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So in the recent post about RBs we had zero people say that Adrian Peterson's fumble problems were very similar to Brown. Besides playing RB and having fumble issues, that is where the comparison...

Replacements Refs weren't good enough for Lingerie Football League

Hands down the best article I have seen today about the replacement refs.

12 turnovers is most by Eagles in any 3-game stretch since Week 5-7 of 1991. Their QBs in those...

12 turnovers is most by Eagles in any 3-game stretch since Week 5-7 of 1991. Their QBs in those games: Brad Goebel, Pat Ryan and Jim McMahon

Joe Flacco Silences Supporters Once And For All With Terrible Fourth-Quarter Performance

Love the Onion. Joe Flacco certainly played terrible in the 2nd half last week and even though he was getting pressured he simply missed several completions too.

Dolphins overconfident in 0-16

Riding the Dolphins/Browns this year to Suicide Pool Victory!

Dolphins overconfident in 0-16

Riding the Dolphins/Browns this year to Suicide Pool Victory!

Trebek predicts 12 wins for Skins!

"When Alex Trebek told WJLA’s Alex Parker that he is a longtime Redskins fan who can’t quit the team, I initially thought he was pandering to the Washington audience. But a few moments later, Parker asked Trebek to predict the Redskins’ 2012 win total, and the ‘Jeopardy’ host said 12, which is the same number of wins every Redskins fan predicts for the team every April" As Sean Connery (or at least in the classic SNL skits would say), "Suck it Trebek!"

Super Bowl odds a mix of science, art

"It’s the money that dictates the movement, with just a little bit of opinion here and there," Kornegay says of his football bookmaking. "A lot of the movement is dictated by the sharps, the professionals, the wise guys — the sophisticated bettors who go with the bigger amounts. They know the value of point spread, while the average Joe just picks who he thinks is the better team." The Super Bowl, however, is different. Because of the massive amount of betting on the Super Bowl each year — more than any sporting event outside the NCAA tournament — it’s the only game when the line is made based on public perception instead of the sharps. There are more bets taken at Vegas sports books at halftime of the Super Bowl than are taken on entire weekends of the NFL regular season. Insiders believe betting on this year’s game could beat the Vegas Super Bowl record of $94 million wagered on Super Bowl XL between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks. All that means the Super Bowl line often is inflated for the perceived better team.

Quants Say Patriots Will Win Super Bowl

"The New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl by at least three points even though the New York Giants have the appeal of "a cocktail party stock," according to a quantitative money management firm that’s correctly picked the team covering the point spread for eight consecutive years." "The Giants have the higher alpha this year," Robinson said. "Teams that have outperformed expectations during the regular season tend to underperform in the playoffs." In each of the past eight Super Bowls, the team that outperformed expectations by the greater degree during the regular season, if favored, failed to cover the point spread or was upset. In three games, including last year’s 31-25 Super Bowl victory by Green Bay against Pittsburgh, the team with the lower regular-season alpha was favored and covered the spread.

Just awesome

Bill Simmons linked to this Jim Brown highlight real and it is pretty amazing to watch. Loved the runs where it takes 3-4 guys to finally bring him down.

Even when Rodgers loses, he wins

"Newly crowned Miss America Laura Kaeppeler appears to be one of Rodgers’ bigger fans. Kaeppeler introduced herself to pageant viewers by referencing her home state’s Green Bay Packers, the NFL’s defending Super Bowl champions. "If you’re watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me," she said, referring to the football team’s superstar quarterback."


"According to a national telephone survey conducted by Poll Position, 43 percent of people believe that "divine intervention" is responsible for his (Tebow's) success compared to 42 percent of people surveyed who think that God has nothing to do with Tebow winning."


Some positive things below the radar . . .

Pretty much been the 'season of discontent' in Philly but there are a few things that have gone under the radar that have been real positives: - Colt Anderson on special teams coverage Followed...

The Footage the NFL Won't Show You

"Every play during an NFL game is filmed from multiple angles in high definition. There are cameras hovering over the field, cameras lashed to the goalposts and cameras pointed at the coaches, who have to cover their mouths to call plays. But for all the footage available, and despite the $4 billion or so the NFL makes every year by selling its broadcast rights, there's some footage the league keeps hidden. Every play during an NFL game is filmed from multiple angles in high definition. But there's some footage the league keeps hidden as Reed Albergotti explains on Lunch Break. If you ask the league to see the footage that was taken from on high to show the entire field and what all 22 players did on every play, the response will be emphatic. "NO ONE gets that," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote in an email. This footage, added fellow league spokesman Greg Aiello, "is regarded at this point as proprietary NFL coaching information."

Grasping for straws

A link that compares Cassel's first 7 starts in KC in '09 to Kolb's underwhelming performance in his first 7 starts in AZ in '11. They look very similar (that is they are both pretty awful) but the big difference is that Cassel had a solid year in '08 in NE while Kolb has yet to show any kind of sustained high-level performance over any period in the NFL. You look at Kolb's career numbers now and they aren't pretty. Given how badly QBs have struggled the Eagles have traded the last several years (Feeley, McNabb, Kolb), I have to think that any team will think twice before giving up meaningful players/picks in return for an Eagles' QB that Reid is willing to move.

