stats challenge: Which position should you draft and build around?

Some weeks ago I googled a question that I thought would have an easy answer: all things being equal, which position should you draft? Which is the best position to build around? I couldn't...

Cavs open to trading 1st pick


Do you think we have the pieces to get it done? They are dreaming they can lure Lebron, so basically they think they have PG (Irving) and SF (Lebron) covered. Trading the 1st + expirings for Vuc + Afflalo + 4th (Randle), would give them a "win now" team with four above average starters + Lebron. Do you think the Cavs take that deal? Would Orlando do it? I am not sure if Wiggins/Parker are worth that much.

Amazing NBA interactive map


Who knew Orlando's fan base is almost as big as Atlanta's?


¿Smart or Oladipo?

Last year Orlando was expected to Draft Marcus Smart with the 2nd pick, but as he didn't declare they went with Oladipo. At the time Smart was seen clearly as the better prospect with HOF potential...

SVG questions integrity of advanced stats data


SVG says that while advanced stats are great their integrity is not, because in order for them to be OK you need the guy imputing the data to really know the game. "I read a thing in the playoffs last year that said that New York isolated like 17 percent of the time," he continued. "I’m watching their games, they isolate half of the time, at least. So I don’t know who’s recording that. If there’s a pick and roll, and they throw it back to Carmelo and he holds the ball and isolates for eight seconds, that’s a pick and roll play, not an isolation?"

Simmons: rebuilding and GM's job security.


Here’s a theory for you: If you’re a GM, what’s the best way to make sure you’ll stay employed for four to five years? The answer: Blow everything up, bottom out, build around young players/cap space/lottery picks, make a bunch of first-round picks, and sell the "illusion of hope" to your fans. What the new wave of young GMs like Sam Hinkie, Ryan McDonough and Rob Hennigan are doing is extremely smart — both from a basketball standpoint and a self-preservation standpoint — because it’s hard for anyone to say "YOU FAILED!" when you’re executing a multiyear plan that can’t be judged until 2016 or 2017 at the earliest.

I’d like to see people in other professions try this. For instance, the guy who runs ABC right now, Paul Lee, is mired in a two-year mega-slump. I think he’s launched 23 shows in the past two years and only two of them have had even mild success. Last week, Kimmel’s 11:35 late-night show outrated ABC’s 10 p.m. prime-time show on three different nights. That’s almost impossible.

OK, so let’s say Paul Lee started thinking like an NBA GM. What would happen? He’d tell everybody, "Look, we fell into the bad habit here of throwing up 10 to 12 shows every year just because we had to have new shows for our schedule. I gotta be honest, I knew most of these shows wouldn’t work. But we needed to put SOMETHING on. So next year, I’m swinging the other way — I have only two new shows that I like, so we’re launching those and that’s it. Instead of wasting your time with the other eight to 10 shows that won’t work, I’m filling those spots with the cheapest reality shows possible, then long-term, I’m using the extra money we saved on failed pilots and lousy pilots to develop better shows with more accomplished showrunners. We’re going to be really good … in 2016!"

You know what would happen if Paul Lee announced that? He’d get fired within five minutes. But in the NBA, everyone accepts that mind-set and even encourages it. Hey, fans — who’s ready to bottom out? Who wants to hinge their hopes to a bunch of maybes and might-bes? Totally bizarre. I find it hard to believe that every Phoenix fan would rather use those four first-rounders over parlaying one or two of them into players who would make this season’s already-fun Suns team even more fun. But what do I know?

Bill Simmons

Suns trading some of their 2014 draft picks?


"The Suns, obviously encouraged by a promising start and with several attractive assets at their disposal, are making it known around the league they are open to trading one or more picks in the loaded 2014 draft if they can get an established star capable of making an impact now, has learned." We have a star and want picks, they have picks and want a star...

Dwight Howard not the player he once was


"But he's not the same terrifying force he was in Orlando in 2011 and 2012, and that is most obvious on the offensive end. To be blunt: Howard's post game is dead, or at least on life support, and if it doesn't recover, the Rockets run the serious risk of wasting a dozen possessions per game in order to keep the big fella happy. Howard has shot 20-of-60, or 33 percent, on post-up attempts this season, per Synergy Sports. That would have ranked 88th out of 92 players who recorded at least 75 post-up plays last season. He has turned over the ball on an astonishing 24 percent of his post-up chances this season, per Synergy. That would have ranked last among those 92 players last season." *eltharion_doa linked the same webpage one fanshot below, but discussing another topic. I assumed that the neat thing to do was to have a fanshot for discussing Harkless at PF, and another one for discussing DH regression. Despite being the same webpage link they are really two unrelated articles.

Listen to Oladipo's amazing voice


Besides balling the kid is quite great at singing.

Anonymous owner admits tanking.


An anonymous GM explained ESPN why is he tanking and how does he do it. While nothing he says is really new, he does give some details and explains the coach knows about it, while he keeps it away from the players. The guy isn't Hennigan because he said his team traded "talented veterans for picks" (Howard's trade was forced, it wasn't tanking), I'm guessing Phoenix, what do you think?

Phoenix tanks, trade Gortat


The Phoenix Suns have traded Marcin Gortat for an injured Emeka Okafor on an expiring contract and a top 12 protected 2014 draft pick.

SVG: does resting players make sense?


My brother's always asked the question: Does the human body really know the difference? Are you really more fatigued after having played 38 minutes over 36 minutes? Over the course of the year you're talking about, let's say it's 40 minutes over 36. You're talking over the course of five and a half months, a difference of 328 minutes on your body. Over five and a half months. Are you telling me there's an appreciable difference in fatigue at the point? I'm not buying that. But people just accept it. Stan Van Gundy argues resting players is pointless. What do you think?

Why don't you get a Job?


If you wanted to work at Orlando Magic games this is your chance! I don't exactly know what a "Castle crew" is, but it probably involves fighting dragons, so go for it.

Oladipo follows D Wade's steps in summer league


Exactly 10 years and 3 days ago Dwyane Wade, an athletic yet unproven SG, got some attention by hitting a game winner jumper in one of his first summer league games... with just 4.1 tics left on the clock. Ring a bell?


NBA Jersey Auction: Does the market appreciate Magic players?

Yesterday auctioned several Magic "Game Worn Jerseys". The value of these jerseys rely mainly in two factors: 1) Player popularity/market size: fans just love to have jerseys from their...


¿Need or best player available?

While this is an old question and drafting the best player available seems to be the consensus answer, I think it's not that simple. The most famous case probably was Houston drafting Olajuwon for...

Magic-Pacers: Ice Cream fight analyzed


Chris Webber Uses Telestrator to Provide Analysis on boyfriend-girlfriend fight.

Dwight Howard insulting Magic fan


"Yo mama hate me too? She liked me last night"

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