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Lawyer, Raconteur, Cocktalian, Sarcastic Jerk.

Them that don't know him won't like him, and them that do sometimes won't know how to take him. He ain't wrong; he's just different, and his pride won't let him do things to make you think he's right.

"MDC: Droppin' knowledge like a librarian with Parkinson's." --Jonathan Loesche

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cleveland Indians
  • NBA Houston Rockets
  • NFL Houston Texans
  • NCAAF Michigan Wolverines
  • NCAAB Michigan Wolverines
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
  • Soccer Tottenham Hotspur
  • EPL Tottenham Hospur
  • MLS Houston Dynamo
  • NASCAR Jamie McMurray
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao
  • Cycling Miguel Indurain
  • General West Ham United, Glasgow Rangers, Missouri Tigers, LSU Tigers
  • FIFA Netherlands
User Blog

MNF Fourth Quarter Open Thread


It's the fourth quarter. How is this not self-explanatory?

MNF Second Quarter Open Thread


In which we look at the sky, ponder its fallability, and pray to J.J. Watt.

The Pregame: Trash Talking the NY Jets

Whether you want to hate the Jets or just talk trash, The Pregame has you covered.

SNF Open Thread: Chargers @ Saints


An open thread to discuss the irritation that is not having the Texans playing on Sunday.

Unbearable Powerfulness of Ranking, Part 2.


With a quarter of the season gone, we take another look at how the AFC South stacks up. Who will come in below an STD this time?

TNF: Rams v. Cardinals


Get it? His name sounds like "cob." Brilliance, thy name is topical foam hats.

The KTFO Award: G-Lover Brings The Special Sauce

It's nearly impossible NOT to win this award when you destroy a QB and a fanbase's hopes at the same time.

2DH: A Question Mark Walks Into A Bar?

Weekly ruminations on whatever pops into my head, from punctuation usage and random stats to the unstoppable force that is J.J. Watt. Also, BBQ and Biggie and blog criticisms.

The Pregame: Important Facts About Texans v Titans


A look at all things relevant to the Texans v. Titans, from weather and betting lines to injuries and reasons to hate the Titans and the state of Tennessee generally.

The KTFO Award: BOOM Goes The Tinymite!


The Vonta Leach Memorial KTFO Award returns for 2012. It might wind up being the only positive thing Trindon Holliday does this season.

2DH: Let Them Eat Mutton [Updated 9-27-12]


A look at thoughtless sports writing, JJ Watt & Arian Foster, Kentucky BBQ, poor font choices, my daughter's future as a dictator, the origin of BESFs, and assorted random Texans stuff.

Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Patriots @ Ravens

Sunday Night Football Open Thread. Featuring some AFC also-rans.

Texans - 31, Broncos - 25: Post Game Open Thread


Texans - 31, Broncos - 25: Post Game Open Thread.

Texans @ Broncos: Fourth Quarter Open Thread

Texans @ Broncos: Fourth Quarter Open Thread

Texans @ Broncos: Third Quarter Open Thread

Texans @ Broncos: Third Quarter Open Thread

Texans @ Broncos: Second Quarter Open Thread


On the List Of Things I Didn't Expect, starting today's scoring with a safety is way up near the top. (Of course, The Spanish Inquisition has the top spot on lock down.) C'est la vie. (That's...

Past As Prologue: What Hath Wade Wrought (Pt. 2)?

A quick look at Wade Phillips' track record against Peyton Manning.


The Two-Day Hangover. Talking ungulates, BBQ, Arian Foster, J.J. Watt, and Araseddfasdfis.

2DH: Jonathan Joseph Is A Crab

The Two-Day Hangover returns for the 2012 season. It's BBQ, pop culture, football, and rampant insanity.

Breaking: Matt Schaub, Tim Jamison Get Contract Extensions

Texans sign Matt Schaub and Tim Jamison to contract extensions.

Texans - 30, Dolphins - 10: Post Game Open Thread

After a slow start that stretched almost the entire first half, J.J. Watt went Super Saiyan and the Bulls On Parade generated four turnovers. [Related: Kareem Jackson got an interception. This is...

Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Dolphins, Fourth Quarter

As I write this, Andre Johnson just caught his 8th pass of the day. Ooh, look, more GIFFY GOODNESS: via assets.sbnation.com Fly, my little pterosaur, fly!

Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Dolphins, Third Quarter

Texans-Dolphins, third a Quartwe, live.

Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Dolphins, Second Quarter

This is ugly. Not quite "raised in Oklahoma" ugly, but close. Specifically, the fact that Reggie Bush is running up the middle for chunks of positive yardage has to give you pause. (Cue the S...

Sherrick McManis Traded To Bears

CB Sherrick McManis traded to Chicago Bears for FB Tyler Clutts.

Put Your Name On It: BRB Predicts The 2012 Season, Pt. 2

The BRB Crew present part two of their 2012 predictions. Now with 100% MOAR FANGUPO.

Put Your Name On It: BRB Predicts The 2012 Season, Pt. 1

The BRB Staff take a shot at predicting the Texans' postseason fortunes, breakout players, and the like.

Saints - 34, Texans - 27: Postgame Open Thread

Quick-hit reactions: 1. Garrett Graham is quickly going to make the "we should have re-signed Joel Dreessen" crowd feel really silly. 2. A couple years ago, long before Wade arrived and made the...

The Unbearable Powerfulness Of Ranking (August 24, 2012 Edition)

Answering the age old question, "Where do the Jaguars rank in relation to genital ulcers?"

Texans - 20, 49ers - 9: Post-Game Open Thread

You know what is more difficult than you'd expect? Writing the setup for a post-game thread when you weren't actually able to watch any of said game. BECAUSE THANKS NFL NETWORK! Yet here I am,...

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