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Leon Powe, Jr. (pronounced |ˈpou|) (born January 22, 1984 in Oakland, California) is an American professional basketball player for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers.

Powe played his college basketball for the California Golden Bears from 2003-2006. Although he was part of Cal men's hoops for 3 seasons, he did not play in his sophomore year due to a serious knee injury. During his freshman season, he earned the PAC-10 freshman of the year, leading the conference in rebounding.

Questions abounded about whether Powe would be able to return to form following his knee surgery but he worked hard and rehabilitated to become a dominant force on the interior as he continued to improve his game. He produced 20.5 PPG and 10.1 RPG while leading Cal to a 20-11 record and a berth in the NCAA Tournament.

Powe was named California's most valuable player during a banquet in April 2006. Powe, who also was selected Cal's MVP as a freshman in 2004, averaged 20.5 ppg and 10.1 rpg to become just the sixth player ever to pace the conference in both categories. Named a second-team All-American by the Associated Press, the U.S. Basketball Writers and ESPN.com, he was chosen to the All-Pac-10 team for a second time in 2006.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Memphis Grizzlies
  • NFL Oakland Raiders
  • NCAAF California Golden Bears
  • NCAAB California Golden Bears
  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • General Marshawn Lynch
  • Soccer USA
  • EPL Fulham
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DBD 8.9.12 Typhoon Haikui

So over the last two days I "survived" a typhoon here in Shanghai. Which is totally far from the coast - or at least far enough away that we didn't get hit with anymore than lots and lots of rain...

ESPN Rankings of Summer Olympians Top 10 (Natalie Coughlin!)


With a medal in the 4x100-meter freestyle relay in London, the 29-year-old Coughlin can tie Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres for most medals by a female U.S. Olympian with 12. But Coughlin's numbers are already more significant. She has medaled in every Olympic event she has entered, her back-to-back 100 backstroke golds are unprecedented and she has five individual medals.

Teri McKeever has an Olympic Pipeline that's built to last at Cal


. . . produce Olympians the program has. Aside from Coughlin (class of '04), who will serve as a captain during her third Olympic appearance, and Vollmer ('09), former Golden Bear Jessica Hardy (who gave up her collegiate eligibility in '07), and current Berkeley students Caitlin Leverenz ('13) and Rachel Bootsma ('16) will also represent the school, making it the most well-represented institution on the American team. In addition, along with junior Stephanie Au '14 (Hong Kong), alums Lauren Boyle '10 (New Zealand), Hannah Wilson '11 (Hong Kong) and Sara Isakovic '12 (Slovenia) will be representatives for their respective countries, bringing the Olympic total from five McKeever-ites to nine.

Ryan Anderson is getting paid


NBA.com is reporting that Anderson will sign a four-year deal worth between $34-36 million. (edit: With the New Orleans Hornets) The 6-foot-10 Anderson is entering his fifth NBA season out of California. He started 61 games for Orlando last season, averaging 16.1 points and 7.7 rebounds.

ESPN W: Cal is the team to beat!


Well, we are! (Softball - CWS Preview)

Mary T. Meagher - #32 on list of 40 greatest woman athletes


ESPN's Woman's site is listing out the 40 greatest woman athletes of the last 40 years since Title IX enactment. Cal's own Mary T. Meagher (Madame Butterfly) makes the list at 32.


DBD 4.23.2012 Introduce the Bay Area!

So, using the DBD for selfish purposes, a friend of mine (who is from Tennessee) and his girlfriend (London) are moving from Shanghai to the US at the end of the year. He works for one of the...

Ryan Forehan-Kelly out for CBA Season


hanghai Shark’s season has been thrown into chaos with the loss of their starting small forward, Ryan Forehan Kelly. The Sharks captain, Liu Wei, confirmed on his weibo account an hour ago that his team mate will require surgery within the next three days meaning that the American’s season is almost certainly over.


DBD 1.12.12 Coddang Ironic Youngsters

Quit liking cheesy things ironically - alright? I actually like Journey, Hall & Oates, Wham!, and lots of 80s music unironically. On the real. Seriously. Without a hint of humor. Dammit. Word...

