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User Blog

Welcome to Pasadena, Michigan.

I was born and raised in Michigan. I joined the military in 2000 and have been gone since. I have lived in California for the last 10 years. It's safe to say I miss it. I was lucky enough to...


PoD's Offseason Closed Thread

Unfortunately, during the offseason, there just isn't much to talk about. In my humble opinion, this is the very reason why certain topics explode onto the scene, and get entirely too much...


The Last Battle & The Promised Land

Many Lions fans remember the year 2008, "The Season of Tears," as the darkest year in the long and proud history of the Detroit Lions. For me though, Superbowl XLIV after the 2009 season was rock...


2012 PoD West Group Outing Vote

Are you a Lions fan living west of the Mississippi? Are you happy when it's a thousand degrees outside? Does humidity make you want to punch a kitten in its stupid smug face? If you answered yes...


Tag, Walk, Offer, Grab

Looking at our 2012 free agent list got me thinking. What would I do if I was the GM? I'm not so bold as to claim I'd be any good at all, but it's fun to think about. Since I'm bored at work, I...


Congrats Saints

First off, congrats to the New Orleans Saints and the fans. Although I'm disappointed my Lions season is over, I'm happy we made it this far. You guys beat us. Now if you can, please go win the...


Ask a Lions Fan

Well, this is awkward. Its already F-Day and I don't see an "Ask a Lions Fan" post over here. I figure its one (or all) of two things: 1. I can't read well and I missed it. 2. I'm not creative...


Welcome to the PoD: (Insert Name Here)

Lady and Gentlemen, An interesting idea has surfaced. It has been brought to our attention that not everyone has received an introduction post for when they joined our Lions community. Being the...


Lions 2011 Free Agents Update

There's been alot of talk about Lions free agents lately.  Especially since the new CBA seems like it could be done in the not too distant future. As expected, it is projected that the new CBA...


Calvin Johnson Clause

They may have gone on record to say there will be no Calvin Johnson Rule.  They may stand by their claim that it was not a catch, but this was pretty interesting: h...


Ripping off the scab

I don't want to rehash the whole "Non-Catch" issue again.  I just happened across a short blip on that declared the NFL competition committee will not be changing "The Process" rule. h...


Time for a new pastime...

     Due to the uncertainty of some of my preferred pastimes, I got to thinking that maybe a new sport is needed.  Having recently re-watched Baseketball, I thought it might be fun to think of a...


Add-Change-Delete Lions Players

This is the time of year we all talk drafts and FA trades.  I never really get too much into draft talk due to the fact I'm Oh for Lifetime guessing who will be chosen in the draft.  However, in...


Add-Change-Delete NFL Rules

It seems that every time I watch a football game, my friend and I get into discussions about the league's rules.  It doesn't take long before the conversation turns ridiculous and we're discussing...


Upon Further Review: Troy Polamalu

  First of all, forgive the Non-Lions related post.  However, with all the bad news, an off topic post may not be so bad. Recently I entered in a discussion with Mavyrk about the quality of Troy...


Sanchez fined for hand to helmet hit

Full Story Here Although this short story was probably meant to be lighthearted, I took a bit more away from it.  In my mind, Sanchez has always been prone to errors, and once made, compounds them...

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