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Whose Jersey Yabuyin?

Twinkie Town community member Luke in MN asks the important question: whose jersey are you jonesing to buy?


Most Important Twins, Round 6

Fifth place is the answer to your question if your question is "Oswaldo, where is it that he is at?" Maybe you have been looking for him? He doesn't wear a striped hat and matching sweater, but...


Most Important Twins, Round 5

Alex Meyer wins round 4 without trouble and looks set to shoulder the greatest weight of our pitching hopes. Meyer turning into a star might be about as important as anything given how starved...

Most Important Twins, Round 4

Which Twin will have the biggest impact on the team over the next six years? Nolasco? Arcia? Meyer? Someone else? YOU DECIDE.

Most Important Twins, Round 3

Continue the voting challenge!


Most Important Twins, Round 2

The phenom who hasn't played above high A will be a bigger part of the Twins' success over the next 6 years than our 30-year-old All Star who's pacing a hall-of-fame career, according to voters. ...

Most Important Twins: Round 1

Luke in MN wants to know: who will have the biggest impact for the Twins on the field over the next six years?

Twins Hitting Prospects Cheat Sheet

Luke in MN examines production of Twins hitting prospects in relation to age and level of competition. What do you think he finds?

Free Colabello, Clete

Aaron Hicks and Chris Parmelee are OPSing around .500 and .600 respectively. Chris Colabello and Clete Thomas are both over 1.000 at Rochester. They're not prospects, but why not bring them up to...


More basking in early-season prospect glory.

Yeah, it's way early, but these are the top 10 qualified hitters by wRC+ (an overall measure of offensive value) in the whole of the minor leagues: Rank Name Team Age PA AVG ...


Taylor Swift v. Luke in MN

She is young, rich, and famous. I am less young, less rich, and less famous, but have a more stable personal life and a less annoying tendency of singing about it. It's a close battle. The only...


Stats for Twins at the World Baseball Classic

This includes Samuel Deduno's 7-strikeout 4-inning performance against Mauer & the Americanese today. AB R RBI BB AVG OBP SLG OPS Justin Morneau Canada 11 4 3 1...


Hicks 3-4 with 3 homers against Philly currently.

First against Cliff Lee. Benson is striking out a lot. Mastrioanni I haven't seen much about, but his name is hard to spell. Hicks is going apestuff on all you all. Words Words Words...

Fancier Sickels-based Team Prospect Rankings

Cowbell, Clutterheart and others pointed out that my scoring system for determining team prospect rankings based on John Sickels's team top 20s wasn't all that great because I was undervaluing...


Twins farm #3ish per Sickels lists

Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickels has finalized his top-20 prospect lists for each team for the year. He grades prospects with letter grades, A to C. I took his lists and created team...

BA on Kyle Gibson in AFL


Probably the most hopeful thing for the Twins' rotation I've read all year. Numbers, scouting both phenomenal after 2 starts. Quote: "He looked like he was beyond the level of this league—and not because of the pitchability but because the stuff was so good," said one National League evaluator in attendance. "It was top of the rotation stuff. He was moving the ball back and forth, in and out. He's ready. Now it's just a matter of him staying healthy."


What do Mauer and Cabrera need to do this weekend to win the batting title?

Assuming that they both have 11 official at bats in the 3 weekend games, which is about what they have averaged in such a span this year, here's the minimum Mauer needs to do to win the batting...


Willingham, Mauer, Plouffe & the best MLB hitting trios

Mauer, Willingham, and Plouffe are basically numbers 1, 2, and 3 for why I watch the Twins this year. So how many teams have had 3 guys hit that well this year? Here's the list. You qualify for...


Trevor Plouffe and the Best. Month. Ever.

Plouffe was drafted 20th overall by the Twins in 2004, but has never made Baseball America's top 100. After the 2007 season, Plouffe was the #8 prospect on the Twins according to Kevin Goldstein,...

K. Goldstein on M. Sano


Pay article, but a fun Miguel Sano writeup by Kevin Goldstein, who saw him on Monday when he hit two dingers: "Miguel Sano was the main event….Having never seen Sano in person, I walked into the park with numerous expectations, and so many of them turned out to be wrong: I expected him to be huge, but he’s simply big….I expected him to be a free swinging maniac, and he’s anything but….I expected him to have some power, and he has tons. ..Both [homers] were to the opposite field, and he really didn’t fully connect on either…already has the swing of a power hitter. …There are far more advanced hitters who don’t have the kind of loft and backspin Sano generates without incorporating an uppercut; it’s rare to see a teenager in Low-A who almost easily projects to have the power of a No. 4 hitter in a major league lineup, but Sano does….I expected him to be a laughably awful defensive player, but he was merely bad." Since I’m cribbing the article a bit, I should mention that Kevin Goldstein is a lot of fun and generates tons of interesting prospect content at BP. And if you haven’t checked out his "Up and In" Podcast, but are looking for a couple 30-something hipster smartasses who talk about baseball and prospects for about 3 hours a week, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?


Fangraphs ranks the Twins by position

Fangraphs ranked all teams in baseball by position. How did the Twins do? With surprising cromulence! (click links for the articles and full rankings) Catcher: 2nd 1st base: 12th 2nd base: ...


Mauer money, Mauer problems

Year 1 of Joe Mauer’s big contract went badly. Mauer was paid to be one of the best players in the game, and last season he was something like the 163rd best player (by Fangraphs WAR, Mauer...


Expect big things from Trevor Plouffe

In between MLB stints, Trevor Plouffe has hit .313/.384/.635 over 220 plate appearances in the AAA International League this year. Reducing that offensive beat down to a single number, you get a...

Strib: Sid: Twins have no hope...of winning 100 games.


Under the headline, "Twins have no hope," Sid Hartman reasons that the Twins have to win at an .800 clip for the rest of the season to make the playoffs. Of course, winning 80% of their remaining games would leave the Twins with about 100 wins, which would have been more than enough to win the central basically every year the central has existed. Winning at a not-unthinkable .600 clip for the rest of the season would give us about 84 wins and an off-chance at winning what seems to be a very weak division. Not trying to beat up on an elder gentleman's off-the-cuff math, but just for the record, and contra our esteemed paper of record, there is still *some* hope.


Gibson, Swarzak, and home-grown Twins starters

The Twins have a pretty impressive collection of currently active, home-grown MLB starters and former starters, all of whom have come up in the last decade (I’m leaving Santana out of this).  Kyle...


These Twins will hit (at least they should, darn it)

We really, really, really shouldn't be hitting this badly. Really, darn it.


I'm just projecting

(I originally posted this at Twinkietown, but I thought the subject matter would be interesting to all ya’ll here.  Btw, I should give some props to my good friend Erik who helped me whenever the...


I'm just projecting

So I did some pitcher projections (spreadsheet link here).  A little project that turned into a little obsession. I projected every pitcher with at least 50 IP in the last 3 years.  Maybe I’ll get...

Twins camping trip!


It's new commercial time again. I thought this one was pretty great. Don't give up Danny!

LEN3 Spring Training Nuggets


Baker better after minor setback a month ago. Nishioka funny, a grunter. Kepler big, polished.

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