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Lounge 1/14/12 - Don't Fear the Reaper

via farm3.static.flickr.com When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, "Come and see." Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat...

Saturday Lounge --11.26.11--Come On Out of the Woodwork, Freaks!

Urf.   Like the man said, we may be done with the past, but the past is not done with us.

Lounge 11/16/11 So Much Love to Give

I have so much love to give.  Who will take my love?

Lounge 11.10.11 The Dream Police

They come to me in my bed. ....at least he said he was the dream police.  I didn't check his ID or anything.

11/7/11 Lounge . No Free Slurpees Today

There are several ways to misinterpret that headline. Well, there's the one. Blow jobs.  I could be talking about blow jobs.  But I'm not.  I'm talking about the iced beverage you get at the 7-11....

Long May You Squeal, Pig. Long May You Squeal.


Sigh. I loved Pig. Also gone are Coco, Rich, DeJesus and Matsui.  Next season is shaping up to make 2008 look like fun times... Wait, what's that?  We finished what in 2008?  That's one and a half...

Lounge, Saturday, 10/29/11 - Off-Season

Because, seriously, how often am I up before noon? So.  Off-season's here.  Meta-season's officially open. Yay.

Game Six Gamethread. Woo.


Game six of the [yawn] St. Louis [yawn] Cardinals versus [yawn] the Texas Rang....zzzzzzzz EDGE. OF. MY. SEAT. I've come to terms with it if the FRS win.  I will be happy for Wash.  I love Wash....

Lounge by which to Bemoan Rangers Win 10/20/11

I seriously dislike the Rangers.  Hearing they're losing, 1-0, heading into the ninth when heading into a meeting and emerging two hours later to find that the Rangers have won, sucks.

Game Two of the World Series Game Thread


Not that I really give a flying f... Lineups, courtesy of, screw it, let's say Susan Slusser.  They ripped her off enough.  Turn about's fair play.  Thanks for the lineups, Susan! 8:05pm  ...

Why You Shouldn't Spend Any Time at all with Tim McCarver


Mainly, because he's a complete, brain-dead moron, and his drooling will eventually cost you your Italian loafers. Proof. Proof 2 I was a fan of Deion before being reminded of this incident.  But...

Recap? Recap. Yankees Lose. Rest of Nation Rejoices.


So, um, there was a baseball game and the right team won.Unless, you know, you're like a Yankees fan.  Then the wrong team won.  But you don't have a soul anyhow if you're rooting for the Yankees,...

Playoffs - Day 7 - MikeV and Moustache Are Excited! Fister versus the Yankees Gamethread


In a winner-take-all slug fest, we have the unstoppable force of Doug Fister pitching for the Tigers. Perhaps you didn't hear me.  I said Doug. Fister. If anything makes an Adonis like Derek Jeter...

Rainy Lounge. Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Strange.  It seemed it got cold, dark, rainy and cold again as soon as A's baseball stopped.  Huh.

I'm a Witch...chhchh...I'm a Witch....chhchh (Lounge, Saturday, First o' October)

With a pointed hat on my head! I jump on my broom and I fly through the sky While the children are in bed!

CT Thread - Saturday 9/24/11 - A's played today, maybe?

Slowly I crept, step by step, inch by inch...

A's Win! Jemile Goes Deep! Vince Burned as Witch. FRS Go Home Sad. Oakland Happy About That.


In a game that meant absolutely nothing, and the stakes so low, that another win or loss would mean even less, the A's dug deep and pulled out a victory. Not just any victory, but one for the final...


Game 155 - FRS @ Oakland - FRS Go for Sweep (sigh)

One of the more depressing aspects of being a bad baseball team is that clubs that you don't like come into your park (or you go into theirs) and they beat the crap out of you.  You wanna scream,...

lounge - sept. 18, 2011 - A's played?

Huh.  I think they lost...   Also, Emmys are on.  Pam and Jojo wish to speak with you about that.

Lounge for Friday, September 16, 2011 - Tigers Clinch in Oakland

I figured the game thread was so hoppin, y'all couldn't wait to lounge!

A's Win, Snap 12-Game Winning Streak by Tigers, Leyland's Chafing Finds Relief


So, apparently, the key is to not expect a win. Maybe that's the key to life, too. Three A's hit home runs.  At home.  At night.  And they aren't named Josh Willingham or Hideki Matsui.   David...

Game 150 - Thread 2

Deatroit and Oakland...we're in the....hmm...bottom of the fourth inning, I'm gonna guess?  Tigers are...up...3-1?


Game 150 - Detroit @ Oakland - Open Game Thread - Hey, At Least it's not the Yankees Gonna Be Celebrating

Thirteen games left.  Thirteen.  The A's end in Seattle for three, where they go after three in Anaheim.  They end their home stand with three versus Texas, and tonight they begin a four-game stand...

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