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Rivers is about to surpass Steve Young for the best career passer rating in NFL history...


... and the last time his rating dipped below 80 was Week 13 of 2008. With 80.0 in passer rating being the generally excepted 50-50 line, that’s 23 straight above-average performances. Unfortunately for the Chargers, his effort has dipped below that milestone in two out of his three playoff games since that Week 13 game.

Advanced NFL Stats Team Efficiency Rankings: SD #2


Hadn't seen this objective ranking before. Brace yourself... the Chargers are ranked #2, and much of the list is likewise counter-intuitive (at best). Shout out to Creanium, in case he wants to include these in his awesome weekly breakdown of power rankings.

First time in over 41 years: .500 at home


From the ESPN Game Notes for yesterday's game: "San Diego improved the franchise record at home to 1,656-1,656 all-time, reaching .500 at home for the first time since they were 8-8 on May 17, 1969, their expansion season."

The Hidden Value of Dumervil’s Contract: A Player Morale Boost


Dear AJ... "But of further significance is the impact on the locker room. With a labor impasse looming next year, it can be argued that the trust level between players and ownership around the league hasn’t been this low in a generation, since the last labor strife during the replacement-marred 1987 season. But in the last two months the Broncos have bucked this trend with deals for Dumervil and guard Chris Kuper. Those extensions could be worth more than their raw dollars-and-cents cost in their impact upon team morale. There’s a stark comparison between the Broncos and San Diego, where impasses with Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson threaten to tear the Chargers’ season asunder.... It’s much easier for the Broncos’ players to believe the organization will reward them for their efforts, even with the labor uncertainty that lingers over the whole league. That faith is unquantifiable, but vital, in assessing the true value and impact of the Dumervil and Kuper contracts, which send a simple message to the players: be a pro, do your job well, and the team will take care of you."

ESPN SportsNation poll prefers SF rotation to SD's for 2nd half of season


Maybe Rodney Dangerfield should fill in for Latos. He'd fit right in.

ESPN's The Starting Nine: The many unexpected performers

#1 - Surprise division leader: San Diego (Three-game lead in the NL West) "Here's something to keep in mind as everybody ponders how shocking it is to see the Padres in first place: They went 19-11 in the final month last year, so they got a little taste of winning in September and October."

Yahoo! Sports D-line rankings

28. San Diego Chargers It was only two years ago that the Chargers had a 3-4 line featuring Pro Bowler Jamal Williams to go with rugged ends Igor Olshansky and Luis Castillo. These days, only Castillo remains and that’s troubling. He’s decent, but hardly a guy you build around. The rest of the group includes Jacques Cesaire, Ogemdi Nwagbuo and Ryon Bingham. Not exactly fearsome.

UDFA watch

These guys did a great job of tracking UDFA signings last year, and it looks like they're on it again this year: According to them, so far SD has signed: Jeremy Williams, WR,...

The Monday night game established the Broncos as the class of the AFC West. Not only did they beat...


The Monday night game established the Broncos as the class of the AFC West. Not only did they beat the favored Chargers on the road which significantly boosts their chances of winning the division; it was also the way they won which involved out-playing the Chargers in every way possible – better offense, vastly superior defense, more big special teams play and better coaching. The Broncos are now second to just the Colts in playoff probability at over 97 percent.

Week 7 playoff forecast from Accuscore. h/t to flounder2 at BFTB.

Orton was 11-of-15 for 146 yards and two touchdowns in the second half Monday night. According to...


Orton was 11-of-15 for 146 yards and two touchdowns in the second half Monday night. According to ESPN’s Stats & Information, his passer’s rating in the half was 143.3. He was brilliant in the second half and in overtime against New England in Week 5. Orton was 8-of-12 on third down, compared to 3-of-7 for Rivers.

Posted by’s Bill Williamson

On the injury that he’s dealing with right now: "It’s groin. It’s groin. It’s kinda one of those w...

