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The 'Matty's' Awards: Nominations Part 3

Time to pick the Awards Show back up after a 3-week hiatus.  (Jets Week, Playoff Week, Frustration Week).  I'll be trying to pick up the pace a little bit so we get to all the awards and voting...


Joey Porter Named to AP All-Pro 2nd Team

The AP All-Pro teams, voted on by 50 some-odd media members, were released today, and Joey Porter was the only Dolphin honored on either the first or second team.  You can view the entire rosters h...


Sunday's Gameballs (Final 2008 Edition)

Well, what do you say after this one?  First of all, congratulations to the Ravens.  This will be the final Gameballs column of this season, at least until we get around to awarding the Gameball's...



I've seen mixed reviews of Pennington after today's game, so I wanted to sum up what he's meant to us this season, and what he means to us going forward.  So here goes.. Pennington's Value to the...


Sugar Bowl Live Thread

GO UTAH!!  BEAT SABAN!!  As I type this, Utah goes right down the field in 5 plays and 1 minute and change to go up 7-0.  Saban is yelling at his players and making ridiculous gestures to the...


Rose Bowl Live Thread

Join up here and watch the Rose Bowl game.  It's got too much pageantry, but whatever.  USC's defense has a ton of guys that will be playing on Sundays, including FS Taylor Mays, LB Rey Mauluga,...


Sunday's Gameballs (Division Champs Edition)

There were a number of standout players on Sunday for the Fins. But only 1 could get the #1 gameball.


Dolphins vs Jets: History in the Making

What Sunday's game between these two bitter rivals means to the Miami Dolphins.


MNF OverFlow Thread

Thanks to my slow ass computer and our relentless pursuit for Live Threading Immortality, we need an overflow thread.  So I'm gonna ramble a little bit to fill the 75 word quota and avoid the Long...


MNF Live Thread

Can we handle more live threads?  I say yes, because Fins Fans haven't been this excited for an upcoming game since the Marino days.  The Jets fanbase is shot to pieces.  Watching 15 games worth of...


Sucks to be a Jet Fan

Wow.  Ohhhh man, this is a funny one.  Visit the link below, read the article, then read through the comments.  Terrific.  Feels so good NOT to be a Jet's fan.  They are truly a doomsday fanbase,...


SNF/Mission W Live Thread

We are a live threading MACHINE!!  Anyways, the Sunday Night game is Giants vs Panthers.  We watch, but we don't really care.  Our Beloved Dolphins are one single solitary win away from history. ...


Sunday's Gameballs (Road Warriors Edition)

One fan's thoughts on which Dolphins get his week 16 gameballs.


Midnight Gameday Thread

For those of us that can't sleep and need our Dolphins fix through the wee hours until the Game is upon us, this is the place to be.  I'm so jacked up for this one I may not sleep at all.  I can...


SatNF Live Thread (2nd LT of the Day)

Best blog on the internet.  We had 300+ comments for Colorado St. vs Fresno St. earlier in the day.  Not even a pro game lol.  So let's keep it up, I'll be parked on the couch, laptop nearby,...


Bowl Games Live Thread

Amped up for the Game tomorrow, watching the opening day of College Bowls today.  Join in, watch the games, talk prospects, Phins, the game tomorrow, whatever, doesn't matter.  Right now, it's...


TNF "Are We Doing This Again?" Live Thread

Battling the flu, and hoping the Football Gods will heal me if I watch this game.  Got Colts vs Jags, with one team fighting to stay in the Wildcard, and the other just trying to knock them out. ...


The 'Matty's' Awards: Nominations Part 2

This will be the last one we do this week, because one tomorrow rolls around, I'm back in game mode.  There was a few suggestions in the last thread, so let me a clear some things up. Please...

More Love for Pennington


nice to see fans from around the league taking notice to what Pennington has accomplished. If only the media and the NFL would take notice, he'd be bringing that MVP trophy to Miami.


The 'Matty's' Awards: Nominations!

Now that we have all the awards decided on, it's time to start nominating bloggers for the special honors.  We'll do this over the course of the next few weeks, usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,...


Sunday's Gameballs (Epic "I Was There" Edition)

A first-hand account of Sunday's Fins/Niners game followed by Nicky's distribution of his 5 gameballs.


Official SNF/Dolphins Victory Thread

Thanks RZ, for keeping the boys busy while I shopped for a Christmas tree.  This is the place to be to watch the Cowboys and Giants.  RZ brought the liquor and the 13" TV.  Ohio brought the crazy. ...


Late Night Can't Sleep Too Amped

God I'm so ready to kick some 49er ASS tomorrow, I feel like I should be preparing my pads and getting ready to play.  As I type this, it's 1am, I'm wide the F awake, and my legs are bouncing like...


"Greatest Game" Live Thread

Amped up for the game tomorrow, but tonight I'm watching the Greatest Game Ever Played.  I'm loving the player2player interviews with the current guys talking to the old-timers that played in this...


The 1st Annual 'Matty's' Awards: Program

All the Awards now have names, and this is the final list.  From here, we will begin nominating for each award.  We'll nominate for 2 or 3 awards at a time so as not to overcrowd one post.  Let me...


MNF Live Thread

Blogging from bed here, but I'm fighting the cold good and hard and watching some Monday Night Football to beat it back.  The Football Gods smile on perserverance and committment, so I'm hoping...

Drafting A QB: Success Indicator


I saw a good article over at Arrowhead Pride, the Cheifs SBN Blog. Basically, points out that drafting a QB with 3+ years of starting experience in college is a safer pick than a one-year-wonder type QB. Interesting read.


Sunday's Gameballs (Flu Edition)

So yeah, sorry the post is late guys, but I spent the weekend looking like this guy.  Anyways, I celebrated the victory by coughing out "Go Dolphins" 3 or 4 times, and thinking about how in the...


'The Matty's' Award Show: Award Names

Welcome, everybody to to the Award Creation Thread for the upcoming Matty Awards!  I'm looking for between 10-20 ideas for Awards that we can give out to blog members or Dolphins players, named for...


Sunday's Gameballs: Ugly Win Edition

Who gets gameballs for Miami's win over St. Louis?

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