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Knicks trying to get Lowry. Lets help.

The Knicks are trying to pull a trade for Kyle Lowry from Toronto. Sounds like they want a first round pick, which NY doesnt have. Couple that with NY wanting big man help and cap relief I think we...


Golden State looking to shed salary for D12

Should we somehow jump into the fray to help a division rival? Well we just did it for the Clips, and it's not the Lakers so lets do it. So here's an idea, however unlikely. Oh and Mr. Fong, this...


Day 3 predictions

Ok so tomorrow could potentially be more exciting than today with the Honey Boo-Boo..uh..Badger (sorry) pick. There's still a lot of big names on the board waiting to be plucked. We've got the 6th...


Here's a trade idea everyone will hate

I looked at all the rumors and tried to find who needs what and who is pursuing who, and put myself in the spot of Suns GM with the goal of trying to get young talent. This is a four team deal...


I've gone mad I tell you! MAAAAAD!!

Ok so here it is. Boston is in a quandry with Rondo out and is looking for something to happen and the Suns, well, you know. So here is my insane...


Kevin Love anyone?

So I know the possibility is nill to zilch, but what would people think about going after Love? I think now would be the most opportune time with him going down with a broken hand. Minnesota is...


Rosterbation Thread

I think we have neared that time (December 15th) and realization that this team is going nowhere fast. So lets hear some trade ideas, reasoning for them and critiques of said trades from everyone....


Wes Johnson trade question

First off I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place. To be honest I don't know where I'm posting it due to this new layout being the most retarded thing I've seen. Could we make the site...


Greetings from BSotS, and a completely hypothetical trade idea

Hello all at Blazer's Edge. I'd like to start off by saying that the Trailblazers have been a confusing team for me through the years. At one point I hated them more than any other team. The...


Fantasy Factory

First off I apologize for creating another fanpost involving free-rostergrazing (free agency=free grazing, trading=roste...oh whatever), but I will be delving into many different scenarios. I've...


A trade for the love of Nash

In the eyes of most Brightsiders this is NOT, i repeat, NOT a trade that is in the best interests of the Suns, or even feasable. So proceed with care... I can't stand to see Nash go out like he...


Amare is on the block!

Well, if they sign Tyson Chandler that is. I just read on ESPN that if they sign Chandler (they say its pretty much a done deal), then they will offer Amare for Chris Paul. My first trade post was...


Making Suns fans mad, one trade at a time (or in this case 3)

I say trade Nash now. I know most people would never dream about doing this to Nash with undying love and admiration to the guy, but lets be honest: We dont owe him anything other than the...


My response to Wil's "Its time to pull the plug" MegaStreisand rosterbation

Ok this should piss some people off. In doing this I attempted to think of favorable trades for Nash and Hill yet realistic/favorable trades for all parties involved. I'm sure the numbers aren't...


Paul/Nash Trade

This is just going to make so many people mad, and it would never happen. BUT, I'm trying to start a rumor of a Paul for Nash, Clark, draft pick trade. Makes sense for the Suns (obviously) and for...


Mega-trade of all trades that will end all trades

ok this is my first time posting so be kind. Ive been looking at all these trade rumors and some i like, some not. but why just one trade? we need to be looking at multiple trades. thus i propose...

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