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Vegas still thinks the team is pretty good


These rankings are one way that NFL lines are set. Currently the 7th-ranked AFC team and 10th overall. Would make SD ~5.5 pt favorites at home against KC and 3 pt favorites against NE (which they are).


Ideas for fixing the "ice the kicker" situation?

The debate on "kicker-icing" seems to be reignited, and most people seem to think it's an awkward and undesirable situation at best but there also seems to be no consensus on how to fix it.  Here's...

Donald Butler


Official game book from the Bears game has Butler listed in the "did not play" category, meaning he was active-rostered for the game. Almost certainly just a quirk/oversight, but strange nonetheless.

Boltman for sale


opening bid is $75K to become the new Boltman

Dumervil back for at least one game against Chargers?


Reports that Dumervil (who always was reported as out for most of the season) will not go to IR and likely will be back for at least the week 17 game against the Bolts. He's aiming for an early December return, with a remote shot at coming back sooner. The Chargers and Broncos play their first game together on November 22nd.

PFT blames personnel issues for looming blackout


From his oft-repeated position against the Chargers' front office, Florio laughably contends that the contract situations with McNeill, Jackson, and Merriman are to blame for the (as yet) unsold preseason tickets.

NFL Films: 2009 Chargers Yearbook


The annual rose-colored edition of the year in review will premiere on ESPN2 on August 18th at 6:30 p.m. PT.

Contracts status tidbit in Mortensen's camp schedule?


In a throwaway line in his camp tour preview, Mortensen says "[c]hances are the contracts [Jackson/McNeill] will be smoothed over..." Does he know something, or does he know absolutely nothing?

LaDainian Tomlinson's child born


Lost in all the hoopla of him leaving, I had forgotten that LT and his wife were expecting. Congrats to the new parents; very good to see LaTorsha and Daylen healthy. Rumor is a boy, but I haven't seen reliable confirmation yet.

Gary Banks part of NFL's "On the Fringe"


Gary Banks will be one of the five players featured in the NFL.com/NFL Network "On the Fringe" series that follows players "at the end of the roster" as they try to stick in the league.

BYU's Harvey Unga in for the supplemental draft


In case there's any interest/need for a bruiser back on the roster.

What have you done, LT?!?


LT makes moving on official, "permanent."

LenDale White released


Pretty weird considering the Seahawks just traded for him. Must be something bad going on with him. If not, and it's based just on demonstrated ability so far in minicamps, I'd take a chance on him as a FA. Nice big body who seemed to have shown something of an improved work ethic.

Chargers were/are right about Osgood


Not a huge surprise and it's still early, but it looks like the Chargers' reluctance to play and/or pay Osgood at WR may have been well-founded.

Broncos considering Tebow in 1st round?


If true, all I can say is: Ah-ha-ha-ha! Ha! Ha! Love it. Keep on keepin' on, Mr. McD!

An alternative to football in 2010 for Merriman?


PFT comes up with an alternate career for RFAs who wouldn't have been, with Merriman leading the list of potential new pro wrestlers.

Brady Quinn traded to the Broncos


Denver sends Peyton Hillis and two future picks to Cleveland.

ESPN Opinion: McMillan for Coach of the Year


This was sort of buried on the ESPN front page.

Official list of Chargers RFA tenders from NFLLabor.com


Doesn't provide the level of the tender, but look at Charlie Clipboard getting love! Probably just the "first refusal" tender, but the team cares! Fear the beard! Also confirms the Clary, Johnson tenders. Chargers tackle Jeromey Clary Chargers linebacker Tim Dobbins Chargers wide receiver Malcolm Floyd Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson Chargers defensive end Travis Johnson Chargers tackle Marcus McNeill Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman Chargers running back Darren Sproles Chargers quarterback Charlie Whitehurst


SP95's twitter

Can we stop following the guy in the sidebar? I realize I don't have to personally like him or agree with what he says, but my God that is drivel. And at least arguably inappropriate.


ESPN Radio pimping the hell out of the Jets

In the past three days, Kris Jenkins, Damien Woody, and D'Brickashaw Ferguson have all made the rounds ("the carwash") with the ESPN Radio shows. An awful lot of pub, especially since I haven't...

Chargers Path to the Playoffs video


Another from NFL.com, this time sans Pearl Jam. A lot of the same footage.

Chargers 2009 Remix video


Not a bad little 3-minute watch. Highlights of the season.

Today's sign of the apocalypse


Norv Turner has a higher approval rating than Bill Belichick.


Funny-man Jacques Cesaire's Musings on the Cutler-era Broncos

I loved these quotes, even if they're now outdated. Figured this was as good a week as any to dust them off. "They have bad hair. They don't know how to cook." - on why he dislikes the...

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