In Shady Reid Trusts?

Saw this interesting stat from Bill Barnwell over at Grantland: "One interesting note: McCoy had 30 carries in this game; before the bye, he had 28 carries in Philly's win over the Redskins. Before those two games, Andy Reid had only given his starting running back 28 carries or more five times in 12 seasons as Eagles head coach. "

McNabb: 'I should still be in there' (Yeah right)

I was a fan of McNabb while he was here but I can understand why he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way here with his comments off the field & and his body language/reactions on it. He seriously thinks that he is a 'hard worker' when he camp into camp this year fat and out of shape? Lying to himself or delusional.

Flameout in the desert?

"Since Kurt Warner hung up his cleats, the Cardinals are 6-15. The Cardinals invested a bundle in quarterback Kevin Kolb, who has just 12 starts in five pro seasons, for a bland 4-8 record with more interceptions (20) than touchdown passes (16). On his career, Kolb also has been sacked once every 15 times he drops back, versus, say, Drew Brees being sacked once every 27 times. Young quarterbacks often struggle -- Brees did. But in his five seasons, Kolb has played only one really good game. Sunday, he was lifted for Richard Bartel, undrafted out of Tarleton State, who's been waived by four NFL teams and appeared briefly with the Sacramento Mountain Lions."

'Sweetness' looks like a solid read

It really is unfair how much crap Pearlman has taken because of his candid bio, "Sweetness" of Walter Payton just because he presented a through and complete picture of Payton's life.


Quick hits

  Vick looked like a guy who had very fresh legs today on those open-field scampers.  Wonder how long that lasts if he keeps taking shots like he did today McCoy had several carries today where the...


Week 1 observations - Random tidbits

Play calling twists and plays that should be junked Reid just loves the shovel-pass down near the goal-line.  It has been a staple here since his earliest days.  Hell, I can remember Staley scoring...

Crazy levels of spending . . . literally

Reading the 'Vick Confidential' article on ESPN and this really caught my attention: "AT ONE POINT, VICK SPENT ABOUT $30,000 A MONTH TO SUPPORT FRIENDS AND FAMILY. IS THAT COMMON AMONG NFL PLAYERS? The short answer is yes (59.1 percent). "A lot of us have people who helped us get to where we are today, so it's no big deal," says one grateful Pro Bowler. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU LEND PEOPLE EVERY YEAR? Average amount: $17,964 " The average career for the NFL player is what just a little over 2 years? Figured it would be a decent amount but that stunned me especially considering it is not gross and it is after taxes.

McNabb working out with Eagles?

Per Mark Shepard of the OSN: "mcnabb working out with the eagles? overblown. they found him sleeping outside, gave him food+shower, pointed him toward the railyard"

NFL to charge people $200 to stand OUTSIDE Super Bowl

No this is not a story on the Onion. Its "Party Plaza" where the beers are water-downed & $9 and you get to sit on a grassy knoll to watch the game. More and more I am convinced there is going to be a work stoppage this year because largely the greed and stupidity of the owners knows no bounds.

Philadelphia Eagles Rap 1988: Buddy's Watchin' You

Philadelphia Eagles Rap 1988: Buddy's Watchin' You

Are NFL Coaches Dumber Than We Are?

Some decent highlights about the first NFL playoff weekend on Slate including discussing Reid blaming Akers. I tend to agree with this passage though common fans being smarter than the average NFL coach that was posted earlier this year on Deadspin: "What prayer do you have of doing any better? Because you played Madden? You can PAUSE Madden. Everything seems easy until you have to do it, and that includes figuring out whether or not to burn a timeout with millions of people watching you and players and coaches looking to YOU for guidance. This is why I like being a fan. I like maintaining the illusion that I'm way fucking smarter than some asshole coach. But, deep in my heart, I know damn well that if you forced me to walk that sideline, I would make the EXACT same horrible mistakes that the Les Mileses of the universe make. In fact, I'd find even BIGGER ways to fuck up. I'd be unable to work the headset. I'd spill water all over my shirt. I'd trip over all the wires cluttering up the sideline."

Herremans, MJG, and Bradley as questionable

N. Cole at RG and a diminished Herremans along with a gimpy Justice. Good luck Vick on Sunday. You will need it.


Wildcard predictions (final score)

Just wanted to put a fan post that records the final score predictions of various folks on here before the game. Just reply with who you will think will win the game, final score, and brief...

Defense (worse all around)

From Les Bowen's column today: "The strong hope was that the draft, the healthy return of Stewart Bradley and a full year under coordinator Sean McDermott's belt would bring solid improvement. Didn't happen. In almost every measurable way, this defense was worse. Gave up more first downs passing and rushing. Allowed a higher third-down conversion rate. Intercepted fewer passes (yeah, really: 25 last year to 23 this year). Managed fewer sacks (44 in '09, 39 in '10.) Gave up more TDs, and more net yards. All this, even though Eagles opponents had the ball 3 minutes and 1 second less per game this year than in 2009. The Eagles' ranking of 12th among NFL defenses, based entirely on total yardage, is fraudulent. Yeah, it was a very young defense that struggled with injuries. Still not at all impressed. Worst red-zone rate in the league? How do you win in the playoffs with that?"

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