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Mike Leach: "A lot of rumors going around. I haven't talked to anybody at Maryland."


Leach said, "I don't think it would be appropriate" to talk to Maryland now since Friedgen's ouster has not been announced by the school. Note the term "ouster" is used by the writer, not Leach.

Leach's Petition Against ESPN and Spaeth Communications


Why is the Director of Communications and Broadcast Media for Texas Tech University corresponding with Merrie Spaeth of Spaeth Communications, a PR firm retained by Craig James?

The New York Times Gets the Story


Leach and James agree that on Dec. 17, James was placed in the equipment shed — in some places in the deposition it is referred to as a garage — by the head trainer, Steve Pincock. Leach testified that he did not specifically instruct James to go there but said he had no problem with it as James needed to be in a dark place because of his sensitivity to light. (The space is big enough that the offensive linemen go there during special-teams drills to eat ice.) While Adam James said he did not recall anyone locking the closet door, or even if there was a lock, he said several times in the deposition that he was locked in the electrical closet specifically by Leach. He said he characterized it that way because he felt locked in, not because he was actually locked in.

2010 Week 11 Report Card


On the road this week, so will have to be quick. Toy surprise in the box after the jump! Report Card Week 11 Report Card Rankings There was to be no upset in Norman last week.  Quite the...

2010 Week 10 Report Card


The Weekly Report Card is back! Sorry for the one week hiatus.  Things are crazy busy on this side of the pond. This week's discussion will be short and sweet, and will focus on the significant...

Understanding Texas Tech's 2011 Recruiting Rankings


I was wondering whether or not Texas Tech will be able to sustain its current number 14 position in the Rivals Recruiting Rankings. When we look at the recruiting tables, we see that Tech already...

2010 Week 8 Report Card


There was only one thing that mattered last week - the big W.    Even the ugly ones count. Like most of us, I wasn't able to attend the game Unlike most of us, I had to attend a Polish wedding...

2010 Week 7 Report Card


No need to sugar coat this one. A tough day for the offense and the defense. More after the jump. WEEK 7 REPORT CARD Week 7 Report Card OVERALL Sagarin ranks us as the 52nd best team in the...

2010 Week 6 Report Card


Texas Tech will define its season starting tomorrow against Oklahoma State and followed by games against Colorado (away), Texas A&M (away), Missouri (home) and Oklahoma (away).  I am going ahead...

2010 Week 5 Report Card (and a little bit more)


Ok everyone.  It's Thursday.  It's time to get constructive. Complaining and moaning for the rest of the season is going to get old pretty quick - even for those of us who love to complain and...

Open Letter to Coach Tuberville


Coach, This is your team now.  We're judging you by your actions, not your words.  We're judging you based on what you do, not on what the former coach did or did not do. We want you to do well. We...


2010 Week 4 Report Card

Even if Texas Tech did not actually play last week, it did not mean that the college football universe stood still.  So this week we bring our second installment of the Weekly Report Card which...


2010 Week 3 Report Card

In order to provide us with a more holistic understanding of Texas Tech's performance against Texas, thus far and in comparison with the 2009 season, I thought it might be useful to...

Did Neal Brown's Offense Pass Too Much?


After Texas Tech's dismal offensive performance on Saturday against Texas, one of the big concerns we've heard is that Texas Tech did not pass enough. After the game, Tuberville commented that...


Raider Walks Talk. Winning Walks.

From the NCAA (after 3 games)DEFENSE Rankings Total Defense:  73 Passing Defense:  98Rushing Defense: 30 Passing Efficiency Defense:  40Interceptions:  2Tackles for Losses:  22Sacks:  4Third Down...


The OC Simulator

Naming Potts or Sticks as our starter was one of the big question marks coming into this year. But now what we want to know is does Potts have a long leash or short leash?  Under what circumstances...


Texas Tech Ticket Sales: Accentuating the Positives

I was intrigued by Seth C's link to the Daily Toreador Article about Texas Tech's record breaking ticket sales for the upcoming 2010 football season. The article helped to answer a few questions I...

Colorado Likely to Remain in the Big 12 Until 2012


"It appears that Colorado and the Big 12 haven't been able to come to terms over how much the school would pay in departure penalties. Instead of forfeiting millions -- between $9 million and $14.5 million in conference distributions, according to the newspaper -- Colorado would remain in an 11-team Big 12 for one more season." And the Beebe plan gets worse everyday. Wonder how the Aggies are feeling about their $20 million payday now?


Beg to Differ

So let's be honest with ourselves and not take ourselves too serious, and never condemn the other fellow for doing what we are doing every day, only in a different way." - Will Rogers Advanced...


The A-Team

Slight edit.  Hope you don't mind.    

A little therapy for Tech fans after a tough couple of weeks.


A little therapy for Tech fans after a tough couple of weeks.

Financial Rationale for Pac-10 Expansion


Excellent article (but stops short of comparing potential comparable returns from the SEC). At least we can get a better sense of the numbers in play.

Issues posed by Pac-10 Expansion


Voting rights, Revenue Sharing, Bowl Games, Division Alignments, TV networks and so much more than you can possibly handle...

Good Charlotte


Earlier this week, the US House of Representatives' Committee on the Judiciary convened a forum entitled: "Key Issues Related to the Identification and Prevention of Head...

Judge to Rule on Leach Case Later


No surprises here, unless you were expecting a summary dismissal.

Ruffin McNeil Right at Home at East Carolina


Nice article. Easy to see why our guys had so much affection for him. Good luck Coach. . .

100 Things That Won't Happen in 2010


One of the more interesting claims we've been hearing since new offensive coordinator Neal Brown assumed the reins at Texas Tech, is that the Red Raiders' new and improved NASCAR offense...

Briles. In his own words.


"You left Stephenville to become running backs coach at Texas Tech. That was the same year Mike Leach arrived in Lubbock . What was it like working with Mike? How similar is your offensive philosophy to his? We were on the ground floor of the Texas Tech process. Spike [Dykes] had done a great job there for many years. I think at that time, they had been to a bowl nine of the past ten years. That situation has continued there since then. The thing about Leach and his philosophy – like with Hal Mumme at Kentucky, Al Wesland at Valdosta – is it’s set, it’s patternized, and you do what you do. The thing I was impressed about was that they had what they had, they believed in it, and it was successful for them." Quite a response. When did stupidity become a point of view?

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