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The Celtics Can Sign a Max Free Agent Next Summer

There are several scenarios for how the Celtics can sign a max free agent next season.

Breaking Down "The Trade" Into Separate Transactions for Analysis

In my opinion, trading away Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett should be viewed as trading away two one-year rentals of quality players, not as trading away two Hall-of-Famers, if you want to examine...

Did Ainge Try to Tank This Past Season?

In the forums, I've suggested that Ainge decided to tank after Rajon Rondo was deemed out for the season. I want to flesh out that theory here. In late March, Jackie MacMullan reported that...

A Look at Doc's Roster Management in the 4th Quarter vs the Grizzlies

Some people criticize Doc Rivers for his end-of-game roster management in the almost-comeback against the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night. Let's take a look at what he actually did.


Poll: How many wins against Ravens/Steelers?

The Cincinnati Bengals have four regular season games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens yet to be played.  Arguably, they need to go at least 2-2 in these games to make the...


Pop Quiz - Celtics Who Have Played 82 Games

Promoted FanPost   UPDATE: Answers in the comments. Since the NBA expanded to an 82-game schedule in the 1967-1968 season, there have been, by my count, 37 Celtics who have combined for 72 seasons...


One fan's proposed CBA - A harder cap, but not a hard cap

My proposal is a lot closer to what the players want than what the owners want. If not covered, you should assume that a given subject will generally be treated the same was as in the previous CBA.

The One Article About the Lockout That You Should Read


At The Wages of Win, arturo makes the case that the NBA's losses are made up primarily by increases in the part of team operating costs that doesn't include player salaries.


Where Are They Now?: The Celtics 2010 Summer League Team

Promoted FanPost Ridiculous Upside took a look at the Celtics 2010 summer league team roster. I wanted to revisit those names. Luke Harangody and Semih Erden made the team, so I won't talk about...


The NFL Labor Situation in One Question - Are You with Brownie?

Bengals Führer Mike Brown is a member of the NFL labor committee and was one of the owners present at labor negotiations before they broke down.


Ochocino vs TO leaving early before the end of the first half

They both went to the locker room towards the end of the first half and missed the last-second hail mary play.


Why Are Steelers Fans Such Hypocrites?

With their incessant whining, echoing LaMarr Woodley, I've been viewing Steelers fans less favorably than Al-Qaeda these days.  If the Bengals sit their starters, they'll be doing something that...


Mike Brown Not the Worst?

When Matt Millen got the axe in Detroit, I just assumed that Mike Brown would vault to the bottom of any ranking of NFL team personnel.  This is, after all, a guy who may give the disgraced former...

Matthew Yglesias on Rondo vs Rose


Political blogger Matthew Yglesias uses ones of his occasional basketball posts to say that the "debate" over which point guard is better is not much of a debate.

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