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Get to know a stop-gap starter - Vol. 1: Vin Mazzaro

Vin Mazzaro is famous for one outing (and what an outing it was) that occurred one year ago tomorrow. But what else do we need to know about the best Royals pitching prospect with a last name...


Who's the smartest commenter in the room? May Predictions!

We're almost a month into Our Time™ and we've seen a whole lot of sucking out of our Royals. But there are some bright spots on the team that you can see without putting on a pair of rose-colored...

When in Minnesota, Adcock


Teaford down, Adcock up. - per Dutton

Delmon Young Arrested, Charged With Assault & Hate Crime


Apparently, it involved some pushing and some anti-semitic words while he was very drunk. It'll be interesting to see how this gets handled.


Who's the smartest commenter in the room?

We're about 1 week away from opening day and everyone has an opinion on who should make the team, who's going to regress in 2012, and who's gonna dominate. So lets put those opinions to the test ...


Royals vs. D-Backs Game Thread - 3/24

If Gordon hits a leadoff home run, but there's no game thread around to discuss it, did the home run ever happen? Discuss.

Google Chrome Extension to Make Comment Threads Collapsible


Well, it looks like some Cardinal bloggers over at VEB came up with a pretty spiffy little extension that you can download to your Google Chrome browser. It gives you the power to collapse a comment and the entire thread that it spawns. I've tried it out for a few minutes and it looks like it works well, so I'll give it my Loose Seal of Approval (eh, you catch that?). The original SB Nation post is linked above and here, and has a full explanation. Here's the direct link to the download.

Billy being Billy


In a major league clubhouse, as opposed to say, a U.S. courthouse, no one is obligated to tell the truth. Butler gleefully took Montgomery’s remark out of context, circling a table in the middle of the room, all but shrieking Hamels’ name repeatedly as Montgomery sat in silence. "Monty says he’s Cole Hamels!" Butler cried as first base coach Doug Sisson approached. "I don’t know how to respond," Sisson replied, deadpan. "Ain’t played a day in the big leagues yet, and he has the best changeup in the game!" Butler yelped. Later, at his locker, Montgomery tried to put the pieces together. "One time I said, ‘It would be nice to have a changeup like that.’ It turned into, ‘My stuff is better than his.’ How it turned into that, I don’t know," Montgomery said. "As soon as Dyson said something to Billy, Billy runs with it. Dyson will go with it all day. I think he’s mad that I struck him out in spring training."

Mendoza gets mentioned in the "These Royals Don't Stink" Article


The Mendoza era is about to erupt! "Luis Mendoza, SP — Talk about not even on the radar…Mendoza doesn’t even show up on a 525 player deep ADP report. Here’s a guy who bounced around a few organizations and looked pretty terrible, but not only landed in Kansas City, but thrived for the first time in his professional career. While in Triple-A Omaha, Mendoza spent a substantial amount of time with pitching coach Doug Henry who completely revamped his mechanics. The results were incredibly positive as Mendoza went on the be the best pitcher in the hitter-friendly PCL last year, posting an ERA of 2.18 in 144.1 innings. Even better is that according to Pitch F/x data, he went up roughly 3-4 mph on his fastball. The K-rate is pretty low which is usually unappealing in fantasy, but if he continues to lower the walk rate and can keep the ball in the yard, then he just might be worth a last round look. Of course, he’s still competing for one of the two open spots in the Royals rotation, so keep him on your radar this spring."


The battle for 4th: Who has the easiest run-in?

The good News: Arsenal were in 4th place at the beginning of the weekends' games. The bad news: Arsenal have the toughest remaining schedule of the four teams competing for 4th.

Lee Judge on why you can't rely on stats


Our favorite instigator is back with some lessons for all us stat guys.

Transfer Rumors


According to sources, Arsenal are: 1) talking to Fiorentina about the fee for Chamakh 2) getting interest from Rangers for Benfk Afobe 3) bringing in Argentinian Matias Suarez (but probably not til the summer - link ) 4) considering a 25MM pound offer for Pato 5) about to bid 4.1MM pounds for Abidal. Anyone believe any of these rumors/have any insight?

Oswalt only wants a one-year deal!!!!


Looks like it's time to take a hammer to the piggy-bank

Kuroda available?


"The Dodgers are closing in on a two-year, $10MM deal with left-hander Chris Capuano that will round out the team's rotation and may signify the end of Hiroki Kuroda's tenure in Los Angeles." Should the Royals make a play for Kuroda? Maybe Bruce Chen and Jin Wong need to take him out to a karaoke bar to do a little discussing.

Royals Spring Training Schedule Announced


Mark your calendars NOW!!! Highlights: Battle for Grass Creek, March 14 & April 1

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Shows Off His Shooting Skills In Training (Video)


This is just plain awesome. Even if Ox spent days doing this just to get these shots, he's showing skills that nobody on Arsenal can match.

Dodger decline $8MM Option on Jon Garland - Is he worth a one-year deal?


Major injury concerns due to shoulder surgery in 2011, but for 10 years before that, he was consistently healthy and an average or slightly above average pitcher (some seasons he looked downright good, but advanced stats suggest it was luck - low BABIP and/or pitcher friendly parks). MLBTradeRumors thinks that, if he's healthy, a 1 year deal for a few million + incentives would land him. If that's accurate, I'd much rather see Garland for 1year/$3 million than Edwin Jackson for 4/$60million.

MITCH! at 3rd?


Yost is having MITCH! and Brayan take grounders at 3rd. Why ask why.


Frenchy versus Yost - who's the better team leader? No, seriously.

When Francoeur got ejected from Sunday's game, it solidified him into the group of Royals players that I like. Here's what I gathered from the radio broadcast:

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