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So...just how unstable was the ACC before the GOR? Now we know more..

The Charlotte Observer filed Freedom of Information requests to get a hold of emails in the UNC athletic department during realignment fever around the departure of Maryland. Must read for...


Should the ACC scrap divisions altogether? This is what the schedule could look like...

With realignment done for now, I've spent a lot of time thinking about and discussing with people what is the most intractable problem the ACC faces...divisional alignment. As of now, there is...


Ok, let's crowd-source this...ACC divisions must be fixed

Now that the ACC GOR has pretty much put an end to speculation about the ACC's future member lineup, it's time for the ACC to put all it's focus on maximizing revenue and improving its football...

Sure, this sounds like FSU is happy in the ACC...


Randy Spetman openly discussing realignment and other conferences.


Conference Realignment Roundup

I see conference realignment talk cluttering up the recruiting thread now, so apparently some people want to discuss it. But it shouldn't be discussed there, beyond I guess it's effect on...


Maryland to Big 10 - Reallignment fever has returned!

So what does this mean for FSU? So many different scenarios could play out, just wanted a place for all the TN big brains to speculate. I could see FSU in the SEC, Big 12, or remaining in ACC. R...


Notre Dame and the ACC and FSU...randomish thoughts

I would say that the decision of Notre Dame to move it's non-football sports ends this latest round of Reallignmentpalooza. In my opinion, FSU to the Big 12 is dead, barring a major turn of...


Calling all TN football geniuses - What to look for on Saturday?

Let's face it, these first two games are lousy matchups. And while I enjoy seeing a whipping put down by our guys, I sometimes have a very hard time figuring out what to take from games like this. ...


This is Where I THINK Realignment Stands for FSU

This is pretty much just MY OPINION, just from absorbing all the insider information as well as actual on the record statements from FSU people. Most of it is just my opinion on what FSU people are...


6/26/2012 - Reallignment Discussion

People still want to talk reallignment, but the ACC/Notre Dame thread is getting unwieldy. So here we go. Nothing particularly newsworthy on realligment at the moment, nobody seems to have any...


Can Notre Dame still save the ACC?

Various message board and blogger "insiders" regarding the Big 12 expansion warned a few weeks ago that we were entering a silent phase, where leaks would dry up and misinformation would run...


Just my opinion, but maybe I'm ready for FSU to table the Big 12 for now

Just my opinion, but maybe I'm ready for FSU to table the Big 12 for now

SEC, Big 12 agree to bowl matchup if left out of four-team playoffs

So the Big 12 and SEC agree to an alliance on a Bowl that would not have taken place in the entire BCS era. One Twitter I saw called it the "Never Happen Bowl." So what's the point? Pretty much just symbolic. First, it tells the PAC and B1G that the SEC and Big 12 are alligned, and will counter-balance them in the playoff discussions. And it basically tells the ACC and Big're out. The Big Four conferences have been decided. The big daddy of all conferences considers the unstable, 10-team, no-conference-championship-having, bad academic Big 12 their equal. Not the ACC, with all it's stability, book learning, and self-proclaimed "major conference-ness". To announce a bowl that is almost impossible to imagine taking place, the only thing to take from it has to be symbolic.

Big 10 ready to step back into the reallignment game now?


From @SN_Greenberg: Delany on expansion: 'Tectonic plates are still hot' in CFB, so B1G—though it's happy at 12—is monitoring other leagues, paying attention.


Is the new ACC contract really good news for the SEC?

Is the new, lousy ACC contract as good news for the SEC as everyone seems to be saying? On most fronts it appears yes, as it both keeps it's Southern peers down the ladder financially, but also...

Chip Brown's latest on FSU to Big 12


I have a hard time buying the idea of an FSU Network, no doubt. But the FSU to the Big 12 idea is gaining some traction with Chip Brown, which is somewhat newsworthy.

Conference Reallignment on the Front Burner


Just to be clear up front, Greg Swaim is not a "legit source." This story has not yet been picked up by any reputable media. Personally, I think he is dead wrong about some things he says in here. But I wanted to put another reallignment thread up, because there is an incredible amount of chatter on the web about Big 12 expansion right now. Nobody is saying yet that it is a done deal or even likely, but it is getting harder for me to believe there aren't at least talks, and it goes well beyond FSU and Clemson. Still a lot of dominoes to fall, and plenty of time for it to come together or not. No real urgency.

