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Melton Negotiations: the inside scoop.

Please note: this is just a joke, it's not to be taken seriously. For background on the joke please quickly check this small article here. Deep into negotiations... Jerry Jones feeling confident:...


Salary Cap Comparisons.

Part A: How Much Money Is Spent? I want to address some claims I see being made about Dallas' management of their roster, particularly the Salary Cap. It's often repeated that although we might...


Eagles to Lions: from the run to the pass.

The Past. Before the Eagles game I mentioned that Dallas has played 3 back-to-back division games with Jason Garrett as Head Coach. We went 1-1 in 2010, 0-2 in 2011 and 1-1 in 2012. After...


Redskins to Eagles: a division double.

The Past: This was a victory for the unsung heroes. None of the big stars really dominated. Instead we saw our #4 WR (a 7th rounder from Garrett's first draft) make huge plays (helped by great...


Broncos to Redskins: a victory this way comes.

The Past: Wow. What a game. Certainly one of the best games I've ever seen. Dallas' offense went toe-to-toe with the Denver/Manning juggernaut and were so close, so very close to a classic upset...


Chargers to Broncos: A Quarter Mark Summary.

The Past: Before the Chargers game I wrote a Fanpost about the Rams win and the upcoming Chargers. It seemed barely anyone read it so I'm going to quote a few sections from it: The Rams are a...


Rams and Chargers Contrast.

The Past: While shutting down the St Louis Rams was good (and very fun to watch) let's not overestimate that team. PFF had them ranked as the 17th offense in the league (12th passing, 26th...


"I Lied" - I Agree. A proper look at the pass Defense.

This post is a rebuttal to the "I Lied" Fanpost from The Real Dirk Gently. Click here if you'd like to view it or review it. I believe that post makes many incorrect and unsubstantiated claims....

Trade Value Chart


In the first ten minutes of the "Day 3: Post Draft Press Conference" video Stephen and then Jerry discuss the trade value chart, how it works and where it came from. Well worth a look especially for those who get hung up on how strictly a trade adheres to the internet charts and assign winners and losers based on it.


Romo's Three Interceptions.

A breakdown of the 3 interceptions. This article is not a "Romo needs to be traded" article. Nor is it a "Romo is a serial choker" article. I do not believe Romo is the sole or primary reason for...


A Long Time in the Making

The problem with Dallas is that they've simply failed to excel in the areas they've invested their resources. The problems now and of the past go far beyond Garrett. The disaster today on the...

Jason Witten on Jason Garrett


"Jason’s been great," Witten said. "The wins haven’t shown it but Jason is a great coach. I can’t speak more highly about any coach I’ve had. He does a tremendous job of laying it out there and giving you the game plan to go succeed with the adjustments and all that goes in. He’s doing a phenomenal job. We just got to play better."


Cowboys No Huddle experiment versus Bucs.

The No Huddle is an idea that has been bandied about on this site several times as Romo seems to do really well in those scenarios. The team seemed to give it a try against the Bucs. Here's the...


Ranking the Team

For those who are interested here's a summary of PFF's cumulative grades for the first 2 weeks of the 2012 season.

For fun and bragging rights, put your 53 man roster down and we'll see who nails it. Bonus points...


For fun and bragging rights, put your 53 man roster down and we'll see who nails it. Bonus points for practice squad. My 53: QB (2) – Romo, Orton. RB (4) – Murray, Jones, Tanner, Vickers. WR (6) – Austin, Bryant, Ogletree, Harris, Beasley, Coale. TE (3) – Witten, Phillips, Hanna. OT (3) – Smith, Free, Parnell. OG/OC (6) – Livings, Bernadeau, Costa, Arkin, Dockery, Leary. DL (7) – Ratliff, Hatcher, Lissemore, Coleman, Spears, Brent, Crawford. OLB (5) – Ware, Spencer, Butler, Wilber, Hamilton. ILB (4) – Lee, Carter, Connor, Albright. CB (5) – Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Jenkins, Butler. S (5) – Sensabugh, Church, McCray, Johnson, Silva. SP (3) – Bailey, Ladoucer, Jones. Eight Practice Squad players: QB – Rudy Carpenter. HB – Lance Dunbar. FB – Shaun Chapas. WR – Andre Holmes. WR – Saleem Hakim. DE – Ben Bass. ILB – Orie Lemon. S – Eddie Whitely. What is your 53?