On the injury that he’s dealing with right now: "It’s groin. It’s groin. It’s kinda one of those where you over-compensate for a long time. My knee has been feeling great for the last couple of months. Just for all the months of overcompensating, it just happens. If you’ve talked to anybody that has had a major kind of deal done, it’s always something that you have to overcompensate with it so long. You’ve got to get used to walking a certain way, running a certain way and you know it’s just coming back." On whether the knee is fully back after reconstructive knee surgery: "Oh absolutely. That’s one of those things where you cant defend yourself until you start winning and until you start getting after some quarterbacks. No matter what I say, I won’t defend that part. I have to go out and I have to get those things done." On whether or not he’s surprised by Denver’s great start: "I cant say that I am. I think they’ve had tools over there for years. They’re a good football team. The last few years we got a chance to play them. (They’ve) probably had games that they should’ve won in the past against other people that they haven’t won. I think they’re just having a fast start. We know exactly what we’re facing coming up this week and we’re going to bring our A game. Period." On the way the fans should feel about the 2-2 start to the season: "I think everybody should stay positive. We definitely are. We’re not panicking. We know that we have to play better as a team, but you know let’s face it, we’ve played the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami who was also a playoff team as well. It’s not like we had the easiest schedule in the world. We don’t see to be negative right now at all. Especially myself as I’m talking to you guys and talking to everybody else, I don’t see us in a negative light right now. I say ‘look, we’ve got to come out and be three and two, period.’ That solves a lot of problems." On whether the players are down in the locker room after the 2-2 start: "No, absolutely not and we can’t wait for Monday. That’s kind of our way of fixing any kind of problem that’s going on. You got out and win. Winning cures a lot of things. In an NFL locker room, if you’re sitting around and you’re 5-0 or you’re 4-1, things are looking great, everybody is happy, patting each other on the back and it’s all smiles and it’s great. We’ve been there. We’ve been there where we’re sitting around and we have a great record and things are just great and that’s the best way to have it, but unfortunately it’s not that way all the time. When things are not going the way you want it to go, that’s when you have to really come together as a team and say ‘look, this is what we have to do, we’re 2- 2 right now and the only way we’re going to be 3-2 if we go out and we play better." Shawne Merriman joined The Drive on XTRA Sports in San Diego to talk about how he is feeling health-wise, the game on Monday night against Denver and the team bouncing back from another slow start.

One team clearly leaps off the page: Denver, doubted by the "pundits" all season long, are still...


One team clearly leaps off the page: Denver, doubted by the "pundits" all season long, are still 5-0 and the standings and, now, 3-0 in our Quality Standings following their 20-17 overtime win against Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots. Only the Patriots and Saints have as many as two Quality Wins this year. So the Broncos are clearly shaping up as the class of the NFL, with wins over the 4-1 Bengals, 3-2 Patriots and 3-2 Cowboys. Those are three teams who are a combined 0-3 against Denver, but 10-2 against the rest of the league.

The Broncos are atop Cold Hard Football Facts Quality Standings

Denver Bronco Highlights game 5 vs New England from MileHighNation


Denver Bronco Highlights game 5 vs New England from MileHighNation

San Diego’s Philip Rivers was extraordinarily efficient against the Dolphins, averaging a solid 8.7 ...


San Diego’s Philip Rivers was extraordinarily efficient against the Dolphins, averaging a solid 8.7 YPA on the day. He sports an impressive 8.5 yards per attempt for the season and – we should have noted this last week – now counts himself "officially" among the all-time leaders in two key passing categories: passer rating and yards per attempt. During San Diego ’s Week 2 loss to Baltimore , Rivers surpassed the minimum 1,500 career pass attempts required to qualify for official NFL records. Following the win over Miami , Rivers’ career stat line now looks like this: 957 of 1,542 (62.1%), 11,688 yards, 7.58 YPA, 81 TD, 39 INT, 92.36 passer rating If you’re not impressed by the numbers, you should be. He’s fifth all time in passer rating, just ahead of the great Joe Montana. Here’s the top six in career passer rating as of the end of Week 3 of 2009: * Steve Young (96.81) * Peyton Manning (95.11) * Kurt Warner (93.45) * Tom Brady (92.41) * Philip Rivers (92.36) * Joe Montana (92.26) With an average of 7.58 YPA, Rivers ranks in the top 20 all time in this key indicator of success. Rivers is also on the very short list of passers in NFL history with a TD to INT ratio of better than 2 to 1 (2.08 to 1). The record is held by Brady, who’s thrown 2.27 TDs for every INT. That’s winning football, and Rivers is a winner, with a 35-16 (.686) career record following Sunday’s win.

