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Lawyer, Raconteur, Cocktalian, Sarcastic Jerk.

Them that don't know him won't like him, and them that do sometimes won't know how to take him. He ain't wrong; he's just different, and his pride won't let him do things to make you think he's right.

"MDC: Droppin' knowledge like a librarian with Parkinson's." --Jonathan Loesche

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cleveland Indians
  • NBA Houston Rockets
  • NFL Houston Texans
  • NCAAF Michigan Wolverines
  • NCAAB Michigan Wolverines
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
  • Soccer Tottenham Hotspur
  • EPL Tottenham Hospur
  • MLS Houston Dynamo
  • NASCAR Jamie McMurray
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao
  • Cycling Miguel Indurain
  • General West Ham United, Glasgow Rangers, Missouri Tigers, LSU Tigers
  • FIFA Netherlands
User Blog

The Converasation: Requiem for a QB & Coach


MDC and BFD discuss the future of the Texans' current coach and QB tandem. They aren't particularly thrilled.

Saturday Night Tunes: Thriftshoppin' Edition


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis kick off an MDC-led edition of SNT.

Texans @ Patriots: 3Q Open Thread


Shayne Graham has been trolling us for months.

Texans @ Patriots: 2Q Open Thread


If the Texans don't score a TD this quarter, I might just snap.

Texans @ Patriots: Who Is Not Playing?


Garrett Graham gets green light, good to go.

How Dominant Is J.J. Watt?


He dominates our hopes and dreams, but where does his 2012 rank?

2DH: Remember, Red, Hope Is A Good Thing.


If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but at least I remembered what was important.

CFB Championship Open Thread


Rednecks v. Drunken Irishmen. We all lose on some level.

Which Texan Has Surprised You The Most?


In a positive way, I mean.

2DH: Can't Move North 'Cause I Can't Stand Snow


On living a vaguely Amish lifestyle for nearly a week. Plus some music and movie stuff, I guess.

SNF Open Thread: Redskins v. Cowboys



Texans @ Colts: 4Q Open Thread


Enjoy the third seed.

Texans @ Colts: 3Q Open Thread


Kill me now.

Texans @ Colts: 2Q Open Thread


Please win. Please?

Dre, Arian, Schaub, Brown, or Other?


Who has been the Texans' Offensive MVP this year?

Gary & Wade or Not Gary & Not Wade?


Gillette's debate series continues, and we ask whether you'd replace Kubiak today if . . . .

2DH: If I'm Wrong, The Survivors Can Mock Me


The hangover returns to battlefight the Mayans, willful ignorance, Elias, and other stuff.

Texans - 29, Colts - 17: AFC South Champs Again


Hail! to the Texans valiant!

Texans v. Colts: 4Q Open Thread


/holds up four fingers

Texans v. Colts: 3Q Open Thread


20-10 at the half. You should be drunk by now.

Texans v. Colts: 2Q Open Thread


10-0, Texans. J.J. Watt > Andrew Luck. Andre Johnson > Everything.

Jim Irsay Is An Inveterate Liar


The title of this post is not a lie.

2DH: Fail & Losing In Boston


Let Dr. Gonzo provide the context. What does it mean? Maybe nothing.

Watt's The QB Worth?


The debate, and possibly more puns, rage within.

TNF Open Thread: Broncos @ Raiders


You know who doesn't worry me in the playoffs? The Broncos.

A Bull By Any Other Name?


Gillette NFL Debate Series, Pt. 1.

2DH: Infallible, Not Into Failure [UPDATED]


The Texans sweep the Titans. I throw a bunch of number of pictures and inanity into a post. You know the drill by now, people.

Giants @ Redskins: MNF Open Thread


You watch the game. You have thoughts. You place them here. The circle of life continues.

Eagles @ Cowboys: SNF Open Thread


Hey, we're 11-1. Let's relax and laugh at the flaming turdbiscuits that are these two teams!

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