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Source of minor-league info for The Newberg Report and author of The Ranger Rundown.

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Minor League Age Comparisons

That thing I do comparing Texas's minor leaguers by age to their leagues and team average age vs. league average?  I've done it again.  Also includes messy charts and graphs: http://bit.ly/mbPcJ6   ...


MaxRam Up, Teagarden down, Salty optioned to AAA

Sez Anthony Andro:  The Rangers have sent Taylor Teagarden to the minor leagues and will give Max Ramirez a chance to catch with the big club. The team also reinstated Jarrod Saltalamacchia from...


Another Ownership/Sale Issue

"The Texas Rangers have been in violation of baseball’s collective-bargaining agreement since at least last season for failing to pay $39.55 million into a deferred compensation fund, ...

Rangers ST photo slideshow, day one


Photos from my first full day in Surprise

Rangers Organization-Wide Rule 5 Eligibility


It's a work in progress but I doubt there's more than a handful of mistakes to be corrected.

Jenny Finch's husband is a Ranger. Texas signed Casey Daigle to a minor-league deal.


Jenny Finch's husband is a Ranger. Texas signed Casey Daigle to a minor-league deal.

Latest Non-Prospect Diary


"In Japanese baseball, it is team custom that players bathe fellow teammates. Is this something you have trouble with?"


Nelson Cruz fans, today is your day

Cruz to replace Jason Ellison: http://trsullivan.mlblogs.com/archives/2008/08/cruz_for_ellison.html   75 words The Rangers are calling up outfielder Nelson Cruz from Triple A Oklahoma. He'll...


Ages of Ranger minor leaguers compared to rest of league

Created a database with a bunch of info for each minor league in which the Rangers play, including: 5 youngest and oldest Rangers 10 youngest and 5 oldest players in the entire league C...


On Nelson Cruz

I compared Cruz's 2008 to other great AAA seasons by guys aged 26-28 to test the likelihood of him having a decent MLB career: h...


Kiker's Clinton Debut

Through three innings, 1 hit (to lead off the game), 2 walks, and 5 strikeouts.  All other outs on grounders.To hit the character limit, the press release re the MWL pitcher of the week:Midwest...


Josh Hancock: RIP

http://tinyurl.com/37egkgCards' reliever Josh Hancock died in an auto accident this morning.  No details.Update: Details -- "St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Josh Hancock was killed early Sunday...


BP loves them some Rangers

Joe Sheehan posted his rankings of MLB teams up to #11, and Texas still isn't listed.He's even got Seattle 15th.11 - det 12 - chw 13 - chc 14 - phi 15 - sea 16 - sfo 17 - stl 18 - min 19 - laa 20 -...


Top 100 Prospects per BP's Kevin Goldstein

Hurley is 38th, Volquez 61st.  That is all.To meet the character limit, here's Wikipedia on string theory:  String theory is a model of fundamental physics whose building blocks are one-dimensional...


BP's Kahrl on Ranger offseason

It's firewalled, so only a synopsis:Gagne:  sensible Lofton over Matthews:  also sensible Padilla signing:  solid McCarthy trade: not fond of it (too homer-prone) Sosa and Jamey Wright:  ugh Quiroz...


Ranger in hunt for... Clint Barmes?

http://www.denverpost.com/sports/ci_4822447Well, he gets $3.8 million next year and hit .220/.264/.335 in Coors last season.  What's not to like?I'll fill the 300-character limit with my opinion of...


Gabe Kapler retires

http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2006/12/kapler_to_retir.htmlIs becoming Boston's Sally League manager.  Only 31.  Looked like he was going to be great when he first...


Keltner Test on Juan Gonzalez

If you're interested...http://rangers.scottlucas.com/And to hit the character limit, here's Ecclesiastes 1:2-4 --Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.What...


Koronka and Loe hammered...

...and they didn't pitch well, either.But seriously...Koronka 6.2 IP, 10 H, 5 BB, 1 SO, 5 runs Loe 0.2 IP, 4 H, 2 BB, 1 SO, 5 runs---------------------300 characters!Half a league half a league  ...


Vernon Wells wants to come home

Per ESPN's Keith Law: http://insider.espn.go.com/espn/blog/index?name=law_keith#20060818Vernon Wells has told Blue Jays' management that he has no intention of signing a contract extension to stay...


BP on Frisco

A scout suggest Danks is still too much of a thrower and might be better off in relief.  Another scout is high on Littleton and thinks he's nearly ready.  And on the hitters:The Frisco bats left...


BP on Danks: "meh"

Per Kevin Goldstein:John Danks, LHP, Rangers Statistics for Double-A Frisco: 7.15 ERA, 22.2 IP, 38 H, 10 BB, 28 KObviously, I'm the last guy to worry only about the numbers, but at some point, you...


Almost an "A" lineup today

Wilkerson Young Teixeira Blalock Dellucci Mench Durazo Derosa LairdAnd to fill the character quota, here's some words from the world's cheeriest playwright Samuel Beckett:"It is right that he too...

7/05/05 Game Day Thread


Chris Young (8-4, 3.33) versus Tim Wakefield (7-6, 3.94). Wakefield has a career ERA of 5.51 in 67 innings at The Ballpark. Your lineup.



Unless Adam doesn't check in by game-time, my time is up. I'd like to thank him for letting me dispense bloggy goodness in his absence, and I'd also like to remind his readers that I maintain my...

7/04/05 Game Day Thread


Ricardo Rodriguez (2-1, 3.65) versus Wade Miller (2-2, 5.14).  Richard Hidalgo sits against a righty for the fourth time in five games.  Your starting lineup.

Give Credit Where Due


By sweeping the Kansas City Royals over the weekend, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim set a franchise record for wins at midseason with 51. Twice they've had a record of 49-32 after 81 games. In...

7/03/05 Game Day Thread


Sorry for the delay in the game thread.  I hit the send button and took off, then came back to discover it didn't post.Kenny "The Pugilist" Rogers (9-3, 2.46) versus lefty Jamie Moyer (6-3, 4.88)....

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