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Great article on the NFL draft and modern-day scouting


Definitely worth 15 minutes of your time. On the NFL Combine: "A recent study confirms that it is largely worthless: 'Combine measures examined in this study include 10-, 20-, and 40-yard dashes, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 20- and 60-yard shuttles, three-cone drill, and the Wonderlic Personnel Test . . . . Using correlation analysis, we find no consistent statistical relationship between combine tests and professional football performance, with the notable exception of sprint tests for running backs.'" "Despite the banalities, the inane chatter by talking heads, the useless combine and Wonderlic, the terrible state of football statistics for measuring what all twenty-two players did on a given play and how well they did it, the NFL draft…works?"

Leach Suit Expands to Include Hance, Myers, Bailey, Anders, Turner, Bingham and Craig James


Leach's Fourth Amended Petition  expands the defendant pool and seeks to conduct additional discovery. The Amended Petition individually names: 1) Chancellor Kent Hance; 2) President Guy Bailey;...

Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and Mike Leach: The Inside Scoop on Sonny Dykes and Louisiana Tech


Terry Bradshaw: "When Sonny’s name came up -- Jimmy loves Mike Leach. Jimmy and I had taken Mike Leach fishing, the old Texas Tech coach. When Sonny’s name came up, Jimmy knew his dad and loved his dad and heard nothing but great things. So Jimmy made phone calls to make sure what he was hearing was validated and it was. The Sonny hire was approved wholeheartedly by Jimmy Johnson. I didn’t know anything about Sonny but I knew he ran the Texas Tech offense which I think is perfect for us."

Tale of the Tape Part 3 - How They Did It


Comparing Mike Leach and Tommy Tuberville - The Final Chapter In Tale of the Tape: Part 1 we established that the opponents faced by Leach's Texas Tech teams and Tuberville's Auburn and...

Texas Tech's Spread Offense: The Same Kind of Different?


(Source:  NCAA.org) Many believe that Texas Tech's spread based offense is largely going to stay intact under Tuberville and new offensive coordinator Neal Brown.    Some have...

Tale of the Tape: Part 2 - Comparing Performance


In this second installment of Tale of the Tape, we compare Leach's and Tuberville's respective performances.  In Tale of the Tape Part I we established that the...

Leach Deposition Coverage


Good summary of the day's events. Thoughts: Interesting. Is Dicky Grigg giving up on the insubordination claim? Is he pinning Tech's argument on Leach's alleged treatment of A. James? (See video on the right hand side.) ---- "Sometimes you have to go West Texas to motivate these kids..."

Leach's Attorney Comments on Depositions


"The Bailey memo also stated, Dobrowski said, that university policy gave Leach the right to file a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order after he was suspended Dec. 28 "without fear of retaliation." Yet he accused Anders of recommending that Leach be fired if he filed a lawsuit."

Kent Hance: "It is my pleasure to introduce my good friend Bob Knight as tonight's motivational...

Kent Hance: "It is my pleasure to introduce my good friend Bob Knight as tonight's motivational speaker." (warning: includes excessive nursery rhymes, finger painting and group hugs)

Tale of the Tape: Part 1


"Well, hello ladies. . ." This post, the first in a three part series, will attempt to get to address the question, "Who is the better coach?" Tuberville or Leach? In the course of...

Pirate Captain on the Radio


Interesting comments on the 'star' recruiting system, coaching prospects, etc. Worth killing five minutes, even if the radio guy is a little annoying.

Nebraska increases Pelini's salary to $2.1 million


"They did a very good job this year and, of course, the financial viability of the athletic department depends heavily on football," Osborne told the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald. "So we try to make sure that they are rewarded accordingly." Can't say enough about Osborne's management of Nebraska's athletic department.

This Time It's Different: Assessing the Transition from Mike Leach to Tommy Tuberville


There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.  – Will Rogers Abstract Since...

Fallacy of the 40 yard dash


A somewhat dated article, but something to chew on for your post signing day hangover.

Tech Football National Signing Day - A Public Service Announcement


Ok everyone.  Consider this post a public service announcement. With national signing day just hours away, and to prevent – to the extent possible – a flood of malapropisms from streaming forth...

A Look at Texas Tech Football Graduation Rates during the Leach Years


Most Texas Tech fans are well aware of the high graduation rates of the football program's players.  Since 2005, when the NCAA introduced the Graduation Success Rates (GSR) as a revised method...

Thoughts on the ESPN Ombudsman's Response


Like most of us, I genuinely appreciate the ESPN ombudsman's efforts to respond to complaints about its coverage of the Alamo Bowl.   I also accept that these sorts of responses will never placate...

Responding to an Upset New Member


   In response to a one of our new members. Dear RIR, Thanks again for your post. First of all, some rules for the road going forward.  We expect all members to conform to these. Where to...

Is the Hance the Right Man for the Job?


When it comes to following Texas Tech football, normally I am not too bothered about the Chancellor's role in determining the outcome of games, recruiting, who ought to start, or much else frankly. ...

Leach Points the Finger at Hance


In the case of Mike Leach v. Texas Tech, Leach’s attorney filed an amended petition which adds further color to the events leading to Leach’s dismissal.  This is worth your read.  For non...

Parsing Kent Hance's Fairy Tale


In Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance’s interview with the Lubbock Avalanche Journal over the the weekend, Hance sets out to explain the decision to fire Mike Leach. Hance lays out an 11 day time...

The Board of Regents' Fact-Free Response


The Regents' response bases Leach's dismissal on two factors: 1.  (Leach's) "poor judgement regarding the mistreatment of an injured player;" and 2.  "(H)is unwillingness to work with the...

Texas Tech Regents Speak Out


Be sure to read the statement attached in the story.

Mike Leach v. Texas Tech University


Mike Leach files his lawsuit (or at least the Motion for Expedited Discovery). Here we go...

Coach Leach's Dismissal: It Wasn't About the Money


Coach Leach’s firing was not due to financial constraints facing the Texas Tech football program.  I realize that is a controversial statement for many people following this issue.  In spite of...

Let's End the Charade. Leach's Firing is not about Concussions.


At the risk of stating the obvious, Coach Leach was not fired because of his negligent handling of a player’s concussion. In my opinion, Leach was terminated for two reasons:...

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