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The Little Nicky Plan to Build the Dolphins From the Ground Up

Let's pretend for a second that I am Stephen Ross. A better looking, shorter, much much younger Stephen Ross. A Stephen Ross who doesn't want celebrity owners. Actually, scratch all that. ...


The Right Way to Rebuild in 2012

The Miami Dolphins 2011 Season is over. Well, it's been over. For a while now. Almost before it started, actually. As soon as we rolled out Chad Henne as the starting QB (again), led by 7-9...

Reggie Bush: More Than Meets The Eye


The Miami Dolphins acquisition of Reggie Bush impacts the offense beyond the stat sheet. Read on for reasons why Bush is more than meets the eye.


CKC Yawn Edition

Yawn.   My reaction to the Dolphins draft thus far.  So we'll be running headstrong into 8-9 man fronts all year long with our shiny new guard and BTT (Between The Tackles) RB.  3 yards and a cloud...

Anatomy of a Play: Goal Line Stand


In-depth look into the Miami Dolphins' defensive stand on their own goal line late in the victory over the Minnesota Vikings. The play is broken down so everyone can get a feel for exactly what...

Anatomy of a Play: Hartline In For Six


A deeper look into Dolphins' QB Chad Henne's 1st quarter TD pass to Brian Hartline in Sunday's game vs the Vikings. The frame-by-frame analysis gives you an in-depth look into the strategy of the...


Anatomy of a Play: Part 2, Fasano's Big Catch

Breaking down Anthony Fasano's big catch.


Anatomy of a Play: Part 1, Dansby's Sack

Breaking down Karlos Dansby's sack on the third play last week.


7 Reasons to be Excited About The 2010 Dolphins

In the midst of all this negativity surrounding our team after a poor preseason, I decided to step back and take a look at the team as a whole, and try to figure out why we could be anything but...


How The NFL Can Fix This Offseason "Dead Period"

As any NFL fan can tell you, the period from the Draft (late April) to Training Camp (July/August) is a barren wasteland of football news, programming, and discussion topics.  There's absolutely...


Dolphins Looking to Trade Up for CJ Spiller?

Jason La Canfora (who actually has a pretty good record of being right with his reports) is reporting that the Dolphins are looking to package WR Ted Ginn Jr. to move up in the draft, possibly to...


NFL Draft Strategies: Part 3

The final part of my 3 part series looking into NFL Draft Strategies (hence the title) is finally here!  Celebrate!  Or, at least read it.. In Part 1, I covered the Best Player Available, and...


NFL Draft Strategies: Part 2

I know, I know, it took me a while to get to this post.  Suck it up, folks.  In this installment (love saying this), I'll cover the next two Draft Strategies that I laid out in Part 1.  In the...


NFL Draft Strategies: Part 1

The first part of a look at various draft strategies team use and how each strategy could affect the Dolphins on draft day.



So yeah I definitely think we should draft Dez Brya-NO WAIT!  Taylor MAys..  hes a beast, did you see his face in the 40???  determination and constipation and heart.. he's a ballplayer.  but we...


Unconventional Draft Idea: Choose Teammates!

Tired of the same old Mock Draft?  Tired of reading every single opinion on A) our needs, B) how many awesome FA's we can sign, and C) who we definitely need to draft?  Well you're about to be...


2010 Draft Position Profile: Wide Receiver

I plan on doing a few of these posts leading up to the draft, and the first one will be on what projects to be a fairly decent WR class.  There are, in my opinion, 4 guys that project to possibly...

Antrel Rolle Possibly Hitting the Market?


Rolle says he won't renegotiate his contract, and AZ reportedly doesn't want to pay him $12mil next season, so could he possibly be cut and hitting the FA market? If so, I'd take a look, but I wouldn't give him no $12mil deal lol


Why We Should Trade Ronnie Brown

There's been a lot of back-and-forth about Ronnie Brown this offseason.  Is he an Elite RB?  Is he injury prone?  Is he the long-term answer at RB for the Dolphins?  What's his trade value?  Why...


Miami Dolphins hire Mike Nolan as new defensive coordinator

[Editor's Note by Matty I: First off, thanks to Nicky for posting this while I was at my "real job." Secondly, I'll have a post up shortly that focuses on the Nolan hire. And finally, thanks to all...


The 2nd Annual "Matty Awards" Nominations, Part 1

They're back!!  Everyone's favorite Blogger Awards Show is back again for Round 2!  This year, it's going to be a lot tougher, because the community has grown so much.  So of course, in the...


Orange Bowl Live Thread

Last night's Fiesta Bowl Live Thread was a rousing success, and I discovered another LB prospect that I liked in Daryl Washington from TCU.  So we'll have a chance to scout some more prospects from...


Fiesta Bowl Live Thread

Come here, hang out, watch the Fiesta Bowl, and discuss some of the NFL prospects in this game   Quick rundown of the prospects Jerry Hughes, DE/SOLB, TCU - 6'3, 257 lbs.  Daryl Washington,...


Random "End-o-Season" Thoughts

Got a lot of different things on my mind, so I figured I'd just write a quick little post about what's going through my head. Also, it'll be in full bullet-point format that I love so much. E...


NeedTracker: What the Dolphins are missing, and where they can find it, Part 3 of 3

In the final installment of my NeedTracker Series, we'll take a look at the Dolphins defense.  The D definitely needs more work than the offense, with upgrades needed in 3 of the 4 position groups,...


NeedTracker: What the Dolphins are missing, and where they can find it, Part 2 of 3

You can all stop holding your breath, I'm back with Part 2 of the NeedTracker Series.  In this installment, we'll take a look at the offensive side of the ball.  Thank god we won't be attempting to...


NeedTracker: What the Dolphins are Missing, and where they can find it, Part 1 of 3

So I just realized I haven't written a post in a long-ass time, and I have some free time at the moment.  For anyone who knows me, you know I'm a Positive Outlook, Big Picture kinda guy, and this...


Live Monday Night Thread

Undefeated Saints vs AFC East-leading Patriots.  A Saints victory marches them one week closer to immortality, but also keeps us 2 games back of New England in the division race, setting up a HUGE...


Sunday Night Overflow Thread

Talk football, Heat, other stuff, etc etc etc   basically, this is a ckc/live thread, and I'm just talking to use up all my words, so the post nazi won't yell at me.  also, damn you Josh...

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