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Bogut Trade?

Per ESPN Insider:   The Wolves are talking to a lot of teams, and letting various media-types know it, about the No. 2 pick in the draft. Reportedly the Bucks are one of them and have offered a...


Let's Settle This: At What Cost Should The Wolves Move Up for Evan Turner? (With poll!)

With permission from -- and credit to -- PoorDick, I thought it would be interesting to determine just how much Canis Hoopus as a community is willing to shed to get the guy we've wanted for a...

Shocker: Flynn, Jefferson among NBA's worst defenders


A stat-head on TrueHoop has confirmed what we've all thought for months.

Cardinal for Darko Milicic?


Chad Ford reports the Wolves have inquired about a Cardinal-for-Milicic swap that would save New York a few bucks this year. "Modest in nature" indeed, Kahn.


Another Evan Turner scouting report..

I know this has been done already on this site more than once. But Evan Turner came to play at my school tonight and I sat in the 8th row to watch, so I figured I may as well throw one more Evan...


Love out... now Jefferson too?

Jerry Zgoda reports on his blog that Kevin Love's hand will, indeed, need surgery, and to twist the knife in a little deeper, Al Jefferson did not practice today, and was walking gingerly on his...


How can I watch the Wolves this year?

So I'm a college student in Iowa, and I have always watched just about every Wolves game on TV during high school. Now, they won't be televised where I live. How can I watch them still? Anybody in...


Hollinger's Wolves Forecast: 33-49, and hope.

John Hollinger wrote a forecast for every team in the league on ESPN, and the Timberwolves' is some of the most positive national coverage the team has gotten in a looong time. He predicts a 33 win...


'09-'10 Progress Points: What We're Looking for from the Wolves This Year

So, with training camp and the season around the corner, I got to thinking. We all know this season will not end with a playoff appearance, or anything approaching a good won-loss record. So why is...


Malcolm Gladwell Makes a Brilliant Argument for Rubio/Flynn

I read a New Yorker article by Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Tipping Point and Blink. The article was a basketball-centric look at how underdog teams can beat the favorites. It mainly focussed on...


No Wind Beneath Our Wings: The Problematic SG/SF Situation

The Wolves are a team that, for the long term, appears to be set at point guard (I would call it unlikely that both Rubio and Flynn will bust) and in the post (assuming, of course, that Love and...


Baby, Were We Born to Run?

Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune passed along a letter that David Kahn wrote to the fans today. It's on the Strib website, and I think somebody else posted it on this site also. In the letter, Kahn...


The Kahn Plan: Where This is Headed

The Wolves signed the athletic, 7-foot backup big man we've all been pining for today, and at a reasonable price without having to give up any assets in a trade. I'm starting to really like the...


What would it take to trade Rubio?

I realize that trading Ricky Rubio right now would be a hasty, panicked decision, and now is not the time to do it, and that we need to see what we have in both Rubio and Flynn before we make any...

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