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Born in Bellefonte, lived in State College until I was 10.
Penn State '92.
Grandparents lived around the corner from the Paternos for decades.

Sane Penn Stater, so, of course, banned from Black Shoe Diaries.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Miami Marlins
  • NBA Miami Heat
  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NCAAF Penn St. Nittany Lions
  • NCAAB Penn St. Nittany Lions
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Larry Johnson to Ohio State

I'd probably have written this here even if I could have written it at BSD, which I can't; but none of them have even come at it from this angle, choosing to instead focus on his supposed sour...

Post-trial issue over Jerry Sandusky case leaks gets a schedule


The interesting thing here is that the judge appears to believe that essentially all of the leaks from before the trial were coming from the defense, a view to which I have myself subscribed with some fervence. (IE, Dranov's supposed McQueary-submarining testimony which turned out to actually support him).


New Freeh report leak focuses on 2007 Meridian fight response

The Meridian fight surfaces now, in a Chronicle of Higher Education story detailing additional leaks from the Freeh investigation. For background, this was precisely when I stopped drinking the...


Reporting to Second Mile

This is something that has bothered me for a long time and somehow I've never put into print. Certain commenters here and at other sites have asserted on numerous occasions that Penn State...

What Did Joe Paterno Know About Jerry Sandusky In 1998? Esquire Unearths Curious New Details From Paterno’s Papers


Via deadspin. The money quote: You will find, if you dig into his archives from 1998, that he was a very busy man—he wrote in one letter that he had "committed all my free time to" and was "really stretched" by the ongoing fundraising campaign. You will find that he was a very reliable man as well. When he planned to do something, he would do it. In fact, if you look at his agenda from 1998, you'll see that he almost always kept to his schedule, and that his only cancellations fall within a very narrow window of time. The first cancellation is on May 15, two days after police listen in on Sandusky's half-confession to the mother of a young boy. That evening, Paterno cuts short a fundraising trip to Valley Forge, then cancels a four-day-long personal vacation he had been planning to take from May 16 to 19, to his summer home in Avalon, New Jersey. He resumes his scheduled fundraising trips in June, about a week after the investigation against Sandusky is dropped. He doesn't miss any more events for the remainder of the year. The following season, Sandusky abruptly and unexpectedly announces his retirement.

McQueary On Camera


Very briefly. Raises more questions than it answers.

Recently fired PSU official connected to perjury case


Poorly written article but should make everybody very nervous when statements like the following are thrown around: One source close to the situation told 6News that new information obtained could be "devastating" to the court cases of former Athletic Director Tim Curley and former Vice President of Business and Finance Gary Schultz.

Uhler Assisting Sandusky Defense


Absent conversations about the duty the system has to make sure the accused have good counsel; this ought to make some people who were brandishing Uhler's defenses of Paterno a little bit sick. I would hope.

Workers Fired For Color Of Their Shirts


Now I kind of feel bad for using "you can be fired for the color of your shirt" as a comeback to all those Paterno apologists who think we live in Western Europe or something.

Court filing releases times/dates/ages for Sandusky victims


Newish nuggets here are that we're back to the "they don't have Victim 2" position and that a lot more happened on PSU's campus than earlier thought.


The Sins of Penn State: The Untold Story of Joe Paterno's Fall

http://www.phillymag.com/articles/the_sins_of_penn_state_the_untold_story_of_joe_paterno_s_fall/page6 A lot of rehash, with some new nuggets sprinkled in. Some more background on Spanier which...

Michael Smerconish: JoePa was not 'real trustee' of Penn State


Which was it? The certainty of "I had never heard a thing" or the sworn testimony of "It may have been discussed in my presence"? What exactly did Paterno mean when he said "it may have been discussed in my presence, something about somebody." One possible interpretation is that he was referring to the 1998 incident.

All Eight Sandusky Victims To Testify


Looks like the claims that Victim Two was either not going to testify or found by Sandusky and going pro-defense were just Lionel Hutz-isms.


Is Schultz "the cops"?

From an old friend of mine from rec.sport.football.college, also known to Mr. Grovich: I worked for the equivalent of Schultz at Virginia Tech. My boss oversaw the cops. (I did a lot of their...

Guess who's tweetin'?


Real? Fake? Hard to tell. Mesmerizing, though.

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