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Sochi 2014 team previews: USA! USA! USA!

17 NHL teams are represented on Team USA, it is Bruin free. Will they make some noise in Sochi?

No Bruins till Wednesday


Pretty sure the Bruins will be watching the Sox, what will you be watching ?

What to watch: non-Bruins NHL Games 10/21


Climbing the walls without the Black & Gold till WEDNESDAY? No problem, we have some recommendations for you!

Thanks Andrew Ference


On February 10, 2007 Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli sent the remains of the Joe Thornton trade to Calgary in hopes of building a great locker room by acquiring Andrew Ference. He got that and more and...

Boston Strong: When Sports and Real Life Combine


Something terrible happened in our city. Our home. When the line blurs between our real lives and our sports lives

Can the Bruins close it out?


Have the Bruins turned the corner in close out opportunities?

#treesforgoals Regular Season Wrap Up


Are we close to our 5000 tree goal? Did Andrew Ference help us plant all the trees? The answers to all this and more coming up next!

Playoff Hockey: Don't take it for granted


14 Teams have already packed their gear and headed home, 16 teams and their fan bases are left to wonder when their seasons will end.


Bruins vs. Leafs: Monday Night Away Viewing The Fours

Who: Chowdaheads and Friends What: Away Viewing of the Bruins taking on the Leafs for Game 3 Where: The Fours Boston Why: Because it's the Cup (Duh) How: I don't know - you figure out how to...

We Are Boston


Let Me Tell You About My Town


Saturday Night Viewing

Hey you hermits! Kick of Patriot's Day weekend by going out and watching the Bruins take on the WhalerCanes on Saturday Night at the Fours. Who: You and other Chowdahheads What: Watching the...

10 More Questions with HEOTP's theactivestick


It's the last match up of the season, Bruins vs Habs Centre Bell. Hockey Night in Canada! Let's do this!

Ten Things I Don't HATE About you


When we last left the Bruins and Habs, it became a referendum on who plays the game the right way and who's terrible and quotes and tweets and everything. So Laura at HEOTP challenged us to come up...

#TREESFORGOALS Update Through March 4th.


OK! Our main man Ference loves trees, but unfortunately he's not causing us to plant them, but never fear with all the creative pledges Stanley Cup of Chowder is picking up the slack and since...

Bruins-Canadiens Rivalry: Nothing else compares


There's been lots of talk about rivalries lately, but there's no disputing: this one is the best, and if you think otherwise, you're obviously wrong.

#treesforgoals Update


Planting Trees are all the rage! Please check in for details on pledging, donating and fancy tree stats!

Bruins vs Habs: 10 Questions with Theactivestick


It's been almost a year since we saw the team we love to hate - theactivestick helps us get reacquainted with our rivals!


Away Viewing: Feb 24th vs Florida Panthers

Who: You and other Chowdaheads What: Bruins Game (Duh!) Where: The Fours, Canal St Boston When: Feb 24th 3PM Don't be lame, leave your house. The Bruins are barely home in Feb, it would...

Hockey Etiquette is For Everyone!


In light of recent events and an extended offseason, perhaps it's time to have a little discussion about basic fan etiquette.

Sunday Links: A Few Days Off Edition


No Bruins hockey until Wednesday. :(


#treesforgoals Update Through 2/3

Just to reiterate: I'm only tracking for the fun of keeping updated on #treesforgoals! I do occasionally tweet about it it in game @lilybraden. I'm only tracking trackable stats on nhl.com that...

Order Restored


Reunited and it feels so good.

Sunday Links: The Day After Edition


Feels good to have a bit of a hockey hangover, doesn't it. No more HRR, just Stanley Cup Banner Raising, Goalies Being Pulled, Enforcers Fighting, Scorers Scoring. Theres more today too.


Lockout Damage: Your Local Bartenders

As you head into the Garden to go to the game or maybe just hang in the area - please take a minute to maybe give your bartender or waitress a little something extra. The area businesses love B...

Weekend Links!


The schedule has been published! More importantly today when you watch the Pats take on the Texans it won't hurt when you hear the Bruins Goal Horn.

Discounts, Free for Kids Under 12? - Not in Boston


Stop Sharpening Your Pitchforks and Don't Light the Torches Quite Yet.


#treesforgoals needs organization!

Chowdahheads... Since we're all on board with saving the earth and planting trees, which is awesome. Lots of pledges being made all over the place - which is awesome - Can you just put them all...

What We Missed in the 2012-2013 Lockout


It's over, but we've lost games and more in this lockout

Fresh Links: Achievement Unlocked Edition


And On Day 113 There Was a CBA

Book Report: 20 years of Bettman in book form


The timing of this book's release makes it kind of hard for some folks to read. But I highly recommend it, and really it's up to you to read it now.

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