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Actual Colts Draft Board

Hey, I don't know if anyone else saw the video on, but Grigson was talking with Mewhort just telling him that he was now with the Colts. I noticed that Grigson was standing in front of...


"Draft Day" Review

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Let me start off by saying that I love Kevin Costner. I think his best work was "Mr. Brooks" in which he plays a compassionate, yet delusional...


Take a Chance on Me

With Lamar Woodley being cut today, who would you rather have the Colts take a chance on at outside linebacker: Anthony Spencer or Lamar Woodley? PFF stats loved both of these guys when they were...


Senior Bowl Open Thread(s)

Hey Brad and Josh, Can you create a couple open threads on the site for Senior Bowl Week and for the Senior Bowl Game itself? I watch the reports pretty closely during the week, but I think it...


I am sure this will be offensive and will draw many comments

I wrote the following Letter to the Editor of the SBNation at large; however, I do think it best to share here as well for both the community at large and for the Stampede Blue staff. Before...


Great Article Series about Wide Receivers . . . Read to be Smart

Okay, I got to play the role of the Vikes' GM in the Community Mock Draft. As most of our community, I spent a little time at the SB Nation site for the Vikes: SB Nation Daily Norseman. While...


Let's play a game (for the regular StampedeBlue Posters)

Let's take at least a two minute break from posting another user mock draft and play a little game. So, I was talking with my roommate last night who is a regular on Windy City Gridiron about...


Post combine Impressions

Okay, so in all likliehood, you didn't watch the whole combine. But in reality, you probablly did watch at least some of the combine. So, the most obvious question to ask is who really impressed...


Free Agency vs. Drafting (What the numbers say . . .)

Overpaid Free Agents:" > The above link is one of my most favorite articles floating out their on the interwebs. I find it...


In regards to the Prototype WR / one more Ramses Barden topic . . . well kinda

I felt that I needed to write this for some time now as I have seen multiple posters rip the thought of the Colts getting / needing a bigger WR. First, to start off to my detractors, I agree. No...


Black Monday Coaches

I am totally playing devil's advocate here - so please don't savage me too harshly. Suppose Arians is gone due to hiring away, do any of the coaches that are / were let go today intrigue you enough...


My Obligatory Mock Draft Post

We all know we have to do it at some point so I figure I will get mine out of the way: 1st Round - Andrew Luck, QB (Standford) – Yup: no further comment. 2nd Round – Stephen Hill, WR (Georgia...


A fan's note to our new players

To our new players: I would probably say it is a safe bet to assume that at some point our new draft prospects or someone very close to them will stumble upon these message boards. In the event...


Question on a couple lineman

So, I don't live in Indy anymore. I am up in the Northwoods called Minneapolis, MN. Anyways, it is hard to get updates / local insight on the tertiary guys. Two guys I really want to know about are...


Ideal draft . . . in my unexpert opinion

My ideal draft looks something like this: Round 1- OT)  As long as it is not Nate Solder I am okay with whomever it is. Solder reminds me too much of Chris Williams ("Technichian with no strength"...

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