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CT Lounge. Wednesday, some date, 2011 --it's toward the end of the year, for certain...

I will miss baseball when it's gone, but right now it still feels like it will be here every day.

Game 144 - Thread 2


Heading to the sixth, FRS ahead, 4-2. 

CT THREAD - Friday, September 9, 2011 - The A's Played

Trying to leave you guys with a CT thread before I leave...

All My Exes Live in Texas - Oakland @ Texas FRS - Game 144 - Open Thread


What's it gonna be, then, eh? There was me, that is Bloom, and my three droogs, that is Pig, McCarthy, and Moose, Moose being really moosy, and we sat in the Ballpark at Arlington making up our...

The Lounge, Saturday, September 3, 2011

A full day of sports and other things.  Woo!

A's Jump on Cuddly Penguins, Beat Them Senseless


Even Rocky had a montage. I missed most of this game.  I caught the last three outs and heard Pig's double secondhand.  Based on that, I can assure you that Andrew Carignan can pitch fairly well...

Thread 3 - Game 138

A's up, 9-2, heading into the top of the ninth.  This thread is only to assuage my guilty conscience for getting home late!


Game 138 - A's Come Home, Meet Mariners, Decide on How Best to Kill Other Two Teams in Division - Game Thread

I believe it was Kyli who declared that when Civil War comes to the AL West (and trust me, people--it's coming), it will be the A's and Mariners who declare war upon the Slegna and the Fat Red...

Recker Proves Himself not Cursed, A's Avoid Sweep


Anthony Recker, the A's current back-up catcher, finally got a win behind the dish today. After completing the battery for both the 22-9 debacle and the second half of the Sawx Saturday sweep of...

CT Lounge - September 1, 2011 - Bye, Cleveland

Avoided the four-game sweep by Cleveland.

Game 137 - Thread 2

Scoring three in the top of the eighth ruined my plans for a single game thread.  A's up, 7-0, heading into the ninth...


Game 137 - A's @ Tribe - Having a Pig for Coffee - Open Thread

I'm just gonna hazard a guess and say that there may be a lot of first-pitch swinging this morning. Hello and welcome to this morning.  If it seems like we were just here, it's because we were....

CT Lounge 8/31/11 - Bye, August!

Sixteen innings for that.  Damn. And no moar Conor. And....HANNAHAN!

A's Behave Badly, Umps Make A's Play On as Punishment


...and then they all boarded an effing ark. Graham Godfrey got gaffled greatly giving ghastly gas gladly. Um.  So Papi went deep on Godfrey with Dustin Pedroia on base.  Pedroia was reportedly...

Game 133 - Thread 3

Top of Five, Red Sox up, 3-0. Rain delay.   Woo.

Game 133 - Thread 2

After two, Papi drove in Baldy with a wicked sweet shot ovah the monstah!   Sawx up, 2-0.


Ernie Banks Was Not Anticipating a Hurricane...Game 133 - A's @ Red Sox - Open Game Thread

[Imagine Law & Order-type music] The match-up. The rain. The excellence that is...Oakland A's baseball. Graham Godfrey versus Erik Bedard.   Both versus that evil temptress, Mother Nature. The end...

Rick Tittle Interviewed for AN


Rick Tittle is the weekend host of A's Talk, spelling Chris Townsend.  CT only worked a year and a half before the powers that be realized that perhaps it was a bit too much work for one man to...

Yankees Drive to Santa Rosa, Repeatedly Kick Me in Junk, Laugh, Leave


Aver and swear to me, my brother, that once we were lost and now we are found, was blind, but now I see. Most runs ever allowed by an Oakland A's team. Longest nine inning game ever played by an...

Game 130, Thread 5

After six and a half, the A's are losing 10-7.  Two grand slams. Yeah, this will be fun to re-watch at the gym tonight.  Thank god they only rebroadcast the Giants games.

Game 130, Thread 4

After five innings, the Yankees have stormed back.  A's up, 7-6.

Game 130, Thread 3

After three, the A's are up, 7-1.  Cliffy hit a three-run bomb in the top of the third.

Game 130, Thread 2

Game tied, 1-1 after one.


Game 130 - Game Thread - A's @ Bronx - Harden Sweeps Up this Morning

To dream the impossible dream. Heading into the third and final game against the Yankees, the A's--our Oakland A's--are in a position to sweep the series. Huh. Now, I haven't been eating much and...

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