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Hey, I'm Lindsay.

I like to read, I write long sports pieces and short fiction, and my favorite athlete is my little sister who is the fastest best funniest prettiest coolest hurdler & runner for UCSB Track & Field. I have two undergraduate degrees with honors in French and Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley.

If you'd like to offer me my dream job as an HBO Real Sports correspondent or determine precisely how to send me unlimited half-caf lattés with extra whipped cream, you can email me anything related to either of those equally important business inquiries.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Golden State Warriors
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF California Golden Bears
  • NCAAB California Golden Bears
User Blog

Why college isn't for everyone


Help, improvement, mobility-- those things come in different currencies, depending on who you are, depending on where you're from. To treat education like it is some universal band-aid is...

Todd Barr & Jason Gibson: The Berkeley Bromance!

Are they best friends or is it all a show for these frenemies? Is there a mancrush at Memorial? Our own Lindsay Brauner investigates!

Daniel Lasco talks tanning and conditioning

Lindsay Brauner gets the scoop on running back Daniel Lasco's killer tan and how the team is adjusting to the new offense and the breakneck speed.

Football: Coach Yenser on the OL, fave part of Cal

Coach Yenser chats with our own Lindsay Brauner to discuss the current state of the offensive line and his favorite parts about the Bay Area. Is he allowed to answer "all of it?"

Brendan Bigelow compares coaches & running backs

Brendan Bigelow opens up to Lindsay Brauner about advice from past Cal greats, the young up-and-comers, the tricks behind his recovery, and his thoughts on his RB coaches at Cal. Plus, the debut of...

The conclusion of the Cameron Jordan trilogy

Cameron Jordan reflects on his past and looks to his future!

Kenny Lawler talks about spring camp!

Cal wide receiver Kenny Lawler discussed what times are like with the new coaching staff. The rising redshirt freshman was a standout player during spring practice.

NFL star Cam Jordan opens up about his love life

Cameron Jordan opens up with our Lindsay Brauner to give an unprecedented peek at balancing the NFL lifestyle and someone you love.

Cameron Jordan on community service as an NFL star

Former Golden Bear and current New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan details how he gives back to the community.

Chatting with Cal RB coach Pierre Ingram

Cal running back coach Pierre Ingram gets prepared to step into the large shoes that Ron Gould left behind.

Kenny Lawler & Maurice Harris discuss vomiting

Cal wide receivers Kenny Lawler and Maurice Harris talk about being roommates, spring practice, and vomiting techniques.

Jared Goff adjusts to life in Berkeley!

Cal quarterback Jared Goff is in the thick of things to win the starting job as he acclimates to living as a UC Berkeley student.

Maurice Harris talks post-spring practice

Cal wide receiver Maurice Harris talks about spring practice, what it's like to play without Keenan Allen, and the new Sonny Dykes offense.

Bryce Treggs mean mugs for the camera

Cal wide receiver Bryce Treggs shows off his toughest looks and talks a little about spring practice under Sonny Dykes.

Is Jared Goff really McLovin? A CGB investigation

Cal quarterbacks Jared Goff and Austin Hinder along with wide receiver Bryce Treggs try to figure out what movie characters they are.

Stefan McClure talks after first spring practice

How is California Golden Bears cornerback Stefan McClure recovering from his devastating injury in 2011?

If Cal players were Manti Te'o...

What would Bryce Treggs, Zach Kline, Brendan Bigelow and Kameron Jackson do if they had to invent a fake girlfriend?

Cal QB Zach Kline on the new coaching staff

Zach Kline discusses the changes in Life After Tedford and his thoughts on the new direction of the program under Sonny Dykes.

Our interview with Cal safety Avery Sebastian!

What does California Golden Bears defensive back Avery Sebastian have to say about his new coaches, life in Berkeley, and his very famous Twitter account?

Brendan Bigelow, Bear Raid secret weapon?

Cal running back Brendan Bigelow talks about adjusting to life without Ron Gould and with Pierre Ingram, his memorable game against Ohio State, and Berkeley living.

Meet Rob Likens, new Cal WRs coach!

Cal wide receivers coach Rob Likens is excited to coach young players like Bryce Treggs and Kenny Lawler and is enjoying adjusting to the Berkeley lifestyle.

Sandy Barbour: Favorite Top Dog is...

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour opens up about being one of the few female athletic directors in college football, plus her favorite food and favorite Top Dog.

Sandy Barbour talks scheduling, cutting sports

How has Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour moved on from nearly cutting sports like Cal baseball and rugby? Also, more on the scheduling philosophy behind teams like Northwestern and Ohio State.

Sandy Barbour chats about new Memorial

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour talks about the new Memorial Stadium and what renovations could be occurring in the future.

Sandy Barbour chats football, Sonny & more

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour discussed the Golden Bears, head coach Sonny Dykes, the new football coaching staff, and more!

A chat with Andy Buh!

Cal defensive coordinator Andy Buh gets ready to take over the Bears and lead their 4-3 defensive attack.

Zach Kline plays his guitar!

Watch Zach Kline play his guitar while expressing his feelings on both Stanfurd and Washington.

Brennan Scarlett & Kam Jackson go on bikes

Ever wondered what goes on when Kam Jackson and Brennan Scarlett go home after a long day of classes and football? I smell sitcom!

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