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Question about Nfl game rewind All-22 for those who use it?


I bought the 40 dollar value for NFL game rewind because I wanted to see the coaches video. I get every game but I only get the first quarter of every game in all-22 do I have to upgrade to get the entire game?


Possible trades before the deadline to help the offense out.

I just have the feeling Dorsey is going to make some kind of move to improve the offense before the tarde deadline to make a run in the playoffs. I was thinking if we really want to go all in on...


My nfl power rankings. What do you think?

These are just based on who would win on a neutral field.1. Broncos- Their offense looks unstoppable right now, but they still look like they could be beaten. 2. Seahawks- Top 2 defense (between...


Bob Sutton needs to realize that Brandon Flowers is not Darelle Revis.

Overall I'm extremely happy with our defense and think we could have something extremely special with this defense. Anyways I noticed something after re-watching the game and looking at the...


2013-2014 Season Predictions for Each Starter PLUS Predicted Their Final Madden 25 Rating

Boy am I hungover.... really had a good time last night at the bars. Really can't do anything much else than sit on my lazy ass watching Sportscenter, surfing the web. I sometimes like to ramble...


My Day 7 Training Camp Observations

So I went up to St. Joe's this morning and went in with the mission of really observing the quarterbacks and wide receivers, and I also tried to pay attention to the new offensive and defensive...


Looking back to the 2011 season. Should we have really fired Todd Haley?

To start things off I couldn't be any happier with the new regime and the decesion to hire Andy Reid, great hire. However, I really liked the way Todd Haley coached I think he will eventually get...


A very unorthodox selection for the #1 pick and are we 1-gapping or 2-gapping next year?

I think we should grab Dion Jordan with our first pick. I know, I know we already have Hali and Houston, but this kid is an absolute freak and will be a star from day one... he is that rare player...


My prediction of what we will do with the draft.

There are many possibly scenarios, But to me, at least studying Reid's history with the draft and positions he values, this is the most likely scenario. I don't endorse this prediction nor do I...

My Mock Draft, Hypothetical scenario, Mcraw29Berry: The Chiefs GM

If I were the Chiefs GM I would definatley be looking to go potential over a finished product. The Chiefs, while more talented than their abysmal record indicates still need an influx of young...


Aspirations for next year, starting lineup, coaching staff

So we all know if Clark Hunt has any sense he will be cleaning house this year gone are the days of egoli and his miserable attempt of turning the chiefs into Patriots Midwest. Assuming that we...

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