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2013 Broncos and 1966 Cowboys - Offense, anyone?

Tim Cowlishaw, love him or hate him, always has an opinion and made an interesting comparison of the 2013 Denver Broncos to the 1966 Dallas Cowboys. The article...

The 4th Round Curse


Is B.W. Webb in danger of having his name added to the following list? Curvin Richards Kevin Harris Tom Myslinski Derrick Lassick DeWayne Dotson Linc Harden Antonio Anderson Macey Brooks Nicky Sualua Peppi Zellner Kareem Larrimore Markus Steele Bruce Thornton Skyler Green Isaiah Stanback Stephen McGee Brandon Williams Akwasi Owusu-Ansah David Arkin – (yet to be determined) Matt Johnson – (yet to stay healthy)


Per Fernie's Request, Pre-Season OL Observations

I was popping off on a post by CharlesinChicago (The Other Guys (OGs) – Time to Poach or Trade for One?) and the effervescent Fernie67 asked if I would post my observations on the OL thus far. ...


Brian Schwenke - Per Skinny Post's Request

In the comments of my previous post, Skinny asked if I would prepare my "Big Uglies" analysis of Brian Schwenke for a comparative analysis to our Travis Frederickson. The following are my thoughts...


A Special "Thank You" to BtB

Some of you may be aware, but I suspect many are not, that my wife passed away March 28th due to a brain aneurysm. OCC was generous with his time to take my place at Drafttek during my leave of...

Laurent Robinson cut by Jaguars


Think he would take a low-ball offer to return to Dallas?


Long Ball's Top 5 Misses

"A swing and a miss . . . " Some of my Drafttek brethren refer to me as "Grumpy Ump", as I will get on their case with a "Ste-e-e-e-rike One!" when they are late on their selection comments (heaven...


Long Ball's Top 5 Hits

I was asked by RKO to put together a list of my "Top 5 Hits & Top 5 Misses" as a Fanshot, but after reviewing the data I felt like some explanations might be in order; therefore, I am submitting it...


OK, if you don't pay your bills and can't keep your lights on . . .

Then you have no business hosting a Super Bowl . . . yep, Cuzzin Jerruh had trouble with some seats, but that had no danger in affecting the outcome of the game! It would have been a crying shame...

For the record, I don't like Florio . . .


But even I had to laugh at his Saturday morning one-liner: "Injuries on the offensive line are making Cowboys owner Jerry Jones worry about the ability of QB Tony Romo to "feel good about his protection." (There’s a "glory hole" joke in there, somewhere.)"


Does Bill Callahan Channel Jimmy Johnson?

Former HC Jimmy Johnson was a proponent of playing the best 5 players on the offensive line and then left it up to Tony Wise and later Hudson Houck to "coach ‘em up". Whether it was moving Kevin...

Josh "Not To Be Confused With Flash" Gordon Runs 4.52 Forty!


Shazaam! Not exactly the sub 4.4 everyone was expecting . . . looks like OCC's bed-time prayer was answered!


Trade Mike Jenkins to Buffalo for Kraig Urbik!

Let him sit behind Drayton Florence, Aaron Williams, Stephon Gilmore and Leodis McKelvin . . . LOL!


Cowboys Sign UDFA Ben Bass

The former Texas A&M and Plano West DE has signed a contract with the Cowboys and will be going to training camp in Oxnard, CA.


Hey Rome One . . . You Lost Our Bet!!!

Trumaine Johnson was NOT taken in the 2nd round . . . it's time to pay up, brutha! Contact me for my PayPal Swiss Bank Account information . . . LOL!


Dallas Trade Up With KC?

Just got off the phone with a buddy of mine in KC and he confirmed what I had heard on my end that the Cowboys and Chiefs are discussing a potential trade of 1st round selections (14 for 11). ...

Big Uglies - 5th Installment


Hot off the press for your reading pleasure, this installment covers 3-4 Defensive Ends. Originally, I was going to include DE43 and OLB34 in this segment, but there are so many of those fellers to talk about, decided to make it a separate post (Translation: I'm buying time to finish it . . . LOL!) Here's the link: http://www.drafttek.com/2012-NFL-Draft-3-4-DE-Review.asp

Big Uglies - 4th Installment


I jump over to defensive tackles, for both the 4-3 and 3-4 alignments, are covered in this episode . . . hope you enjoy! http://www.drafttek.com/2012-NFL-Draft-Interior-dL-Review.asp

Big Uglies - 3rd Installment


Since I made you wait so long, a double-dipper treat . . . both guards and centers are covered in this episode! http://www.drafttek.com/2012-NFL-Draft-Interior-OL-Review.asp

Jason says "Shut-up Jerry!"


Scroll down to last question: Jerry Jones said you are likely to draft a defender in the round because of the guards you signed in free agency. Does it look like you have a good grouping of defensive players to choose from? Garrett: We are not ready to make that comment. We are picking 14th. We are going to start our draft meetings next week and go through the process. Attaboy Jason . . . now there's some brass ones for ya! Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/03/28/3843434/garrett-says-he-must-learn-from.html#storylink=cpy

Big Uglies - 2nd Installment


This one covers right offensive tackles: http://www.drafttek.com/2012-NFL-Draft-Right-Offensive-Tackle-Review.asp


Just for discussion . . .

If Peyton wants his personal center Jeff Saturday at Denver, would you offer Denver the original 3rd round draft choice they used for center J.D. Walton from Baylor?

Big Uglies Series - 1st installment is now posted!


It's b-a-a-a-ck . . . the first installment covers left offensive tackles on Drafttek: http://www.drafttek.com/2012-NFL-Draft-Left-Offensive-Tackle-Review.asp


Free Agency Big D Style: Answering the Bell on an NFL Screw Job!

Salary Cap Administration 101 by Stephen Jones

Nate Livings, Bengals starting LG for last 2 years (LSU) coming for a visit!


Nate Livings, Bengals starting LG for last 2 years (LSU) coming for a visit!


The Question of Leadership

I started to name this post “Jason Hatcher: Point/Counterpoint”, but decided to just concentrate on the leadership issue. With all due respect to ScarletO and Dave, I want to present an...


Now that the HOF announcements are official . . .

Once again another one of Cuzzin Jerruh’s strategies has gone straight to the sewer systems of Dallas, Texas. I was totally disgusted when this one-man election committee decided that Charles...

"We should just be thankful he (Jerry) hasn’t put on pantyhose and white boots and appointed...


"We should just be thankful he (Jerry) hasn’t put on pantyhose and white boots and appointed himself head cheerleader."


Mort adds legs to my Sparano Christmas Wish!

Sunday NFL Countdown - Mort says Cowboys are considering bringing Sparano back on board, but will have competition for his services from other teams.


Let me start this by saying I am a Jason Garrett Fan!

But the bottom line is, he lost this game . . . skip to the jump (and screw you Big Ham, this is not a Fan shot!):

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