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Scholars: Latest rankings of world's universities

Today's big news was supposed to be Berkeley's new ranking among the world's universities, but someone from the CGB team decided to jump the gun and post the news early. Thanks, guys.

GN: Why weren't Vols fans upset to lose Martin?

Why were some Vols fans somewhat happy to lose a successful coach like Cuonzo Martin? How does the NCAA lawsuit affect Cal Athletics, Russell White, and Joe Igber?

GN: Lynch and Coprich volunteering to help youth

These two RBs are kindred spirits, helping youth in need when they're not too busy running through opposing defenses.

Scholars: Taking "snapshots" of photosynthesis

All the latest news and research out of UC Berkeley, which may help in the development of clean energy and faster data transfer.

GN: Roth biopic makes its Berkeley debut

The story of the legendary Cal quarterback is immortalized in film.

GN: New DC Kaufman is one of the best hires in CFB

After a bad 2013, Cal's hires for 2014 should be a big improvement.

Cal vs Furd in med tech. No more Memorial Glade?

Berkeley finds ways to take advantage of modern technology to improve the world and others, but should we start that improvement right at home by getting rid of Memorial Glade?

GN: Forsett, Hawkins host camp and Lynch speaks

Lavelle Hawkins and Justin Forsett help local youth with football and life. We finally learn the secret to getting Marshawn Lynch to open up is a chair in a barber shop.

Happy Fourth of July!


There really isn't much more to say...

GN: Payne talks O'Bannon case and players' lives

A former defensive lineman weighs in on his life after Cal, the O'Bannon case and the prospect of paying players, and life as a NCAA student-athlete.

Richard Solomon to join Houston Rockets

The big man will get to prove himself in the NBA's Summer League.

Scholars: Why drink alcohol & Cal's new record

Berkeley professors ponder the evolutionary basis for drinking alcohol and make a record-setting microscopic measurement.

GN: How does Barbour's departure affect Dykes?

Uncle Ted shares his wisdom about how a new athletic director affects the future of Coach Sonny Dykes.

Recapping Sandy Barbour's presser


Get all the action from today's press conference as it happens.

GN: Keenan Allen should be on your fantasy team

Confirming what Cal fans already knew: Keenan Allen is basically amazing.

Scholars: Do online ads work & making a rad watch

When is a watch not a watch? When it's a RadWatch. Berkeley researchers develop ways to monitor radiation levels and take a look at those online ads we all love.

GN: How does Memorial rank among the Pac-12?

Football experts rank Pac-12 campuses and stadiums to decides which is the best and which is the worst. Where does Memorial Stadium and the Cal atmosphere rank?

GN: Marvin Jones is ready to have a breakout 2014

NFL.com thinks Marvin Jones is going to have a big year in 2014, some great swimming by Nathan Adrian and Missy Franklin, and Alex Morgan becomes 10th all-time in scoring.

GN: Worst football loss since 2010 World Cup?

How can you even chose a most painful loss when there are so many candidates?

Scholars: Robotic partners and sex sells!

Apparently today's edition of the Golden Scholars is our belated Valentine's Day issue, wherein Berkeley teaches robots the importance of companionship and demonstrate our deep understanding of sex.

GN: Marshawn Lynch considering retirement?

Is RB Marshawn Lynch considering retirement after his big Super Bowl win? Or is it part of his absence from minicamps as part of a negotiation technique for his new contract?

GN: Martin talks roster & hints on Ducks transfer

Coach Martin discusses his ten scholarship players and drops a line that may reveal his interest in controversial ex-Duck transfer Dominic Artis.

Scholars: Berkeley helps paraplegics walk again

Understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the prevalence of breast cancer in older patients and designing the optimal, affordable, and functional solution to help paraplegics walk.

Pac-12 to reduce late games with new football time


Our Pac-12 parents declare it's time to start taking our curfew more seriously and hope to cut back on late-night games.

GN: Justin Forsett blogs on common problem in NFL

As an expert on Blue and Gold, RB Justin Forsett knows fools' gold when he sees it.

GN: Brandon Chauca is the Bear who almost wasn't

How a point guard from South Carolina ended up committed to a school that was basically a detour for his trip to Washington State.

Scholars: Improving Xbox Kinect & self-driving car

Developments coming out of Berkeley will improve your Xbox Kinect and watch stars go supernova.

GN: Dr. Periodic Table talks w/ Northwestern site

Northwestern fansite Lake the Posts turn to CGB's Scott Chong for some analysis in advance of our season opener.

GN: Introducing the Cal Athletics HOF Class of '14

Seven Golden Bears are recognized for their accomplishments and love for their alma mater.

Scholars: Berkeley cures cancer & marital fights

The number-one public university in the world tackles problems ranging from cancer to fights between spouses.

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