Rivers one of the best QBs ever?

Defensive Hog Index


From Cold Hard Football Facts: We already have what is easily the statistical story of the 2009 season: the rise of Denver's Defensive Hogs. The Broncos finished 31st in this all-important indicator last year. They couldn't stop opponents on the ground (30th); they couldn't force opponents into negative pass plays (30th); and they couldn't get off the field on third down (25th). This year, they're No. 1 on the DHI, fresh off their shut-down performance of a high-powered Dallas offense. They stop opponents on the ground (6th); they force opponents into negative pass plays (2nd); and they get off the field on third down (2nd). It's a remarkable turnaround for the Broncos. And here's the best part, Denver fans: if you're new to CHFF, you might be thrilled to learn that, since CHFF introduced the Defensive Hog Index in 2007, the team that finished No. 1 in the indicator has gone on to win the Super Bowl each year (Giants, Steeelers). Still a lot of football to be played. But No. 1 is a good place to be sitting.

Playing the Fields


Ronald Fields comments on passing camp: * Real comfortable with 3-4, helping other guys with it * Nolan is straightforward and to the point * Likes playing NT, will be double-teamed a lot

Bringing The Wood


Wesley Woodyard's passing camp comments, including these tidbits: * Where I'm going to be on the field is still up in the air * I and DJ are working at several positions * Now it's more about power and explosiveness than strictly speed * Strictly working on LB, haven't played safety * Played with Braxton Kelley at every level since middle school * Give it your all so you don't disappoint veteran leadership


Norv Turner the best Charger coach since Don Coryell?

My sensationalist headline aside (obviously I'm not a Bobby Ross fan), Bill Williamson's latest throws Norv a little love. Key stats from his article: Here are a few facts that show that...

New DL coach is from the Chargers


The Union-Tribune is reporting that Wayne Nunnely is now the Broncos' DL coach. He had been the Chargers' DL coach since 1997.


What do the 05 Steelers, 06 Colts, 07 Patriots, and 08 Chargers have in common?

*title changed to minimize jinx effect* The SD stats junkies out there might get a kick out of this site: Cold Hard Football Facts Quality Stats On offense, the Chargers are near, or at, the top...


The Beast: Give The Best an "A"

Ken Moll from Scouts Inc. (I heart Scouts Inc., despite their association with ESPN) has a decent discussion of The BeAst's technique and what he'll face with Barber and Tampa Bay. Intro...

What I wish for Denver's defense


Jim Johnson has the Eagles defense playing creatively aggressive. Notice how creative blitzing causes Pittsburgh to get surprised by a four man rush. It's the kind of play calling the gets the most from its players. Except for the safeties, I don't think the Eagles talent level as a whole is that much better than Denver's. I'd love to see what they could do with this kind defense coordination.

Eddie Royal ran a "jerk route"

2's anatomy of a play: Royal's TD and 2 pt conversion

*144- Total Receptions for Broncos WR Brandon Marshall this season (OVER) 18 to start off the...


*144- Total Receptions for Broncos WR Brandon Marshall this season (OVER) 18 to start off the season. 18! Folks, that is more than some tight ends get in a season. This guy, although a little outspoken and brash (shocking for a WR) is for real. QB Jay Cutler is off to a hot start, the Broncos can still run the ball, and Marshall is the #1 guy– in every route. He is big, strong, and can manhandle corners. I would actually pay good money to watch him and Champ Bailey (the best cover man of all time) go at it in one-on-one drills at practice. You want to talk about a battle. I think this guy continues to dominate the competition this Sunday, and every Sunday thereafter. He might as well start making his flight plans for Hawaii and the Pro Bowl– after the playoffs of course. Oh yeah, the NFL record is 143.

NFP: Over/Under for B.Marsh

Report: Al Wilson Officially Retires


Best of luck to you, Al. Eight seasons went all too quickly. We still miss your presence on the field and in the locker room.


Eddie "High Rate of Return" Royal

Every time I see Eddie Royal back to receive a kick, I cringe a bit because he's so valuable at WR. But that got me thinking, when was the last time that I saw the return man get injured on a...

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