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I live in Lubbock where I specialize in eating, drinking, and watching them Red Raiders.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • NCAAB Texas Tech Red Raiders
User Blog

An Interview with Tequila 512 Founder Scott Willis


Tequila 512 Founder Scott Willis is a fellow Red Raider. He chats with us about food trucks, life in Austin, and all things agave.

The World's Largest Pancake Festival


A first-hand account of the craziness that is the Lubbock Lions Club Annual Pancake Festival.

No Bueno | The Experiment Comes to a Close


When our forefathers spoke of the "pursuit of happiness," they envisioned a Taco Bueno in every city and a car in every drive-through. Alas, it was not meant to be. We flew too close to the sun on...

TTU v. ASU | Bowl Game Hotspots


This week, I hand over the reins to a local San Diegan Red Raider, otherwise my only suggestion would be Legoland. Seriously, someone go there.

For the Texas Tech Fan who Loves Food & Drink


"Where do you think you're going? Nobody's leaving. Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We're all in this together."

San Diego Hotspots


Everyone do your best to keep Brick away from Sparky's trident.

TTU v. UT | Away Game Hotspots


We give thanks as we head to Cool Town in our convertibles to listen to some music and maybe attend a football match.

TTU v. BYE | Red Raider Hotspots


We've made a "to do list" for you on your week off because everyone knows that an idle mind leads to deviled eggs.

TTU v. BU | Neutral Game Hotspots


Join us on our quest for the best watering holes and choke-n-pukes surrounding that huge Flight of the Navigator spaceship replica.

KSU v. TTU | Home Game Hotspots


Rise and shine one last time at the Jones, and celebrate the Lone Survivor Game.

OSU v. TTU | Home Game Hotspots


A night game at the Jones? I'm in.

Post Game Thread | OU 38, TTU 30


Here is the post game thread, brought to you by Maker's 46.

TTU v. OU | Away Game Hotspots


Remember the last time we went to Norman? That worked out pretty well.

TTU v. WVU | Away Game Hotspots


Get your guns* up! (*muskets not included)


VTM Makes the World a Better Place

When you miss a week on VTM, you miss a lot. I was able to catch up here and there during my vacation last week, but Perdernales Falls isn’t known for its 4G coverage. I’m fine with that. To me,...

Iowa St v. TTU | Home Game Hotspots


"As long as those wheels keep rolling, I'll be satisfied..."

TTU v. KU | Away Game Hotspots


They have beer in Lawrence, and someone needs to drink it.

Texas Tech v. BYE | The Fair is in Town


BYE does not stand for Brigham Young Einstein. Who knew?

Texas State v. Texas Tech | Home Game Hotspots


So, a bobcat and a fox walk in to a bar...

Texas Christian v. Texas Tech | Home Game Hotspots


It's a short week, but there's much to do in the Hub City.

SFA vs. Texas Tech | Home Game Hotspots


"He's a lumberjack, and he's okay. He sleeps all night, and he works all day..."

Texas Tech vs. SMU | Away Game Hotspots


Eat, drink, and ATMO!

Hub City Hotspots: Steak


Hank: "Yup, these steaks are medium rare." Bobby: "What if somebody wants theirs well done?" Hank: "We ask them politely, yet firmly, to leave."

The Jones Beckons


Football is coming...

Away Game Hotspots


Send me your favorite places to visit for the upcoming away games.

Hub City Hotspots: Coldbeer


Yes, coldbeer is all one word. The 'd', much like Aaron Hernandez, has the right to remain silent.

Hub City Hotspots: Brewing


Our fair city has a growing interest in the art of brewing beer.


Hub City Hotspots: Burgers

It seems that the majority of the good folks on VTM live outside of Texas Tech's home base, so I feel like it's my civic duty as a Lubbockite (is that really what we're called?) to help make your...


Texas Tech Forever

Getting your football "fix" during the offseason is different for every person. For me, it consists of finally polishing off the last two seasons of Friday Night Lights and reading Mike Leach's...

Kingsbury to be in Sports Illustrated


Red Raider fans should anticipate an upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated with @ttukingsbury twitter.com/BlayneBeal/sta…— Blayne Beal (@BlayneBeal) February 21, 2013

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