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Phase 2 Rosterbation (Danny Granger trade options?)

Last thread was laggy. Here's a new one. For like the millionth year in a row, we have to deal with the Danny Granger trade chatter. First rumor we've heard has involved Cleveland. I went over to...


Cathartic, Post-Loss Rosterbation

In our heart of hearts, after we lost game 3, many of us saw this loss coming. But there's no better way to get over a letdown that ends a Pacers season than a rosterbation thread. It may be too...


Strategies for Defending Miami

With some conversation popping up about how the Pacers are going to handle the matchups for this series, I was wondering what the best possible defensive assignments could be. We've seen a mixed...


A nice, quiet place to rosterbate

Other thread's too stale and laggy. This may be our last chance to rosterbate before the trade deadline. Let's do it right. We still have needs and money. What will we do? I'm going to just paste...


Rosterbation...The Dust has settled, what do we do next?

Now that we've gotten Miles Plumlee out of our systems, it's time to figure out what the Pacers should do next. Free Agency is upon us starting July 1, and there's going to be some crazy talk going...


Best meme ever...MUST SEE!

If you haven't seen this yet it's on FB. via Put it on a FanPost so more people would see it. WORD COUNTWORD COUNTWORD COUNTWORD COUNTWORD COUNTWORD COUNTWORD COUNTWORD COUNTWORD...


Operation Rosterbation...The Trade Deadline Cometh!

Well, it's been two weeks, so the last rosterbation thread got taken down off of the front page. But let's see if we can cram some rumor links, trade ideas and general tom-foolery into the next six...


Trade Deadline Rosterbation...To Absorb, or not to Absorb

We haven't had a rosterbation thread in a while, so here's one, if y'all wanna rec it up. Everybody mentions Indiana in trade (or former Chinese league free agent) talks because the Pacers have so...

PG the new favorite to win the dunk contest?


Iman Shumpert dropped out. No Jeremy Lin tossing lobs. Just Williams (big men are always at a disadvantage, unless they're Dwight Howard/Blake Griffin level freaks), A white dude (apologies to Brent Berry, who won with a free throw line dunk), someone I've never heard of and Paul.


Kevin Martin's not happy...Could we make a trade work?

Kevin Martin had this to say after his first scoreless game: “If we’re winning and I’m sitting, I’m happy. Tonight, we got beat and I’m on a 10-day contract leash. I’m not happy about that just...

So the Pacers ARE NOT pursuing JR Smith?


On Smith's Twitter status it lists Indiana as a possible destination. But this guy, however connected he is, had enough pull to get the above tweet up on Not that Smith will realistically come here, even if we overpaid him. But it's interesting all the mixed messages we're getting. Sounds like typical Bird confusion tactics...

Mark Jackson with a classic CYA regarding Lin


This isn't really Pacers related, unless you still consider M-Jax a Pacer, but if you read his quotes he sounds absolutely pissed that people are blaming him for the Warriors cutting Jeremy Lin. Funny how one guy can make so many people look stupid with 10 days' worth of awesome basketball...


A Continuation on the 10-Day Contract Conversation-Some Realistic NBDL Options

I think the Pacers are in a tricky situation, but as Tom posted on the front page the other day, albeit slight, there is a chance the Pacers could score a diamond in the rough via a 10-day...

Sources speculate on Hibbert's off-season value


$11-$13 million? That'd be sweet. Still can't help but think some idiot, or group of idiots, is going to up the ante a smidge. Here's hoping we can sign him for what these sources are suggesting.


Chris Kaman Rental, Anyone?

Chris Kaman is reportedly available. So available, in fact, that the Hornets will not play him until they trade him. Given his injury history, this is awfully nice of them.


EJ doesn't agree to extension...what it means for the Pacers

First of all, GO PACERS! I was watching the game and creeping on Blogabull to watch those @ssholes cry about the refs and insult us all fourth quarter. The Pacers bounced back in a big way against...



* DG was shaky at best, but did what we all wanted him to do: Hit open threes, make a few great plays and show genuine effort on both ends. The efficiency will hopefully come sooner rather than...


Ranking the NBA Big Threes

Our problem in Indiana has perennially been our lack of a "Big Three." We had one during Reggie's prime (Reggie/Jalen Rose/Rik Smits) and had one during the pre-brawl era (JO/Stephen Jackson/Ron...


Last minute options

I think the Pacers can live without the "shot creator" backup combo guard, though that certainly would have been nice. But what they can't live without is more post depth. Jeff Pendergraph, as good...

Good Andrew Perna story on Pacers from RealGm


Perna's always good. If you haven't stayed with the conversation over here at IC and want a quick update, read this. He pretty much sums up the entire spectrum of thinking from everyone who's written or commented over here.


Team-by-team big men we could trade for

We need some bigs. Is there a big on every team we could trade for? Probably not. But here's a list anyway (with my idea of what would be a fair deal for each one) that includes almost every team...


Looking on the Bright Side

As Monty Python teaches us, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" That hasn't necessarily been my motto throughout my 28 years on this planet, I'm afraid to say, but now I think it's time to...


Trades NOT involving Granger

So we've thoroughly divided ourselves on the trade Granger front. With all this CBA confusion, and still not knowing the draft order, there's very little we can know for certain. I know that people...


Free Agency-Part 4: Point Guards

In the last of my free agency series FanPosts I'd like to cover what I consider to be priority #4, the backup point guard spot. While I feel a scoring SG, a backup or starting-caliber PF or a...


Free Agency-Part 3: Centers

I've heard a lot of interesting opinions regarding the Pacers' need for shooting guards and power forwards. Currently, the overwhelming favorites for the team to pursue/re-sign at each position,...


Free Agency-Part 2: Power Forward

Yesterday I started my free agency FanPost series with shooting guards and got a lot of good feedback. Now I'll move on to a position that we've been pining for since Jermaine O'Neal's prime: Power...


Free Agency-Part 1: Shooting Guard

Now that the dust has settled and we all probably feel a little better about our 2011-12 Indiana Pacers than we did a few weeks ago, it's time to get that off-season chatter going. I know some have...


Anybody want to help fill me in on the 2012 situation?

So there are 13 scholarships to give, right?So far I'm counting 12 scholarships for 2012 that I think are locks:  Jordy Hulls, PG (Sr) Christian Watford, SF/PF (Sr) Mo Creek, SF (Sr) Derek Elston,...


Is it realistically time to tank?

Maybe the Vogel era can't be remembered as a bright, shining moment in Pacers history...but maybe his dynasty can be about doing what JOB could never accomplish: tanking at the appropriate time. Or...

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