DeSean Jackson helps a fan find courage


This is a follow-up to the DeSean Jackson helping the bullied kid story from last year - where DJax appeared on the View. Features interviews with Nadin Khoury and DJax.


DBD 9.19.2011 First day of work!

Good morning Americans! Today I started my new job. boomtho just started his last week. Some other people have also just recently started. What are your first day of work stories? So far I have...


DBD 9.5.2011 Apologies

Here's a good one:   Vanessa Redgrave and family   Last updated at 10:00 PM on 2nd September 2011   Add to My Stories Share Our serialisation of a forthcoming book about the actress Vanessa...


DBD 8.17.2011 I thought I had titled this one, but I guess I forget

Once you've quit and are waiting out your last days at a job, it can become dull. I still have work to do, plus I need to really start working on my handover lists and what it is exactly that I do...

Nnamdi on the Sports Illustrated Cover!


Nnamdi on the Sports Illustrated Cover!


iPhoneography - DBD 6.28.2011

It's interesting - people think because so-and-so owns a Leica/Nikon/Canon/'Blad etc, they are a good photographer. And on the converse that if they only have a cell phone camera, they necessarily...




ESPN's Diamond Leung interview Tony Renda at the College World Series


ESPN's Diamond Leung interview Tony Renda at the College World Series


DBD 5.6.2011 In continuation of the military themed DBDs of the last few days

I give you this:   Location: Fightertown USA I'd say it was the right timeTo walk awayWhen dreaming takes you nowhereIt's time to playBodies working overtimeYour money don't matterThe...

Class of 1996 graduates: We are old!


and our university needs our support! Give! (Also, those who are NOT class of 1996 can also donate and watch the video - but I got this as part of the class of 1996 reunion thing-a-ma-jig). Click through and donate. I did.


DBD 4.15.2011 Movie Quote O-Rama!

Pop Quiz, hotshot - without the googles, which movies did these come from? 1. My brain is like oatmeal. I yelled at Kenny today for coloring outside the lines! Megan and I are starting to watch the...


DBD 3.1.2011 Verse

Jabberwocky ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the...

Who fills out the College Rugby Championship 7's field?


PPL Park just outside Philadelphia will host the USA 7s Collegiate Rugby Championships (CRC) June 4-5. With Central Washington winning the CRC Qualifier in Las Vegas, we know know 12 of the teams set to attend: CWU, Utah, Cal, Arizona, LSU, Penn State, Army, Navy, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Temple, and Boston College. But there are four places left. Who gets them? Direct to the voting here


DBD 2.9.2011

Aside from places I've lived or had work projects, Tokyo is the place I've visited the most. And there's lots of crazy things about Tokyo, but the craziest is Shibuya Crossing.  From wikipedia:   S...


DBD 1.19.2011 Photos!

I almost bought another new camera over Christmas, and then I sat around and wondered why I would even need a new camera. (except for the old adage about appropriate amount of cameras to own is x+1...


DBD 12.14.2010 Random stuff about basketball

It's 7pm Shanghai time and there's no new DBD. So here, I'm writing it.   1. My favorite current player:   Chuck Hayes (Modesto's finest!) Dude is the best post defender I've ever seen - especially...

Monica's Dad/Shane Vereen featured in flickr blog


Pretty awesome as a photographer to get linked to on flickr's blog. Way to go Monica's Dad! Here's the actual photo


DBD 9.8.10 Whoops.

Lots of people have made really wrong predictions in life. Perhaps no one has ever gotten it this wrong.   From Newsweek, 1995 Clifford Stole     The Internet? Bah!Hype alert: Why cyberspace...


DBD 8.12.10 California Golden Blogs is a Juche Blog of Invincible Might!*

*Actual paraphrased title of a pamphlet I purchased in North Korea, authored by Kim Jong Il Just wanted to share some photos from my trip Kim il Sung Stadium Mansudae Grand Monument Monument to...

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