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I work in film and other media and am a Spartan Basketball and Red Wings fanatic. My love of sports has transcended itself into my professional life where I'm lucky to have worked for the Spartan Sports Network engineering MSU football broadcasts, as well as being a nationally award winning radio personality, with 2 John Drury awards (granted, it's a minor award), as well as winning 14 state awards in Michigan, and have close up experience with high school and college basketball, having been selected by the MHSAA three times to do play-by-play for the High School Basketball state championships.

Now that I've hopefully attained a little bit of credibility in your eyes, let me just say that Michigan State/Red Wings are and have been my sports passion since, well, ever. I follow the Detroit Tigers, Purdue, Green Bay Packers, the Big Ten in general and none as avidly as those two.

I live and die with my team.

Also please check this out:

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Detroit Tigers
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Michigan St. Spartans
  • NCAAB Michigan St. Spartans
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
  • Golf Phil Mickleson, Bubba Watson
  • MMA is not a real sport.
  • Boxing Michael Moorer, Andre Ward
  • Soccer Arsenal F.C.
  • Cycling NO
  • Tennis Andre Aggassi
  • EPL see above...
  • MLS what is major league soccer?
  • Winter Olympics Whichever team features a bunch of Red Wings. Also Canada. Always want them to win their own sport.
  • Figure Skating This is not a sport
  • Wrestling Im not sure if this is a sport, is this in reference to WWE?
User Blog

Quick Quincey Question?

Why does everyone hate Kyle Quincey so much? Yeah, I get we overpaid for him and he made a lot of mistakes last season. But I also recall being ridiculously upset when we got rid of him in the...


MSU ND Hockey Game Thread

Game's halfway over, but there has to be someone else watching right now. If you aren't, it's on NBC SN right now and you should tune in. Because I miss hockey. A lot. Okay since fanposts have...

Michigan State Football Isn't Going Away

Our own Chris Vannini is moving up in the world. Sniff, they grow up so fast.

Rexrode Wrap Up and Projections for 2012

Interesting bit from Rexrode. He covers his projected lineup for next year, which as he says is plenty open for debate. Most interesting tidbit is that he has Trice starting with Appling at shooting guard. Also he has UM above us assuming Burke stays, which even so I disagree with, but I'm also pretty biased.

This'll get you pumped for Friday if you aren't yet Spartans!

This'll get you pumped for Friday if you aren't yet Spartans!

Has Michigan Passed Michigan State in Basketball?

According to Detroit Sports personality Pat Caputo they have. Anyone in the area who listens to 97.1 The Ticket should also know that Mike Valenti vehemently disagrees. Really good podcast worth listening to, where Valenti pretty definitively proves MSU's continued reign on top.

Every Team in Illinois is Having a Down Year

But that's not why I'm posting this, although it's definitely a great CBB article and worth the read. Really the thing that irked me was a short sentence: "But if you had a tournament including all 17 of Tom Izzo’s teams in East Lansing, would this one even get out of the first round? I doubt it." Really? Frankly yes this team would make it out of the first round. Is this really how people view State, as a fluke? Or is this one Chicago writer just misguided? Well either way, I know and you should know that this team would easily beat up on last years team, 2002, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08 and 10.

Ranking Izzos Tenure - Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report ranks 13 of Izzo's 15 seasons from worst to best. Guess which is last? Guess which is first? Thats the easy part, the fun is in the inbetween. This is really thorough, a great read and if you aren't feeling good about MSU sports already this'll get you going.

Spartans Hungry With Basketball Season Approaching

Preview article from the State News. Anyone else getting super revved for this season to start?

Michigan State a 10 Seed

I'm a little confused why after losing no one to the draft and adding a 15 PPG guard in Brandon Wood we actually went DOWN in the seeding. Whatever, I take everything Lunardi says with a grain of salt especially after the debacle that were his last predictions.

Lucious to Transfer

Following in Chris Allen's footsteps. Iowa State apparently is the Michigan to our West Virginia. Except they get players instead of garbage coaches. Whatever.

Facebook Group to Bring Back the Old State Jerseys

I think the title explains it. Join up Only Colors! We need support to get rid of these awful Spartans jerseys. Take a cue from the silver uniforms...

Hey Joe - Caution to the Wind

I assume everyone who frequents this site also regularly visits Rexrode's blog. Either way, this is interesting to people in a tizzy after the Syracuse... actually I'm still not ready to talk about it.

New Developments in Alleged Sexual

The information in this article, and released in the transcript and statement (all of which can be found online as well) pretty much ensure that charges will not be pressed since the sex has been confirmed as consensual and not rape. So don't expect any punishment towards the two still unnamed players.


Sexual Abuse Accusations

I hate doing this, but I have a very strong opinion on the recent allegations against the two unnamed MSU players, and since comments on the story are closed I'd like to use this as a sounding...


Did Allen's Departure Hurt THAT much?

While reading up on the latest from Gary Harris I stumbled upon a related story on that has really riled me up. The question this article asks is: Can MSU win the Big Ten without Chris...


Why isn't State recruiting Branden Dawson

MSU already has verbal commitments from Dwaun Anderson and Brandon Kearney for the class of 2011. Kearney looks solid but not a star, and Anderson as of now seems like he'll peak at maybe 10 ppg....

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