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Former Major League Baseball player drafted second overall in the January secondary 1970 Major League Baseball Draft. Nicknamed "the Alameda Rifle."

Played 19 seasons in the Major Leagues as a shortstop for the Montreal Expos, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, and briefly for the St. Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins during the 1984 season. Accrued a career .246 batting average and a .970 fielding percentage.

Lyle's career is astonishingly similar to Chris Speier's.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NCAAB Memphis Tigers
  • NFL St. Louis Rams
  • NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide
  • NBA Sacramento Kings
User Blog

Matt Cain's hometown newscast report


If anybody is interested, here's how Matt's hometown covered his record-setting feat. His mom is interviewed, as is his HS coach. It includes some yearbook photos.


OT: looking for advice on SF hotels

We (the wife and I, as well as our 2 grown children) are planning a trip to San Francisco in late June to see the mighty orange and french vanilla play in person. It's been several years since we...


Poll (2 of 2): Chuckie Jones

Just trying to accurately gauge where most prospect-watchers would rank both Chuckie Jones and Charlie Culberson.  Again, this is in response to the spirited conversation on the Community Prospect...


Poll (1 of 2): Culberson

The conversation on the Community Prospect List #7 Poll got me wondering about just where we all view the proper ranking of both Charlie Culberson and Chuckie Jones.  Lots of folks seemed to think...

Matt Cain's hometown names him their Sportsman of the Year


Hometown boy does good, etc, etc. Nice to see our guys get recognition in different parts of the country.

Steve Phillips "fixes" the SF Giants


Yeah, it's pretty much what you'd expect from the estimable Mr. Phillips. The Giants have some holes on offense, so the solution is to spend big on free agents like Adrian Beltre and Vlad Guerrero, then round things out by signing Scott Podsednik. Uh, no.


Prospects pre-Poll poll

I'm assuming Mr. Wheeler is the presumptive favorite for the title "best pitcher in the organization."  And I'm also guessing that in marcello's Community Prospects voting we'll have a lot of...

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A spokesman for Jamie McCourt says a judge has ruled that a postnuptial...


LOS ANGELES (AP) - A spokesman for Jamie McCourt says a judge has ruled that a postnuptial marital agreement that gives sole ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers to Frank McCourt is not valid. Mark Fabiani told The Associated Press the decision means the Dodgers could be shared under California's community property law. Fabiani says he has seen the ruling that was shared with attorneys Tuesday but has yet to review the entire document. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon's decision came after an 11-day trial that focused on whether the postnuptual pact signed between Jamie and Frank McCourt in 2004 should decide who owns the team.

Gaby Sanchez: Best Teammate Ever


OK, I couldn't figure out how to make this a video FanShot, so you'll have to click the link. This was from last night's Marlins vs. Nationals game. Nyjer Morgan charges the mound against Chris Volstad (in itself an unwise move). But the best part of the fight is when 1B Gaby Sanchez joins in the fight. Morgan gets in one punch, then WHAM!


What's the deal with Baggs and KNBR?

Sorry, this should be a FanShot, but I couldn't figure out how to make a brief one that didn't involve a quote or a link.  I've been on vacation all week, and while trying to catch up on Baggs'...

Eli Whiteside


In honor of our erstwhile slugger, here's the blurb from his proud alma mater.


OT: What's your favorite Firefox theme?

Sorry, no rosterbation here (Renteria for Morneau!).  No, I just bought a new 27" iMac, and I've been using Firefox for the last several years.  I'm looking to update the Firefox theme I use, and I...


Poll: What should be done?

What should the Giants do to maximize their potential this year?  (moderators, feel free to delete if this is superfluous - I did a quick check, but I've been out of town for a week) We seem to be...

Ask BA: minor league strength


Congratulations to Roger for getting a question answered by Ben Badler yesterday.

Rockies showcasing Atkins


The Denver Post says the Rockies will be showcasing Garret Atkins this week, in hopes of generating trade interest. So, simple question fellow McCovenitss: are we interested? What would be the relative advantages/disadvantages to adding him to the team? Who would you be willing to trade to get him? Perhaps more important, what do you think the Rockies are looking for in return (i.e., how highly do they regard him)? Pablo seems pretty decent at 3B, and Atkins is struggling this year. Yet perhaps this is an opportunity to "buy low."


BA: early 2008 draft grades

Here's the link, which I don't think is subscriber-only.   Buster Posey comes in at a reasonable #5, and Brandon Crawford gets a gratifying #9.  MCC crowd favorite Justin Smoak, although currently...


Draft Musings

As the June 9th draft approaches, some amateur players are beginning to establish themselves, either higher or lower.  I noticed that Andy Seiler, on John Sickel's website, has a mock first round...

Merkin Valdez to have more surgery


Not sure if I'm doing this correctly, but I thought some of you would want to know this. This is Andy Baggarly's report, dated today, in Baseball America. It appears to be subscriber only; he says that Valdez had problems with his already surgically repaired right (throwing) elbow and came back to the US for a medical opinion, and the opinion is that Merkin needs more surgery. I'm really disappointed for him, and for our bullpen next year. Mods, please delete if there's already a raging discussion about this somewhere else - I looked but didn't find one.


McCoven Poll on Renteria

Pretty simple, really.  In reading the fanpost on the apparent signing of SS Edgar Renteria, it seems there are different opinions about the wisdom of this move.  So let's have a poll to gauge the...


Division races projection recap

Back on March 26th, Grant proposed that we try to predict all six division races in baseball.  Forty-eight people made the attempt, possibly our highest response ever.  Grant promised a prize of...


OT: Evan's Election Projection recap

Since thirteen of us were foolhardy enough to venture guesses on the election, I thought I'd do a recap for those interested (warning: no Trade Matt Cain content). Here are the numbers so far (MN...


Projection recap: Aaron Rowand

Last December's free agent signing of Aaron Rowand generated lots of comments by us Giants fans.  I think Ott summed it up best: So, which Rowand are we getting? The .270/.320/.420 from his...


Projection recap: Eugenio Velez

Here are the results of our March 25 community projections for Eugenio Velez (or, as some of the McCoven fondly refer to him, Speedy McFuckup):                            AVG   OBP   SLG   HR  ...


Projection recap: Ray Durham

Here's the link to the community projection for RayRay.  As a group, we mostly  underestimated Mr. Durham.  To wit:                                            AVG.      OBP      SLG      ...


Projection recap: Matt Cain


Projection recap: Brian Wilson

Brian's actual 2008 stats: ERA: 4.62    IP: 62.1    K: 67    BB: 28    HRA: 7    Saves: 41


Pablo Sandoval article

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