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Sunday Open Practice Observations


Some of my unfiltered thoughts about the open practice: This is a teaching staff.  Players have access to as much detailed knowledge as they can absorb.  This is especially evident at offensive...

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Thinking Texas Football Practice Summary


Building on Themes from Thinking Texas Football with LonghornScott's observations from practice.

Spring Clinging: Part 2


This week we turn our attention to the defensive side of the ball to look at linebacking from the Spring Game

Spring Clinging: Part I


If you missed it, check out Spring Clinging: A Primer where we touched on some of the key aspects of the new Longhorn offense. From here on out, with each installment in the series we’ll take a...

Longhorns New Offense: A Primer


This is decidedly not just an overclocked version of the offense we’ve run for the past two seasons. Instead, it’s an entirely different approach that happens to make use of many of the same...


Texas vs Texas Tech Video Breakdowns

LonghornScott throws some graphics on film

Lord of Defiles


LonghornScott takes a timeout.


By The Skin Of Their Yellow Country Teeth

LonghornScott relives how West Virgina held on for dear life and what the takeaways are for Texas fans.


Oklahoma State Defensive Video Breakdown

LonghornScott does his latest damage all over some video footage.

Ole Miss Video Breakdowns


Check out the trendiest offensive fads, smooth jazzy style!

Metrics from the Lobos


LonghornScott drops his latest video montage, breaking down some plays from the Longhorns most recent game against New Mexico.

Defensive Addendum


Defensive Addendum to LonghornScott's video breakdown of the Wyoming game

Coming up for Air after Wyoming


Detailed Video Analysis of the Longhorn's Season Opener against Wyoming from LonghornScott of Barking Carnival

Emergent from the Cave


Emergent from the Cave, LonghornScott shares some things to look for in game one against Wyoming.

Kansas State Nightcall


LonghornScott takes you on a night drive with Kansas State

Konichiwa B*****s


Want to learn more about the run game? Check out this Playbook Spotlight video tutorial by LonghornScott that highlights the most prolific run concept in football: Inside Zone.

Perimeter Run Game PSA

Want to geek out on some football in the dead period? Here's a detailed breakdown of Texas' Pin and Pull running concept.

Practice on a Saturday


Saturday’s Longhorn practice wasn’t at the fever pitch that I witnessed on Friday. The layout of practice was very similar with slightly more of the time devoted to 11-on-11 work. The second open...

A Friday Practice Report


Just over a year ago Mack Brown turned this program upside down, shook it clean, and started over. The first open practice under the new staff was the most clear evidence I have seen to date of how...

Is Texas Preparing for a New Offensive Identity?


It's been interesting to see the mix of comments this week related to Tyrone Swoopes verbal commitment. Obviously all of us are spitballing at this stage about what Swoopes might be capable of...

Adieu to the Aggies

How will we ever replace that certain Aggie je ne sais quoi? Like all of our recent opponents, A&M loaded up the edges of the box often putting 5 or 6 on the line and attacking our run game...

Malaise in Missouri

Obviously the contest with the Tigers was a disappointment on offense. In reviewing the game one of the things I was stuck by was that we actually put ourselves in a quite a few very winnable...

Razing the Red Raiders

"Harsin didn’t choose the Power O as part of our new base package on a whim. He selected it because he spotted our fiercest offensive talent right now (the inside of our offensive line) and wanted...

A Jaunt with the Jayhawks


Kansas didn't offer much in the way of defensive resistance but they did offer us a medium to codify what we worked on in the bye week. Against Kansas you saw a much more streamlined play...

Capitulating to the Cowboys


Belated and perhaps a bit belabored I bring you a few thoughts from the OSU game. I finally had a chance to rematch the game in full and record some thoughts on offense. ...

Obscenes from Oklahoma


Last week I said that we shouldn't have been in the conversation with a top 5 team and I probably should have left it at that. Although we certainly aren't as far away from that realm as the score...

Isolating Iowa State and Opining on OU


This week I just wanted to look at our running game against Iowa State. This is just a walk through of our runs through the first half with a quick look at second half adjustments (be warned it's...

Understanding UCLA


This week I focused on the areas where I think the offense is really growing quickly. The biggest thing that stood out to me in the UCLA game was the emphatic message that our offense sent to...

Brigham Young Breakdowns


I decided to go to the BYU game at the last minute and I wasn't disappointed. The first quarter and a half was necessary and cathartic for this team. BYU came to win and had a solid defensive...

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