New Big 12 TV deal nets $20M per team


A lot of people scoffed at the financial projections of a Big 12 with the additon of Clemson, FSU and others. Well, the Big 12, with just 10 members and no championship game, is about to net a TV deal that will result in $20M per school. That does NOT include the money schools can make for third tier rights. UF's third tier rights net them $10M, so even conservatively you can assume that's another $5M which we can't earn in the ACC. So if you are keeping track, the ACC will have to DOUBLE it's current deal by the addition of Syracuse and Pitt. Anyone thinking that is happening, considering ESPN has them locked up for 12 years? So if the Big 12 is at $25M per school now, do people still think the addition of FSU, Clemson, Miami and others wouldn't push them toward $30M+ a year? Pretty good for an "unstable conference". If FSU (and Clemson, Miami, Maryland, etc) aren't in discussions with the Big 12 as rumored, they are basically opting out of big boy football. (Standard caveat - uless of course ND is locked and loaded to the ACC)


Ongoing Conference Realignment Thread #2

This week has brought a lot of news in the world of conference realignment so TheJim will attempt to clarify fact from fiction and the news.   So starting from West to East...


Conference Realignment (and FSU): A FAQ

  I’m going to try (with the help of TheJim) to answer a lot of common expansion FAQs.  Some of this is fact, some is just info from enough sources that it has taken on a ring of truth, and some...


Ongoing Conference Reallignment News and Discussion

As conference reallignment talk heats up, I was hoping we could have one place to discuss all the news, rumors, speculation and scenarios. There are several fanposts and the same information...


Pac 10 deal is WAY better than we thought...(and ramifications for FSU and the ACC)

Revolutionary deal... Besides the incredibly cash, there are some very noteworthy parts of this deal.  Specifically: Discussions advanced quickly, but throughout the talks there were several...


Even with the new ESPN contract, ACC about to be back at the bottom of the money pile

It may have gotten some press when I was out on vacation, but last week the Big 12 (-2) put the finishing touches on their new TV contract with Fox Sports.  The $90 million a year deal is for...

USC QB Garcia Hosted Drunken Party Before Bowl Game


Wow. Doubt it would have changed the outcome, but it certainly didn't hurt our chances...


Is it time to reshuffle ACC divisions?

Now that the Big 12 seems to have secured a great new TV contract, and the Pac 10 is setting up a network, after a brief euphoria about the new conference TV deal it appears the ACC will be...


The ACC needs a game-changer. I think I've got it.

The Big 10 and SEC are at the top of the conference pile financially because of one thing - innovation. Those two conferences made bold moves, Big 10 Network and conference expansion/championship...

Report: Big 10 offers invites four schools


According to this, and it's been picked up by a lot of media outlests, the Big 10 has offered Notre Dame, Rutgers, Nebraska and Missouri. The idea is that if Notre Dame refuses, they stop at 14 schools at least for the moment. If Notre Dame accepts, they will offer one more invitation and go to 16. My thoughts are that almost certainly Notre Dame will reject this. Losing Rutgers is not enough to decimate the Big East in my opinion, which leave the Irish a place to play their other sports. If that comes to pass, this is probably decent news for the ACC. Several schools that would have to be ACC targets in an ACC expansion were not invited - Pitt, Syracuse, UCONN, WVA (well, we knew they weren't going to be invited). I really like having Pitt still in play as this stuff shakes out. In addition, dark horse Big 10 candidates BC and Maryland didn't suprise us by being on the list. If the ACC is forced to go to 16, it could have been much worse if those schools had been off the board.


What Is So Crazy About Notre Dame To The ACC?

A Google News search on "conference reallignment" will yield hundreds of newspaper articles and blogs with speculation of how the new conference realignment will shake out, and offering almost that...

WNDU in South Bend reports a source says BIG 10 expansion imminent, names teams


The Irish are not on the list, nor the Texas schools. But Nebraska and Missouri are. Maybe this isn't any more definitive than any other speculation we've heard, but this is the first time I've seen a source (unnamed as it is) confirming the teams involved. Interesting to see what Texas plans to do.

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