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I have come to the point where I am frustrated by a handful of contributors who frequently self aggrandize, are awfully hardheaded, often unecessarily rude, and who come off as know-it-alls with little tolerance for the more numerous optimists amongst us. Since I lack the discipline to just lurk here without posting, I think I'm going to have to quit this bitch cold turkey and find some way to ensure that I do not come back. I thought that the first five years were great but this last one not so much. Your mileage may, and probably does, vary. 2/18/2011.

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Did Athletics just sign Matsui to a one year deal?


Sports Hochi: A's offer Matsui 1-year deal worth between $5M-6M; announcement early this week - #MLB #OaklandAthletics

BBC Programme: The Joy of Stats


"I kid you not, statistics is now the sexiest subject on the planet" says Hans Rosling, presenter of The Joy of Stats. I'd watch this.

Freakonomics Radio: Who Stole All the Runs in Major League Baseball?


I thought this was an interesting podcast. To be truthful, there's not much new that AN readers will likely hear but it doesn't stop this from being interesting nonetheless.


Athletics SPs and their Game Score data

Starts Mean GS Median GS Worst GS Best GS 80% Cahill 30 56.8 61 12 82 34 to 80 Gonzalez 33 55.4 58 12 82 35 to 76 Braden 30 53.7 53 20 93 31 to 76 ...

A March 4th Reply to "Baseball Statistics and You" on The Crawfish Boxes [SBN blog of the Astros]


"Like David, I also enjoy reading and thinking about new statistics which are developed. That’s just part of my natural curiosity. But my pet peeve is that many people who learn and adopt these stats, take them as gospel and don’t understand [forget*] that the stats can, and should be, taken with a grain of salt (meaning that they should be combined with other information)." ~ by clack on Mar 4, 2010 12:07 PM EST Ever been to an unfamiliar mall and looked at the directory to find the universal "you are here" identifier? Well, this comment that I linked to and its original post are where I'm currently at, if anybody cares. Not intended to make flame. Intended instead to, perhaps, provoke further discussion. * the orginal comment does not have a strikethrough or "forget" in brackets; that's my doing.


Laying It Out on the Table: Questions to Ponder

Season Win % X Finish Place Average Athletics Average AL Team Y 2000 0.565 6.5 1st in AL West 19,922 27,933 -28.7 ...

Timmy and Bus, Episode 2: Phenoms


I thought that this video was funny as hell. I'm sure someone else has seen this and DLD'd it -- though a power search revealed nada. If you enjoy some stoner humor, you might want to check this out. And then check out anything with a Lincecum tag. My apologies if this has been posted before. Again, I did at least try some searches that revealed nothing.

Arroyo: ‘Wouldn’t be surprised’ to be on drug list


Bronson Arroyo is amazingly candid about his PEDz candy usage. The game, the history of's all got to be viewed quite differently now. There was a time in my life where I would have been all sanctimonious about this. Now, I feel that I'd be exactly like Arroyo had I been in his position.


Garret Anderson?

What is it about Garret Anderson that interests Beane? I just don't get it -- not even if the intent is to have him being in a platoon situation, batting only against RHPs.  The guy just doesn't...


Optimistic about the 2007? Don't be!

How can you be optimistic about the 2007 Athletics? Let's face the facts, the team lost Barry Zito, our former Cy Young Award winner and our most streaky pitcher - I'm told by stat guys, that hot &...


Free Agent Market Madness

 The players of the free agent class are commanding a ridiculous amount of money this year.  Remember the 7-year 105 million dollar contract that Kevin Brown signed several years ago?  I remember...


Take your protein pills and put your helmets on

That's right, as in: "commencing countdown [magic numbers] on."  Hat tip to baseballgirl.  Look, AN [and various lurking Angels' fans - to include the alias NoWeWont], the fat lady just sang and...


You assemble the 2007 rotation (w/ poll question).

If you were in the General Manager's shoes this off-season, how would you shore up the 2007 starting rotation after assuming that Harden, Haren, Blanton, and Loaiza are still part of the rotation...


A little something to "stir the pot"

So, I'm sitting here on my computer, waiting for a potential employer to call me and give me details on when and where to interview, and I'm noticing that there's not a whole lot of new diaries...


Progression to the Margin?

The following text is taken from a book written by Todd Buchholz titled New Ideas from Dead Economists (from chapter VII "Alfred Marshall and the Marginalist Mind"): ...Imagine you are traveling...


OT? Probably but you be the judge.

Warning: clear violation of the community guidlines ensues. Law would make ISPs responsible for posters Sue the messenger By INQUIRER staff: Tuesday 07...


DLD - 1/17

This is my second time initiating the Daily Link Dump.  I don't enjoy being the one to start it because I like the format others use - finding several snippets from multiple articles and then...


DLD 12/14

The Arizona Diamondbacks will send Javier Vazquez to the White Sox for Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez and outfield prospect Chris Young, the Arizona Republic and other newspapers reported Wednesday. T...


Why Loaiza?

[EDITOR'S NOTE - This is one of the best diaries I've ever seen on AN. I want to give all kinds of props to Lowcountryjoe for this one and it deserves the front page. I'm kicking myself for not...


Why do you post here?

Why do you post here? I know the answer for everyone; you're seeking attention, that's what you're doing.  Anyone who posts a diary or a comment does so because they are seeking attention.  In...


Eric Chavez - $52 million through 2010

I first want to point out that I like Eric Chavez and there are - given realistic budget constraints and age considerations - only two 3B [Ramirez and Wright] in MLB that I'd prefer to see in...


To Nico. In RE to 'Woes'

The A's don't really have a true "leadoff hitter". The ideal leadoff hitter should get on base a lot, and be a disruptive force able to move around the bases in many ways. Chone Figgins and Johnny...


Athletics Nation as an Enterprise

I have been thoroughly impressed at how the concept of `idea sharing' has led to a more informed and enlightened society.  As a baseball related web site that centers around the Oakland Athletics,...


Random questions and thoughts

Why is it that some fans come up with trade proposals where their favorite team is greatly enriched while the other team is, to put it nicely, violated? Why don't some blog participants check the...


My Trade Related Thought

This should be much better than the diary I posted at around 5:30 PST.  I deleted that diary to spare myself from certain ridicule.  This one may provoke some ridicule too but I think is far less...


Is Miguel more consistent than Eric?

Over the course of this season I have read from several AN members who exclaimed that Beane should have kept Tejada instead of keeping Chavez.  Not only did I think those AN members were misguided...


Open Letter to AN

Dear Fellow Athletics Nation Member, I have been cranky, irritable, mean-spirited, and I have also posted things to provoke fights between some of you that I vehemently disagree with - a violation...


Oakland's issues (w/ a standard poll question)

The record is 13-15, as we are all painfully aware of.  The team has struggled to find offense but the pitching had been very good.  Now it looks as though both may be shifting directions, although...

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