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CSR 2, the home season opener, tailgating and more!!!

Greetings CSR 2 Brethren, The time is almost upon us, it's 8 weeks until the home opener aka Limeyfest. It is time to start getting definite numbers and get some idea of the...


WORLD CUP thread

Now then, for those of us interested the world cup is on. Rather than bore everyone else to death why not contain it to one thread??? Tonight's game is defending champions Spain vs Holland and...



Well… It’s been a long season- a lot of banter, lots of pain and victory. As always in at CSR everything is backwards. The ‘winner of the draft’ came last, the best of the worst was the team...


CSR 2: Playoff Tracker! Failures and Hero’s edition (NSFSaints)

‘Ello poppets, It’s time for us to take a look at the drama unfolding in CSR fantasy football League 2, the spiritual home of CSR2 football- where the greatest of us collide in a constant...


CSR2: NS....

Right then me ol' muckers. Oi2 must be busy or something so i'll do a quick write up. Firstly some good news for you all. My flights are booked. I'll be at BoA next season one way or...


CSR2 NSF Limey's mom

Right folks… another week in the bank, another loss for Oi2dwrld… He’s getting over a bad case of chlamydia he picked up from Mrs. Oi so you get the pleasure of me doing this week’s write up. ...


2013 NFL Top 100: Does Brad Nortman deserve to be on the list?

via Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images North America With quarterback Cam Newton, linebacker Luke Kuechly and wide receiver Steve Smith representing the Panthers on the top-100 list at #46, #79 and...


Limey's Mock Draft Version 1.0

Greetings panther fans, draft day is here which has prompted me to unleash my mock draft on an unsuspecting world. I've been giving this some thought for a while and wanted to wait and hear...


(Updated: part 1) CSR 2: Its the semi final countdown... dudu-dudu dadadadada. What? Im European I can sing versions of Europe songs whenever I want. (NSFW or children or people with pacemakers or of a nervous disposition... or pregnant)

So I have been working 13 hour shifts and have been too tired to write up last weeks 'CSR 2 awesomeness page'. God only knows what Capt. Bummertron has been doing, but it involves only getting...


CSR League 2 FFL review week 11 – This time its personal. (Not fit for human consumption or safe for children, Offensive... please dont read) For actual informative articles please see CyberJags great series on the possible future HC of our team

To kick things off, Oi2dawrld thought he could duck out his defeat last week by blaming ‘technical difficulties’. Well nice try Drew but you aint alone at the top anymore. Also a little advice for...


CSR League 2: Trash Talk Tuesday

Hello fellow CSR 2 league members, It's your resident fantasy football guru LimeyPanther here. What right do you have to call yourself a guru Limey you ask? Well my hundred percent record says...


Carolina Panthers 2012 Position Preview: CSR Managers, Editors and Authors

hehehe..... I hatched this little nugget of an idea whilst bored on a night shift. We fans are keen to review and critique players, offer criticism where we feel appropriate and even defend Matt...

Steve the Samaritan


Piggybacking a little off BW's article regarding John Beason and his recent military base tour, I thought you guys might be interested to see what one of our more outspoken players has been doing with his off season. Smitty might be a handful on the field but it's nice to see he and his family are firmly grounded and looking to make a difference. Stay classy Steve

The bronco's are after two new quarterbacks eh?


So foxy, its Carolina here.... you remember us right? Well we've got this great QB for you to back up his holiness. His names jimmy clausen and he's yours for a second round pick. Whats that? Oh right, you were the numpty who drafted him..... how about a late rounder then? Possible...... unlikely but you never know


Reflection on the last year of CSR

Inspired by the recent spurt of new writers and the call to arms from our editors I have decided to jump off the fence and post something myself. Am I as football savvy as James Dator?..... only in...

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