Cowboys / Raiders

Note: I realize yet another Fanpost breaking down a preseason game is a bit redundant but what's done is done :) I didn't get to see the game live and had to wait a day to download and watch it....

League Admits No Rules Violated


From PFT: Per a league source, the Redskins engaged in a conference call with the league office regarding the situation. And the conversation, we’re told, included the league conceding to G.M. Bruce Allen that the Redskins violated no rules and did nothing wrong. The league explained that the Redskins’ actions (and the Cowboys’) "affected competitive balance." What about the teams that opted to underspend in the year with no salary cap or salary floor? Those teams also necessarily affected competitive balance by choosing to be uncompetitive.


The Stanford Routt Situation

It was pointed out to me in my 2012 Offseason Fanpost that a CB I had Dallas acquiring in Free Agency (William Middleton) was actually a restricted free agent and almost definitely not available. I...


Dallas Cowboys Offseason 2012

Part One: 2012 Free Agents Note: I'm not an expert Capologist but I have tried to keep this realistic. Forgive me if some figures aren't 100% accurate but I think, and hope, they are at least...


Jason & Jerry

  The theorizing about power struggles at Valley Ranch caught my interest. I thought I'd give my take.   My expert analysis is that Jerry only hires coaches that he has incriminating photos of to...

NFL players allegedly need loans already


From the article:"Players from at least 16 NFL teams have turned to short-term loans with high interest rates as a way to keep cash flowing amid the month-old lockout, reported Tuesday. The NFL Players Association started payments to players from its lockout "war chest" nearly two weeks ago, but according to the report many players are still in need of the risky loans. As many as 10 percent of the NFL's nearly 1,800 players have already signed off on such loans, and at least another 20 percent are in the process of doing so, according to a prominent financial adviser who spoke to on condition of anonymity." Not sure how accurate this information is coming from an anonymous source. It would seem extreme to me that so many players (allegedly 10% now and another 20% soon, totaling 30% of the league!!) already are in need of loans. Also, and maybe you guys can help me out here, even if there was no lock-out what payments would these guys be getting in the off-season anyway?? Aren't the vast majority of their wages paid in game cheques? I know some players have bonuses this time of year but I don't see how almost 30% of the league could be short of cash because of that. If there is substantial truth to the article it's a terrible sign for the players. For now, I'm taking this report with a large grain of salt.


Wonderlic Redux

The Wonderlic is topical at the moment again so I'm going to update a Fanpost I did in March 2009. It looked at Wonderlic scores of NFL QB's and found there's a high correlation that very...


Adrian Peterson: Modern Day Slave.

Adrian "Poverty" Peterson earlier today singing for his supper. First, the obvious ridiculousness of the comparison. A slave; 1) a person having no freedom of action or right to property, 2) a...

Singletary failed to replicate success


Interesting article where Lombardi does not hold back. There's some posters here who insist we need a 'screamer' type, some wanted Singletary hired previously and incredibly some still are calling for Singletary now. On Lombardi's leadership criteria list, the first two paragraphs sound exactly like what Garrett did when he got promoted.

Irvin vs anti-Garrett


Great NFL Network clip with Michael Irvin laying a hard slab of common sense on Faulk and Eisen about Jason Garrett and the new Dallas Cowboys. Faulk and Eisen have no answer (not that Irvin would let them get a word in, hahaha). People complain that the Cowboys are always hated in the media but Irvin flies the flag as high as can be here.


Jason Garrett.

Jason Garrett is a Dallas Cowboy through and through. How many young OC's would turn down Head Coaching jobs at quality NFL teams like Baltimore and Atlanta to stay OC for their current team. Very,...


The Garrett Revolution.

There's been so much Jason Garrett (he's in the main columns, the fan-posts, the comment section) talk lately that I just needed to get involved. I've heard all the Garrett theories but I really...


When referencing Smith...

When referencing Emmitt Smith and his Hall of Fame career commentators often refer to the “he wasn't the biggest or the fastest” etc type comments. The implication is sometimes that Emmitt wasn't...


Cowboys RT template.

I really dislike the Cowboys mold at RT.  They seem to just zero in on one type of prospect and their success has been poor.


NFL Draft 2010.

I think it might be a rough day early for us in regards to the Oline. I think there's a real chance that all the Olineman we'd consider at 27 will be gone; Okung, Bulaga, Williams, Davis, Iupati...

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