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If Nashville Won the Stanley Cup, Would You Boo Gary Bettman?

As we all know, fans love to boo Gary Bettman at the Cup presentation. I'm sure each and every one of them have very legitimate reasons. This makes me wonder how you as a Nashville Predator fan...


Distribution of Goals Across the Forward Lines

I've been curious for a while about the different setups that teams take to scoring their goals. I'm mainly wondering how a team's goals are usually distributed among the forward lines. This is...


How Many "Top Dollar" Contracts can a Team Carry and Still Compete for the Cup?

I've tumbled this question through my head a few times over the past few years. It probably started with the attempt to keep Weber, Rinne, and Suter. Could we afford those? Could we afford those...


What are Reasonable Expectations for a Backup Goalie in the NHL?

I am going to approach this by looking at GAA, SV%, and Cap Hit. I am hoping to determine a reasonable expectation for backup goalies that can then be applied to the Predators and Carter Hutton....


Should the Predators Pursue a Trade for Spezza?

Jason Spezza is out there in the trade rumor mills again. That got me to thinking about if the Predators should go after him and if so, what should they be willing to give up to get him? Does a...


What offer should the Predators make for the #1 Overall Pick?

Even in a weak draft class, the #1 pick in the draft is still expected to be able to help any team in the league fairly significantly. Now that the Panthers may have indicated they would prefer to...

Norris Trophy Candidates


Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins, Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks and Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators are the three finalists for the 2013-14 James Norris Memorial Trophy, awarded "to the defense player who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position," the National Hockey League announced today.


Analysis of Poile, the NHL, and Their Level of Success in the 1st Round of the Draft

I decided to look at Poile's track record in selecting players in the 1st Round of the NHL Draft. To do this I decided we have to evaluate every player's success in the NHL that was drafted since...

Allan Muir of SI Supports Firing Poile and Trotz


It's in Allan Muir's Power Rankings. Where he talks about Predators at 23 he mentions if the organization was smart they would get rid of both. "They're toast and if anyone in the organization is smart, they'll make the decision to move on without GM David Poile and coach Barry Trotz first thing Monday morning. Both are good hockey men who'd quickly find work elsewhere, but they've had enough time to try to make Nashville more successful than it has been."

Thomas Vanek and Nashville


Elliotte Friedman's 30 thoughts #4: Nagging feeling: Nashville takes a run at Thomas Vanek.


Would you trade Superstar Shea Weber for a Superstar Forward such as Evgeni Malkin?

Let's ignore the simple facts that something like this would never happen for the numerous reasons like No Trade Clauses, Real Money left on contracts, etc. I am just curious about 3 aspects of...


The Case for Playoff Hope in Smashville

Do you want reason to think Nashville can still make the playoffs? I'll lay it out here by doing a very basic analysis of the games leading up to the break. I have projected wins and losses based...

Should the Predators trade for Evander Kane?

One OTF reader argues that trading for Winnipeg's young power forward might help address Nashville's continuing scoring woes.


Who wants a NHL Draft conspiracy?

The Conspiracy: The NHL wants it's best players in the Eastern Conference and makes this happen. Why you ask? Eastern teams play in prime time and are typically more populated. Both lead to more...


Should the Predators Acquire Another High 1st Round Pick This Year?

Should the Predators acquire another high pick? That probably depends on your view of what is the Predators' window of opportunity? Has it opened now? Is it a couple years from opening? Will it...


Realignment: Blue Jackets/Rangers/Predators/Nash

A comment on the realignment announcement got me to thinking about this. I remember thinking during the Rick Nash trade "sweepstakes" that Nash would be a perfict fit for what Nashville needs while...


My View (a Predator fan) of a fair CBA

Assuming the owners are losing money, here's the approximation of what sounds fair to me. 1) HRR: Owners want 50/50, Players want it to step down. A three year step down to 50/50 with the NHL's...


Gathering ideas for getting ALL owners on board with Revenue Sharing

How do we get rich owners on board with Revenue Sharing to a significant degree in the NHL?


Moving on from Suter and toward...

So, we lost Suter. A major blow. While I don't think anyone WANTED this to happen, it could turn out to be a positive. I'm of the opinion a team can have between 3 and 4 players being paid like...


If Major Realignment, Then.....

This post is to give my opinion.....and well...entertain myself. Maybe you will find it entertaining too. If they are going to realign with several significant changes, then they need to take...

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