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Brandon Flowers anyone?

So it's only speculation, but should Brandon Flowers be cut by the Chiefs would he fit in with the Bengals defensive style of play? Cant see how the Bengals couldn't find a way to resurrect his...


New England needs a TE; Cincy has more than enough...

Personally, I like Gresham. So I'm not thinking Gresham to the Patriots. I'm not even thinking Orson Charles. Richard Quinn, however, was a second round pick by Josh McDaniels. Unfortunately,...


Vince Young Anyone?

Ok, so he might be a bit of a head case...still, the guy is talented. Cincy had people at the Texas Pro Day and apparently VY put on a show. Maybe he turned some heads? Is Josh Johnson really...


Chris Ivory or Eddie Lacy?

Forget taking Lacy in the first's a reach and we all know it. But if he were to fall to 2a or even 2b (if for some reason his stock drops a bit) which would you prefer? And don't say...


DBs, Who Stays and Who Goes?

Hall, Dre, and Nelson are all obvious stays, but beyond that who stays? Adam Jones is having one heck of a year, but will he expect money the Bengals won't pay him? Newman and Clements are both...


How do we feel about the RB position?

There has been campaigning for J. Stewart, talk about the possibility of guys like Steve Slaton and Kendal Hunter becoming available, and even discussion about grabbing supplemental draft...


How does WhoDey Nation feel about the Bengals RBs?

The Law Firm, B. Scott, B. Leonard, and Boom are the likely four candidates to see action as RB this coming year. If anyone feels I'm missing someone that has a solid chance of getting reps at...


Mike Thomas as the #2?

So a little while back I wrote a short article asking what people thought about the possibility of adding Dexter McCluster to the Bengals backfield in the event he was released or placed on the...


Dexter McCluster anyone?

I read on Rotoworld that Dexter McCluster could possibly find it difficult to stay on the Chiefs roster ( Naturally, it's all speculation,...


With Three 5th Round Picks...

It would appear that the only move here is to package a few late round picks to move up in the draft. I know it's not typical Bengals style to make logical choices, but this past year has been...


Draft vs. Free Agency

Considering the quality and depth in the draft, what position would best be addressed in FA? A Guard would open up the Bengals to drafting needed positions of DB and RB in the first round. But...


Can we just all agree that if TR falls to 17...

Can we just all agree that if Trent Richardson falls to the Bengals that ITS A MUST PICK! I've kind of been back and forth on this, but think about who the offense would be made up of: Dalton,...


With the 17th pick...

So with the regular season over and the Raiders out of the playoffs ESPN posted the order of the first 20 picks and our first round pick from the Raiders falls at 17. There has been mixed opinion...


Brandon Lloyd on the block

This might be a stretch.  However, with Shipley out for the year and pending legal issues with Jerome Simpson trading for Lloyd might not be such a terrible move.  He has great hands and would...


Taylor Mays

I didn't get to watch the game, but I was wondering how Taylor Mays looked.  Can anyone offer their analysis?  I've seen some highlights and I'm loving how Michael Johnson looked.  And the team...


StripeHype mentions trade rumors involving Green Bay

Can anyone shed any light on this?   "So in summary the Bengals are parting ways with UDFA’s Cox, Gardner, Johnson & Williams. They also waived UFL/NFL journeyman  WR, Standeford. Some of this...


Are the Bengal's WRs that good, or are the Bengals CBs that bad?

All I keep reading is how Leon Hall keeps getting beat by AJ Green, or how Jerome Simpson is really developing and making some plays in practice.  I hear Gresham is a beast (to be expected) and...


Teams over the cap

By end of day Friday teams are going to have to be under the 120 mil cap.  There are some teams out there that are over the cap by quite a bit and will likely have to make some cuts if they can't...


We have Benson. How about Ricky Williams?

Believe it or not, Ricky Williams still has a little gas left in the tank.  HB isn't a pressing position presently, but sooner or later the Bengals are going to have to deal with a potential...

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