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The best position players that never got a chance

While most hitters who perform at an above-replacement level performance get a chance to start full-time, some never get it. Who are the types of players who don't?

Chris Johnson: modern-day BABIP king

When Chris Johnson started the season with a .400 BABIP, we wondered how much he would regress throughout the year. Now sporting a .430 mark, where does this season stand in modern history?

Julio Teheran: PITCHf/x Breakdown

In about as circuitous of a route a 22-year-old can make, Julio Teheran has finally stuck in the Braves rotation. After some lofty comparisons, who does he look like now?

What Robert Coello And I Have In Common

Robert Coello has a really cool pitch that mystifies most people, but this writer has some rare insight on the powers of this pitch.

Lineup Styles, Part Two

While OBP and SLG correlate almost equally to scoring, we will dive in further, seeing if the individual hitters make any more of a difference.

Lineup Styles, Part One

It is generally assumed that a balanced lineup is the most efficient, but is there any truth to this? Using team OBP, wOBA, and R/G, are there any trends that pop up over the past 17 years?

Carl Crawford, Possible Role Model For B.J. Upton

With B.J. Upton's major struggles so far this season, there is hope for Braves fans out west. Can Carl Crawford ease some of the concerns about the Braves CF?

Scott Kazmir, Back From The Dead

Scott Kazmir was out of affiliated baseball last year, something no one would have believed five years earlier. With a second chance in Cleveland, the lefty has started to resurrect his career.

A Deeper Look At Plate Discipline

Many writers have been critical of the passive approach now widespread in the major leagues. Is this approach really hurting scoring?

Was Hawk Harrelson Actually Right About Something?

After an indirect feud between Hawk Harrelson and Brian Kenny flared up, Harrelson joined Kenny on his show to discuss the value of sabermetrics. Among the many things Harrelson said, one thing stood out as more correct than I originally believed.

Does Joey Votto Really Walk Too Much?

Before a couple home runs this weekend, many were worried about Joey Votto, despite his .500 OBP. Having walked in nearly 30% of his plate appearances, one may ask 'how much patience is too much patience?'

A Quick Look at Hyun-Jin Ryu

Hyun-Jin Ryu was a wild card coming into this season for the Dodgers, but after his first two starts, he looks solid. What can we expect throughout a full season?

Late Major League Debuts

Evan Gattis took a long, winding road to get to the major leagues. How many other greats were able to produce at a high level, despite taking so long to get to the majors?

Yu Can Do It, Yu Can Do It (Almost) All Night Long

Yu Darvish came oh-so-close to a perfect game to open his 2013 season. What parts of his diverse repertoire did he use to flummox the Astros?

Lots of Ks and Lots of Runs

In their unlikely win Opening Night, the Astros pulled off a fairly rare feat. How many teams have scored so many runs while striking out so often?

What Got Into Jason Hammel Last Year?

Jason Hammel put together a breakthrough season in his first year in Baltimore. How much of that success is likely to be maintained this season?

2013 Team Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers were unable to overcome the loss of Prince Fielder and the veteran starting pitching last season. Will the young starting pitching rise up to get Milwaukee back into contention?

Lohse Finally Gets A Bite

One week before Opening Day, the Milwaukee Brewers pick up the remaining "premium" free agent. Can Kyle Lohse have the impact expected of a pitcher at that cost?

Not Doing The Big Things Or Little Things

It's very strange to see a player not having much power not have to bunt much. Who are the few who took that concept to the extreme?

Surprising (and obvious) peripheral pairs

Using the best year-to-year correlating stats, there were quite a few pairs of pitchers with similar rates, though some of them got there in completely different fashions.

An Alternative To The 3000 Hit Club

Joining the 3000 Hit Club, and base hits overall, is a widely celebrated accomplishment for a player, but it caters to a specific style of hitter. How would these records look using Times on Base?

2013 Team Preview: Atlanta Braves

After another heart-breaking end to their season, the Braves look to continue their regular season success in 2013. Can Atlanta get over the hump and succeed in the playoffs?

Hidden Value Within Slash Lines

While the normal slash line tells us a lot about a hitter, there are results that can deceive someone using only those metrics. How much do those results affect a player's value?

Which Dustin Ackley Will Show Up This Season?

After high expectations and a good debut, Dustin Ackley had a horrible 2012. How much of a rebound can we expect from him this season?

How To Improve MLB Video Games, Saber-Style

All facets of MLB video games have been slow to develop, if they have at all. There are plenty of saber-friendly ways to help ratings and gameplay, creating a better experience.

Remembering Jose Rijo's One Big Year

While it seemed like Greg Maddux was untouchable on top of the National League pitching mound from 1992-95, Jose Rijo had one season that was overlooked by many.

For Ricky Romero, It Is Much More Than The Sinker

With all the fuss being made about Ricky Romero's sinker, there are even more problems that caused his enormous drop in performance in 2012.

How Lucky Was Torii Hunter Last Season?

Torii Hunter had a near career year at age 36/37 last season, but there were a few alarming rates that could lead to a quick demise.

The Effect of Velocity and Vertical Movement on GB

Groundballs tend to get overlooked when evaluating a pitcher, and you can learn a fair amount about their ability to get groundballs through velocity and depth.

Can Adam Eaton Continue To Walk This Much?

Adam Eaton has shown great walk rates in the minors, but regression looks bound to strike.

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