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Tight End concerns... Visanthe Shianco...Sims??

Is this a guy who could help us? A remember him flashing for a few weeks, 2 years ago with the Vikings. With that said, what is holding back Dion Sims from getting the starting job? He seems to...


Ireland has awful Handwriting!!

Sorry about the heading but I did not think the moderator would post what I really wanted to write about Ireland! Aside from not liking his persoanlity, more importantly, I have no confidence in...

Has anyone else heard about this? Matt Moore, possibly a late pick to Green Bay for Jones? It was...


Has anyone else heard about this? Matt Moore, possibly a late pick to Green Bay for Jones? It was posted on another Phin website 10 minutes ago and then was taken down quickly. I am listening to WQAM and have not heard anything else regarding this trade. Anyone have details?

phin fanatic had this as a headline and then pulled it down

WHY so little Hogan support from FinNation?

Why is there not a bigger buzz from all of us about keeping Chris Hogan??!! Are we all just assuming that Hogan is simply a product of HBO's Hard knocks?? You can't deny that the dude gets open,...


Wrong time for top 100

I do not mean to offend, but is the Top 100 thread really necessary during this time of the year? With Free agency and the draft, there are so many important issues going on. I suggest saving for...



What happened with our interest in Eric Winston? Did we trade that for resigning Solia? ARe we our of money for both Winston and Flynn or both?


Go Swimming, but don't get wet!

As a little boy my Grandpa from sunrise Fla used to say this to me everytime I grabbed a towel and headed out to his pool. It took me until around age 6 to realize he was just pulling my leg. ...


Solid trade bait for an O line upgrade?

It appears that we are loaded on both the D-line and at cornerback. At the same time our offensive line couldn't block Grandma from getting ahead of them in line at a Publix in Sunrise.....why I am...


Free Agent Vick targeted by the Dolphs?

Everything we have seen so far from new owner Ross leads me to believe that he would love to make a big splash by going after free agent Vick. Vick would be a great fit in any offense, but most...


Pass TO or ON Moss???

  PASS!.. Don't pass to Moss, pass ON Moss. Please! Is he talented? sure, but don't not confuse this guy as the same Moss of 5-10 years ago. That Moss had superior skills that were able to...


Yes we got Hosed, BUT......

  wow was that painful!!! Despite the blatent theft by the refs, we have to admit we still had plenty of time to pick up a few first downs and get us into field goal range. Many teams and Qbs...


what the deal with John Jerry?

Can anyway tell me what the deal is with John Jerry and this mysterious 4 week illness? If I did not know better, it sounds like a case of VaginaITIS.


why is Sparano? getting a pass

I am very surprised to see that so little crticism has gone toward  Sparano both on this board and in the media. I firmly believe he should be held  accountable for a great deal of the Monday night...


A Fin hangover and a missing persons report on MISI....??

I have such an awful  Phin hangover that has nothing to do with alcohol. Nothing worse than losing to the Jest. coulda's shoulda's--I am cringing knowing we lost to them without Reveis, Jenkins,...


OK-- So I am self diagnosed with CLS!

I may be at risk for a major flogging here, however,  I have to admit that I am feeling increasing anxiety and naseua for our coming season.  This entire off season, I have been more excited than I...


JT:It is NOT business, it is personal

  JT- it is not business, it is personal! by MDPHINFan on Jun 2, 2010 11:14 AM EDT 0 comments I was completely ready to move on from the whole JT mess. I disagreed, but I grudgingly accepted...


Fins sign Procter

  Dolphins gamble on center Cory Procter Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on May 24, 2010 4:41 PM ET After visiting three teams last week, former Cowboys center Cory Procter has chosen to sign with the...


JT saga: How strange is this?

ALL agree Jason Taylor is one of the great all-time great Dolphins. He is an iconic Dolphin and perhaps the poster boy for the past decade in the Dolphin-Jet  rivalry.    It is no secret that JT...


Why the lack of love for Ronnie??

I am so excited to see our offense take the field. We will be more dynamic and electric than we have since #13 was breaking the hearts of the Jests fans as well as the New England chowderHeads. In...

Top 3 draft choices

  1. Berry***(praying he's there!!)
  2. D. Williams(rock solid-similiar to our pick of Long)
  3. Mclain or E. Thomas
  4. if no Berry-try to trade down a few slots

Ginn: BUY Low sell high-easier draft decisions

First with Ginn: we should absolutely keep him for at least 1 more year now. Marshall opens up the offense for everyone. Along with Ginn/Hartline underneath routes & it makes ronnie ricky pounding...


Why would the TriGUYs diminish Smiley's Value?

I love team Tri-Guys. I really do. Despite a few misses, overall they have done outstanding job. I am grateful they have brought their act to SoFla and returned the Fins to a respectable team...


Where would CamWake be drafted this year?

We spend a good deal of time looking at what we are missing this year. How about what we are getting? The one player I am super pumped to see this season is Cam Wake! If Cam were in the draft this...

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